January 15, 2010

Defector damages BNP election plan

Alby Walker: kicking Simon Darby where it hurts
The BNP's hopes of winning a maiden Parliamentary seat in Stoke-on-Trent are in disarray today following the defection of one of its most popular members

Alby Walker now intends to stand against the far-right party's deputy leader, Simon Darby, in the General Election. Mr Darby has set his sights firmly on snatching Labour MP Mark Fisher's Stoke-on-Trent Central seat. And he had confidently predicted that Councillor Walker was to manage his campaign.

Mr Darby sees the seat as winnable, due to public discontent with mainstream politicians, and is bullish about his chances. But The Sentinel can exclusively reveal that, far from masterminding Mr Darby's campaign, Councillor Walker actually intends to stand against him as an independent candidate.

The embarrassing blow comes as Mr Darby and BNP leader Nick Griffin are due to launch their national election strategy, and their challenge for the Stoke Central seat, in the city today. Councillor Walker's move is likely to split the right-wing vote, as he has a personal following in his own Abbey Green ward.

Speaking yesterday, Mr Darby seemed to have no idea that his former ally would be fighting him for the same seat. He said: "I don't think that's the case at all. I've not heard anything about that. I know that anything can happen in politics, but I wouldn't have thought that was true."

He added: "It was Alby that asked me to stand and offered to be my election agent, so I can't see him standing against me for the same seat."

But when confronted yesterday about rumours of his political defection from the BNP, Councillor Walker admitted he is planning to quit the party and stand against Mr Darby. He said: "I am not going to deny the rumours about standing as an independent candidate, although I would need to find a financial backer in order to make that happen. I was going to walk away from politics, but so many people in my ward have begged me to stand because they feel I have worked hard for them as a councillor. I am therefore considering standing for re-election as an independent councillor as well as standing for the Parliamentary seat."

Mr Walker, who stood down as the BNP's city council group leader without warning last month, said he had become increasingly disenchanted with politics and wanted to focus on helping residents. He said: "I'm fed up of party politics. I believe it is fragmenting the council and hurting the city because nothing is getting done. Being a councillor has really opened my eyes and I realise that the only important thing is the residents and the community."

He added: "I have been heartened by the approaches I have had from many people in my ward asking me to stand, but I am only willing to stand as an independent and work for local residents."

The Sentinel


ex-fascist said...

Any development that makes the prospect of a BNP victory less likely is to be welcomed, but I see nothing so far to indicate that Mr Walker has turned his back on the racist ideals of the BNP.

If he has he needs to say so, and if he does his rejection of racist politics should be celebrated, not resented, by true anti-fascists.

If he hasn't then I'm afraid he'll just be the same fascist under a different label.

Over to you, Alby.

Anonymous said...

Total bullshit on Darby's blog, what a bloody cheek to say this?

"Decent coverage in the Stoke Sentinel newspaper today following on from my announcement that I will contest Stoke Central. Of course this should have been Alby Walker's seat but for personal reasons he is having to concentrate on other matters. This isn't publicly known, but with Alby being number two on the European list, should I have been elected, at some point I would have stepped down so he could become an MEP. That's how much we think of him and appreciate what he and his wife have done for us."

StandUpToHateAdmin said...

would love to see Darbys face when he found this out

iliacus said...

Don't know Walker, but I have always got the impression that he was a "civic BNPer" - by which I mean someone who was brassed off with the establishment, and turned to the BNP on the grounds of 'traditional values; respect; law and order; etc etc' rather than out-and-out fascism and/or racism.

A Walker - Darby contest would be interesting. Would be nice to see Darby finish below Walker ....

Anonymous said...

It comes as NO suprize. The BNP are fragmentating, more begging letters land on members door matts on a weekly basis. 80% of members refusing to renew membership while Griffin and Darby are at the helm. This is all due to jobs for the boys, and EXTREME FRAUD within the BNP.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting development. Obviously Mr Walker is resisting the machinations of BNP leadership, which will not go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho. What a showing up!!!

John P said...

I think Ably wanted to be the MP candidate and got a bit miffed when Darby was parachuted in.

SM said...

Did somebody mention the BNP as imploding a couple of days ago? It looks that way to me.

Anonymous said...

For a party that goes on about local people it has no idea about local politics. first itruins its chances in barking by pushing gri$$in over barnbrook (if that was literal barnpot might like it) now its forcing walker out for another non local candidate. So much for the bnps "local people first" not when it comes to candidates it isnt.

the bnp has fXXXed itself. Oh well never mind. Lets all laugh

Anonymous said...

Look at the Wingfieldometer when the posts flow things are good, when no posts are made things are bad.

skint said...

Postings are not happening on any blog or website , i guess they are all trying to to get their sad stories right first , i did notice that the http://bordercitypatriot.blogspot.com/ has some very interesting stuff not seen before.
its been a good day all round really

Anonymous said...

Ex-BNP far-right, standing as a Independent far-right candidate!