January 25, 2010

The EDL: not racist, violent or BNP-linked?

EDL say they support British laws and that they're not racist or connected to the BNP, but after the EDL demo in Stoke on 23 Jan 2010, EDL supporters "dispersed" into side-streets to break windows and attack cars owned by Stoke residents. EDL co-founder and convicted knife criminal Jeff Marsh filmed the police ID-ing him by name (0:02 "Jeff Marsh, turn round and go back") and then filmed EDL supporters chanting "BNP, BNP, BNP" (0:26).

Police then chased the EDL into a nearby park where EDL accused police officers of being "Paki loving bastards" (0:35), "Fucking cunts", and one officer of being a "wanker" and "Fucking paki lover"

Video courtesy of bnpinfo


dodo said...

Why the merry fuck do the government ban the mouthy but non-violent Islam4Uk while refusing to ban the out-and-out violent racist EDL?

If the government do not act soon, and ban them, as other posters are saying, the EDL will ditch the street protests and turn into a political party to take over from the BNP just like the BNP took over from the National Front in the 80s when Cyclops leads the BNP to disaster, which is already happening in Stoke and other places where BNP members are now getting involved with the EDL seeing it as a liferaft for sinking BNP rats leaving the "SS Griffo".

bloo said...

The EDL are official weblinked supporters of Nick Griffin's charity "Soldiers Off The Street".

They seem to be getting ready to take over from the BNP when the party's accounts show it to be officially bancrupt and the creditors send in the baliffs.

The EDL, same neo-party party, same racist beliefs, already adapted to accomodate Uncle Toms to make them election-worthy, thus the EDL will in a few months take over from the BNP much like the BNP were ready to fly the flag of fascism when the NF were hitting the buffers.

Why is it, and maybe someone can answer this one, whenever a British fascist party collapses, there's another brand new fascist party waiting in the wings, ready to take over?

PG said...

Woulsn't it be funny if someone - Searchlight or Lancaster Unity for example - formed a political party can the English Defence League? It only costs a couple of hundred quid, I've been told, and it would neutralize them in a moment.

sol said...

Those caught on film ought to be arrested by the cops.

Please can you pass on the video file to the police so they can track down and arrest the culprits.

PG said...


"formed a political party can the English Defence League"

should have been

"formed a political party called the English Defence League"

DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

"Why the merry fuck do the government ban the mouthy but non-violent Islam4Uk while refusing to ban the out-and-out violent racist EDL?"

Because if they ban a white extremist group they'll be accused of the two cardinal sins in this country - being 'anti white working class' and being 'politically correct'.

It'd be political suicide for anyone that did it (even c18 were never proscribed) at least amongst the tabloids.

Anonymous said...

I think you are been played along by the state. Some the officers present their are quite clearly from the Metropolitan Police. Bit far to come to offer mutual aid which would normally come from GMP, WMP, Cheshire, West Mercia.

The officer is familiar with the leaders names, calls out in a London accent and is sticking close to them but nothing is done to stop or prevent demonstrations before or during them. Also the general public order response is not that severe compared football matches. Oh yeah a few of the foot soldiers are picked up for various offences but nothing much happens to the leaders.

Of course it would be in the interest of the Government upping the Muslim threat in the publics eyes to maintain support for Afghanistan. Organised pressure valve.

Zoey said...

You mean like Cybersquatting, to steal the name from under their noses to stop the eDL becoming an official political party before the general election?

Bot said...

The fuckin' Sentenel has been polluted with more neo-nazi troll shit than ever before, KKKelway and chums playing down the violence and telling downright lies about what happened.


Why do the far right have more computer access than anti-fascists? Is it 'cos more fascists are middle class and can afford broadband? n

Anonymous said...

There's a certain irony that the very people who want to 'ban the veil' because you can't see their faces properly are the same that cover...ah, but you're ahead of me aren't you?

makka said...

The EDL threatened to murder Stoke's Asian taxi drivers according to a story on Pits N Pots posted five minutes ago. The police are investigating: -


***Please can you repost this story on your blog, Antifascist***

Cheers! :)

UK Fightback / BNPinfo said...

Thanks for embedding the video Lancaster :)

To reply to Dodo the reason the government banned Islam4UK is because they were a front for an already banned group called Al Muhajiroun - whose supporters blew up a bar called Mike's Place in Tel Aviv killing 3 innocent people and wounding 50 (whatever you think of the disgusting actions of the Israeli state, ordinary Israelis don't deserve to die for their government's actions, just as ordinary Britons don't deserve to die because of all the civilians our government killed in Iraq, and one detail of the Mike's Place atrocity is that the reason it was targetted was because the bar was famous for its tolerant ethos and multiracial clientele). And of course the minor detail that Islam4UK were (probably still are) doing everything in their power to poison community relations in the UK and to encourage support for the EDL and BNP.

Antifascist said...

***Please can you repost this story on your blog, Antifascist***

Done, and thanks for the heads-up. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ban all forms of extremist scum, starting with The BNP!

clive said...

Was Marsh selling his book "Soul Crew Seasiders" where he boasts in graphic detail about how he used to batter English holidaymakers visiting Barry Island.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Ban all forms of extremist scum, starting with The BNP!

And then the police!!

Anonymous said...

I actually hope the EDL is set up as a political party. It would weaken the BNP, split the far-right vote and in no way be as electorally attractive as the BNP owing to its public image as a bunch of pissed-up sieg-heiling chavs (I saw a Burberry baseball cap in one of the films on here). Better that than the slickness of Griffin's rise.