May 23, 2010

BNP's copyright-breaching habits spread to the lower ranks

Green Arrow: copyright thief, idiot and bigot
The BNP's breach of copyright over the recent use of a Marmite jar in a broadcast without permission is likely to cost the party a hefty five-figure sum - corporate lawyers tending to dislike people who steal their company's intellectual property without either paying the going rate or at least asking their permission before use.

But it's not just the BNP itself that is happy to breach copyright law - the habit seems to have been passed on to at least one of the party's supporters.

Exactly six months ago, we reported that the cretinous bigot Paul Morris (yes, Green Arrow), one of Nick Griffin's most vocal arselickers, had stolen the work of artist Mark Simpson, who had supplied the artwork for a Green Arrow series for DC Comics back in 2006. When he had realised this, Simpson emailed Morris to object, only to be told by the petulant Morris that '…the origins of the Green Arrow name had nothing to do with some pathetic socialist comic hero', though what that had to do with the theft of someone else's well-crafted artwork wasn't made clear.

In any case, Simpson was informed that the image would be removed and that was an end to the matter as far as he was concerned. He had, it seems, only strayed on to the Green Arrow site by accident and, like most humans with a brain, was unlikely ever to visit the site again through choice.

However, Paul 'I love Porky Griffin' Morris, is not only a devoted creep, he is also a serial liar, as Denise reports in her excellent article here. And it is this article that led to one of our readers popping over for a quick peek at the Green Arrow site (screenshot, above), where he discovered that the image Morris had agreed to remove is not only still in place but appears to have doubled in size.

Perhaps this is Morris's way of thumbing his nose at the artist who dared to question his right to do whatever he pleases - Morris is nothing if not pompous and arrogant - but he may find that the owner of DC Comics, Warner Brothers, is even less forgiving than the owner of the Marmite brand, Unilever. Let's hope so, because we'd like our readers to complain about his theft of copyright images to DC Comics directly.

Naturally there are circumstances under which organisations would seek the permissions that Paul Morris should have sought. In his case though, he shouldn't bother, because DC Comics is pretty unequivocal on the matter.
'What follows are detailed guidelines for submitting a request for the right to use our’s a list of requests for which we will NOT grant permission'

'Military, government, or other political organizations, or requests of a military, governmental or political nature.'
Whoops. Feel free to contact the relevant people at DC Comics via email on to express your surprise and dismay at seeing the artwork of one of their fine artists sullied by association with this rabidly racist buffoon. If enough people email them, we're pretty sure that DC will take a look at the Green Arrow site. Once they do that and see the kind of lunatic ramblings that take place there, a takedown notice should follow swiftly.

Thanks to Paul S for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

I hope DC Comics take this tosser to the cleaners.

His Honour Lee Barnes said...

The BNP is above your petty mortal law.

GT said...

Wouldn't it be bloody funny to see Nick Griffin and his greatest sycophant in court side by side, one being done by Unilever and one by DCComics. Praise the Lord for corporate lawyers (not something I say very often).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There's a lot of original articles on here recently. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Green Arsehole surely?

Anonymous said...

Go get im!

Dave T said...

I've emailed them.

Paul S said...

The figure in the picture looks like the DC Comics character, Green Arrow. The picture resembles scenes from the Green Arrow Year One miniseries (2007) written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Jock.

Antifascist said...

Some people have reported delivery failures. There's mow a different email address in the article that works.

Paul S said...

The latest on this is that the picture used on the Green Arrow blog is not directly lifted from the work of Jock. However, this pro-BNP blog uses the name "Green Arrow", clearly depicts the DC Comics character and even presents a scene that is clearly modelled on the GA story that was drawn by Jock. DC Comics legal department have been informed.