May 21, 2010

Bob Bailey resigns as head of London BNP

Bob Bailey putting the boot in
Bob "it's all a conspiracy" Bailey has resigned as head of London BNP after losing his seat and getting arrested for assault. According to to a statement by London BNP, Bob stood down in order to:
"concentrate on clearing his name following unfounded allegations of assault during the recent London Elections"
Before claiming that:
"Bob leaves London BNP in good shape"
Under his leadership the BNP lost every single seat they held in the capital. These included his own and the council seat of the BNP's only London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook. Barnbrook has so far failed to mention this defeat, although he does admit that:
"We didn’t do nearly as well as we’d hoped."
However, all is not lost. As he puts it on his blog:
"the result, disappointing as it was, doesn’t actually change anything"
Oh dear. I think we're stuck in the first stage of grief here Richard.

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JJ said...

He's kicking an Asian lad who has been knocked to the ground. Where are these "unfounded allegations of assault".

Fucking good riddance to Bob Bailey. typical BNP thug.

Anonymous said...

He did what he was put there to do?????????


Anonymous said...

So far as I'm aware, in law, guilt lies with the person who struck the 1st blow, irrespective of the provocation.

Whatever the outcome of his arrest however, Bob Bailey helped wreck the BNP campaign in London, let's all have a whip-round to buy him a drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"So far as I'm aware, in law, guilt lies with the person who struck the 1st blow, irrespective of the provocation"

Yes, self defence is allowed in law but such defence should be proportionate. Kicking somebody repeatedly in the head and body while they are on the ground was clearly not. There was a man who was completely out of control.

Paradoxically, this incident will raise Bailey's standing in the 'thug' BNP and far right circles generally, however, that freeze-frame is something that will be used whenever Bailey stands for elected office in future.

Anonymous said...

....And what about the other younger fascist activists who joined in the assault alongside Bailey? They weren't subject to any spitting but still they were filmed striking out and kicking.