January 28, 2010

Hitler admirer's bid to be city MP

Mark Collett shows us what a Hitlerite twat he can be when he tries
A senior British National Party activist - who has previously expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler - is standing for parliament in Sheffield.

Mark Collett, aged 29, was selected by the far-right party to stand against Labour MP David Blunkett in Brightside and Hillsborough, along with three others who will contest Attercliffe, Heeley, and Penistone and Stocksbridge.

Grammar-school educated Mr Collett is the most senior of the four, as BNP director of publicity and a former chairman of the party's youth wing. His views - which include stating Hitler would 'live for ever' - were today condemned by Sheffield politicians from all three mainstream parties.

Former Home Secretary Mr Blunkett said: "The announcement of this fascist's candidature on Holocaust Memorial Day is demonstration enough, if it were ever needed, of the obnoxious, deeply offensive and dangerous character of these people - who are not only in denial but are seeking to inflict their poison on the people of Sheffield.

"We will be revealing over the next three months the appalling and outrageous views of this individual, much of which is an insult to those who have given their lives in defending this country and who find his views on Hitler abhorrent. In this election, in the new, expanded constituency, every vote really will count."

Mr Collett - who took 1,200 votes in Leeds Central at the last election - told The Star: "I'm coming to Sheffield because the BNP is the only viable option in Brightside and Hillsborough. Sheffield people don't want the Tories, and we are the only alternative to Labour in many parts of the city."

Mr Collett's views were exposed in Channel 4 documentary Young, Nazi And Proud in 2002, when he was secretly filmed saying "Hitler will live forever" and said of British black people: "Just because a dog is brought up in a stable doesn't make it a horse."

Millions of people watched the recording of him saying: "I honestly can't understand how a man who has seen the inner-city hell of Britain today can't look back on that era of Hitler's Germany with a certain nostalgia and think, 'yeah, those people marching through the streets and all those happy people in the streets, saluting and everything, was a bad thing'."

The Star


Anonymous said...

Mark Collett is a wanker most members hate is guts.

iliacus said...

"we are the only alternative to Labour in many parts of the city"

Composition of Sheffield City Council:

Liberal Democrats - 45
Labour - 36
Conservatives - 0
Greens - 3

BNP - 0, nil, zero, zilch, a figure less than one, not a single soul.

Prat !

Anonymous said...

Collett is a total wanker, he will have no chance, even BNP Fascists wouldn't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Some of us in Sheffield can't wait to get a chance to greet him.

PG said...

"Some of us in Sheffield can't wait to get a chance to greet him."

Eggs on standby, chaps. :)

Anonymous said...

Look at the fuckers squirm on this thread


Anonymous said...

The BNP will not make it to the genral election, so Colletts alleggd candidature is neither here nor there

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

PG said...

"Some of us in Sheffield can't wait to get a chance to greet him."

Eggs on standby, chaps. :)

That'll be those brick shaped eggs you like so much in Sheffield then ;-)

This spanner will have a new arsehole ripped if he sets foot in Sheffield city centre!

Anonymous said...

On this very stupid BNP music video is a shot of Collett with Smith in drag, can anybody take the image off of Youtube of these two and stick it on leaflets to go out in Sheffield or send it to the local newspaper?


Anonymous said...

BNP man barred from council ceremony – Labour says he was drunk, he denies it.....
Bob Bailey, the BNP’s London organiser and leader of the opposition on Barking council, was turned away last night from a ceremony conferring the freedom of the borough on the footballer Sir Trevor Brooking and the Royal Anglian Regiment. He had been due to speak at the event.

Cllr Bailey himself, contacted today, flatly denied that he had been drinking and said the claims about his behaviour were “total rubbish.” He told me: “You know the BNP are against the war in Afghanistan and I was barred from attending the event because they were worried I would say something against the war.”

Richard Barnbrook, the BNP’s London leader and another Barking councillor, also present for part of the event, said: “Somebody mentioned it to me when [Bob] was leaving, saying he seemed to be a little bit drunk, but in my presence he seemed perfectly fine.”

ha ha ha ha ha


Barbara said...

Not very popular with anyone, really, is he.

Ex BNP said...

I'm a former BNP member and I wouldnt vote for this piece of sh1t in a thousand years. He hs no honour, no common decency and his sexual deviancy is well known in BNP circles and sickeningly tolerated by the likes of Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Latest on Sheppard and Whittle


Anonymous said...

Chris Beverley defends Hitler


Thanks to BNPinfo

Anonymous said...

I love Mark.

Cllr Cathy Duffy

Anonymous said...

Mark Collett is the most hated man in the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Duffy Dufff

Everybody loves Mark Collett he makes our job easier.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby says hi and I'm not going to win in Stoke.

Ben Trunch said...

Will Mark Collett only be kissing babies in this election or girls in their school uniforms?