January 26, 2010

Violent English Defence League thugs attack lone Police Officer

The EDL constantly say immigrants should respect "our laws", and, guess what... they're right! Why is it then that the EDL refuse to respect our laws themselves?

This video shows a copper (in the yellow hi-vis tunic) being knocked over during a surge of EDL protestors in Stoke on Jan 23. That might have been a genuine accident, but how did these brave law-abiding patriots respond? They punched, kicked and stamped on someone when he was down. One protestor (in the brown jacket) defended the copper while other EDL supporters steamed in to continue the attack - an attack on someone who happens to be a member of the same police force we rely on to protect us from the terrorists the EDL set themselves up to "oppose".

If these idiots had been defending themselves against an unprovoked police attack that might have been fair, but in fact the EDL draw their core support from networks of football hooligans who define their lifestyles around a love of violent crime, so it's hardly surprising people who sing songs celebrating 1960s cop-killer Harry Roberts are totally hypocritical when they talk about respecting British law. No surprise then that EDL co-founder Paul Ray praises the terrorist and mass-murderer Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair and that EDL protestor "Wigan Mike" Heaton was arrested for inciting the murder of Jews in a major police anti-terror sting.

What did the EDL Stoke protest achieve? It tied-up 600 police officers for an entire shift, who could have spent those 4,000-odd man-hours being deployed against terrorism and fighting crime!

Video courtesy of The43Group
Text courtesy of bnpinfo

Thanks to CY2290 for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

Cowardly bastards.

. said...

Oh, England. I expected better from you. You who used to be the summit of proper behavior. What is wrong with people today? Is it the tobacco? Prozac seeping into the water supply? Overprocessed foods? But this, oh, England. Not you, too.

G. Whiz said...

Nothing but thugs.

UK Fightback said...


Thanks again for embedding this Lancs, BUT, there are several different edits of this video on-line, of different lengths. You embedded the (longer) version posted by 43 Group but used the text from the (shorter) version posted by me at BNPinfo - so the timings quoted in the text you used are wrong.

Please either 1/ remove the timings from the text you've posted, 2/ if you can't edit an article that's already posted, delete the article altogether and re-post the same material without the timings, or 3/ keep the blurb but embed this version of the footage instead...


Love ya

Anonymous said...

I am seeing extremists running riot on our streets and attacking our police force. . . and these cowards and criminals are my countrymen! I cannot find enough words to express my disgust in these people or for the medias and politicians suspicious lack of action.
I will happily be a contestant, should they produce a itv program called " i'm an englishman . .get me out of here! "

Antifascist said...

Timing's removed, and thanks for pointing that out.

We would have used your version of the film happily but there's a notice on it, 'Embedding disabled by request'.

Keep up the good work. You're doing a fine job. :-)

UK Fightback said...

Thanx ;)

Anonymous said...

I have heard differing accounts of the numbers present at both the demo and the counter demo. The BBC have reported 1500 EDL present with only 300 UAF to counter them. It's generally agreed that if there wasn't a police presence then the UAF present would have been in serious danger.

In the early days of the EDL (Birmingham and the first Harrow one) large numbers of local Asians would join the UAF counter-demos. This seems to have tailed off recently. Have local Asian youth been encouraged not to get involved?

sputnik said...

"In the early days of the EDL (Birmingham and the first Harrow one) large numbers of local Asians would join the UAF counter-demos. This seems to have tailed off recently. Have local Asian youth been encouraged not to get involved?"

I think if the asians where still getting involved, then according to The EDL this would justify the EDL's need to run rampage, and would fuel further tension resulting to a war between the two. The EDL would love to see another Bradford Riot, I think the asians have learnt from that. Let the authorites deal with The EDL, as they are doing a great job by exposing themselves.

On the same note I didnt see any muslims, smashing cars and windows, rushing policemen after Islam4u got banned.

Bill said...

The list of resources should include Searchlight's anti-EDL as well anti-BNP resources.

Anonymous said...

I agree Sputnik, maybe it's a good thing that Asians are no longer getting involved.

However, I am a bit uneasy about having to rely on the authorities to handle fascist groups like the EDL. Fascists can make the argument that anti-fascist are just an adjunct to the State and that they, themselves, are the 'real' radicals (instead of being reactionary tossers). Also, historically, the State doesn't have that good a track record of combating fascist political movements on their own soil. Sometimes the State nurtures such movements for their own ends.