January 24, 2010

Soldier of hate

A soldier in Prince Charles' regiment is today exposed as a Nazi fan and BNP supporter.

Anthony Phipps proudly shows off a Nazi tattoo and pictures of SWASTIKAS on his Facebook page. In one snap, he and some pals appear to be making hateful Sieg Heil gestures used to salute Adolf Hitler.

Another shows a tattoo featuring a Nazi Party-style eagle standing on top of a St George Cross. Phipps makes clear his racist beliefs by stating his political views are "BNP".

Although being a BNP member is not banned in the armed forces, it is frowned upon by top brass.

Last night, it was revealed that Phipps has gone AWOL. He is being hunted by Military Police - who on Friday raided an address in the West Midlands - as well as facing a carpeting over his sinister political beliefs.

No one visiting Birmingham-based Phipps' Facebook page is left in any doubt about his vile opinions.

The frontline infantry soldier serves in 3 Mercian Regiment (Staffs), whose Colonel in Chief is Prince Charles. Yet he lists his political beliefs as: "BNP. i.e. Pride, Power and Patriotism. No surrender, EVER." He even set up his own Facebook group in early 2009 asking pals if they would vote for him if he ran for the racist party.

Pictures Phipps has posted on his personal Facebook page are even more sinister. They include photos where he proudly shows off tattoos - one of which incorporates the St George cross with the eagle from the German Nazi Party. Another snap added to the page is a red-on-black Nazi Party crest complete with a swastika at the bottom.

As a soldier in 3 Mercian - formerly known as 1 Staffords - Phipps will have been in Iraq in early 2007.

An MoD spokesman said last night: "We can confirm an investigation concerning a serving soldier is currently under way. The Army does not tolerate racist behaviour and those who are found to fall short of the Army's high standards will be dealt with appropriately."

A senior military source said: "Being a multi-cultural unit, we are horrified and appalled. There is a lot of anger about the shame he has brought upon us all. He's not fit to wear the uniform."

He added: "Phipps was a bit of a loner. He could not be trusted and would always take the easy option."

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Barbara said...

Avowed and hate-filled racists and bigots have no place in the modern Army.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the EDL are stealthily trying to recruit members from the armed forces also. In Stoke they were raising money for Soldiers off The Street the BNP fake charity.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the British Army has changed it stripes Barbara. I remember the Army as being, in the 80's and early 90's, a haven for extreme racism and fascism. Even white soldiers of Irish ancestry were given a torrid time and as for Black and Asian soldiers, few lasted very long.