May 06, 2010

Anti BNP Video Banned for Being Too 'controversial'

The brand new single from the 18-year-old award winning political rapper/lyricist Sabotage that has been banned from mainstream radio for being “too controversial”. Still just 18 years old, he has firmly established his name on the underground scene as one of the best up and coming reality based and conscious lyricists.

The fact that challenging racism is seen as controversial is a sign of the times and a reflection of the fact that the in the UK today the politics of racism has now become normalised. It begs the question that when a party can legitimately promote racism as part of the democratic discourse anti racist’s become deemed anti democratic. This perversity cannot stand unchallenged, racism has no place in progressive democracy.

British rapper Sabotage has created a You Tube sensation with his “ Letter to the BNP “video. In response to the many supportive comments he issued this statement:
“Thanks a lot for everyone’s support, I really appreciate it! Despite it being banned from radio for being “too controversial” and because it “may potentially upset listeners” it has got almost 10,000 views in 5 days on You Tube.”
It is important that we support the rights of artists to freely express themselves in challenging racism in politics.



Anonymous said...

We all know the story about what happened to 'Je t'aime' in the 1960s 'God Save The Queen' in the 1970s and 'Relax' in the 1980s

This is by a long way the best anti racism track I have ever heard and I for one don't give a wank what the BBC and other established media think of it. Our local pirates will play it, and they get a huge listenership of young people black white and Asian.

Anonymous said...

Great track and a great video too.

Barbara said...

I thought it was terrific, but here's A Response from BNP legal director:

Dear Sabotage,

Here is my letter to you.

You rap some good lyrics and, but please spare us the juvenile and hypocritical politics in future.

You sound like an idiot.

I noted that there was no mention in the song or video of his religion, Islam, and its effect on British culture and also no mention of the negatives from immigration.

The song itself is trite UAF style lyrics mixed in with a sample that reminded me of the Insane Clown Posse.

He raps well, a lot better than most British rappers who lyrics and raps are frankly embarrassing, but the politics was cringe making.

I know he is only 18 and probably at college or something, but do yourself a favour mate - shut up until you learn about the real world and stop rapping about things you know nothing about eg unity.

What would have been an interesting rap song would have been if Sabotage had rapped about what was actually happening in sections of the British Muslim community, rather than peddling a white middle class myth of 'liberal unity' to the mug punters.

Sabotage rapping on young Pakistani lads from leeds who love football and chips but who fly to Pakistan, learn how to use guns and bombs, and then return to kill British people in our streets.

But oh no, Sabotage wants to peddle a bullshit white liberal vision of inclusivity, and leftist studen wanker twaddle whilst hiding from the British people the truth of what is occurring within his own community.

The first duty of the true artist, is to be true to themselves.

Sabotage is based on lies.

Both about himself and to his public.

Sabotage is a weasel.

The real Sabotage would explain how these young, mainly men, from all over the UK end up carrying AK47's in the misty mountains of the Khyber Pass watching the beheadings of American soldiers on their mobile phones, why these sons of fish and chip owners in Bradford and Rotherham strap suicide bombs to their chests and head into the heart of Israel in order to bring death, chaos and destruction to the streets of Jerusalem, why gangs of young Muslim men in Glasgow will hunt down an innocent young white boy and castrate him and then set him on fire whilst alive and also explain why Muslim paedophile gangs in some Northern cities deliberately target and sexually groom for rape and sexual exploitation young underage white school girls - but oh no, Sabotage talks a load of old UAF lefty twaddle about 'unity'.


Dont make me laugh.

Sabotage wont sabotage nothing, as sabotage is now part of the white corporate machinery, pumping out PC shite to the masses so that fat, white and Jewish middle aged market men can grow rich.


Sabotage is part of the system, he aint gonna sabotage shit.