May 04, 2010

The BNP and the neo-Nazis

The BNP claims it isn’t racist – this is a lie. The BNP claims it has no links with violent neo-Nazis – this is a lie. The BNP claims to be a ‘normal’ political party – this is a lie.

What ‘normal’ political party would associate itself with Nazi sympathisers and violent right-wing paramilitary groups?

In Liverpool, the BNP works openly with people who promote Hitler’s ideology and groups which spout racism and anti-Semitism in their crudest forms. Its candidates attend demonstrations organised by violent racists and are happy to be associated with neo-Nazis.

On Friday April 23rd, Liverpool BNP hosted an event at Aigburth People’s Hall. But it was not just BNP activists who were present. Also attending were members of the Racial Volunteer Force (RVF) and the British Freedom Fighters (BFF). These pictures were not intended for the public – they show BNP candidates and activists with neo-Nazis. When you read Liverpool BNP’s election material, you are not being told the truth about the party.

Picture 1 looks innocent enough – three patriotic men in front of Liverpool BNP’s banner:

Yet the two on the left are members of the Racial Volunteer Force. This is a neo-Nazi paramilitary group whose leading members have been jailed for inciting racial hatred and publishing information on how to make bombs. Their publications included praise for David Copeland, the former BNP member jailed for life for his London bombing campaign in 1999, which killed three people and injured over 100 others.

Go to 6.11 on the following video and you can see the men pictured at the Liverpool BNP event attending a Racial Volunteer Force gathering in Glasgow in March 2009:

Picture 2 shows the RVF men (here seen left and right) with Liverpool BNP’s Steve Harwood (in the Union flag t-shirt) and Steve Davis (with flag):

Picture 3 shows Karen Otty, Liverpool BNP’s secretary and candidate for Anfield in Thursday’s election. With her is one of the as yet un-named members of the Racial Volunteer Force:

Otty is not just a member of the BNP herself. She joined a Facebook group affiliated to the violent English Defence League and attended the EDL’s demonstration at the House of Lords in March this year. She is highlighted in Picture 4 below:

Coverage of Otty’s EDL links can be found here and here.

Otty’s friend from Picture 3 is not only in the Nazi terror group, the RVF, he is also a member of the British Freedom Fighters, another neo-Nazi paramilitary group (which says itself that its main aim is the promotion of Hitler’s National Socialist ideas). Picture 5 shows Otty’s companion with the BFF’s leader ‘Wigan’ Mike Heaton (currently facing terror charges for soliciting the murder of Jewish people):

Picture 6 (below) shows him at leaving a BFF meeting in 2009, sieg-heiling with other Nazi thugs:

The RVF/BFF men are also friends of Gary Aronsson. He is the large gentleman seated in the centre of Picture 7 (below), seen talking to Andrew Leary, BNP candidate for Church ward in Sefton.

Aronsson was for a long time the BNP’s declared candidate for Knowsley in the general election. However, personal rivalries and the fact that Aronnson had been told to remove neo-Nazi imagery from his website by Nick Griffin, AND the fact that he disagreed with the new membership rules forced on the BNP by the courts, led to him being withdrawn from Knowsley shortly before the election. (Picture 8 (below) shows the SS Death’s Head Aronsson used on his Facebook page).

Picture 9 shows Aronsson (centre) with the RVF man (right) and Liverpool BNP’s Gary Lucas (who posts on Facebook as ‘Gary James’):

Picture 10 (below) shows ‘Gary James’ with BNP leader Nick Griffin, Christmas 2009:

The links between the BNP and neo-Nazis are plain for all to see. They socialise together; they campaign together; they attend each other’s events. Liverpool BNP tries to hide what they really believe in and who they really work with.

Thinking of voting BNP on May 6th? Think again.

Liverpool Antifascists


Landale said...

They seem to be putting the vile content on facebook and other place to being hacked! see:

And asking members to take pages down until the election is over.

Another lie Gri££in - it's extremely unlikely the pages have been hacked - your supporters pages are mostly like that normally! - you don't convince anybody.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Liverpool voters get the message; A vote for the BNP is a vote for the RVF.

Good research Liverpool Anti-fascists.

Anonymous said...

Picture 10: What fine specimens of Aryan manhood! Adolf would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Guys - have you seen the BNP site - looks like Simon Bennett is pissed off!!

"The services to this website have been suspended.

It is with regret that I have been forced to pull this website due to several attempts of theft today with regards to design work and content owned by myself. It is no secret that I have been in dispute with some elements of the management of the party for sometime now, but had hoped to resolve these issues ammicably and AFTER the elections. However, due to several attempts to steal my work today and combined with the recent deliberate copyright infringement I feel I have been left with no alternative to this action and feel wholly justified in doing so.

If Arthur Kemp, Jim Dowson or anyone else issue any more threats of violence against myself or my family I will contact the police immediately.

The background of my dispute with the party can be read here:"

Anonymous said...

Wigan Mike is also EDL. He is phoned up to attend the demos.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you didn't see it - the bnp site seems to be back up now - not sure how long the text is going to last

Anonymous said...

"Racial Volunteer Force"

Wouldn't every other member of that organisation be MI5/Special Branch?

Their meetings consist of cops comparing notes.