May 19, 2010

Police crackdown on hate crime across London

Raids across London have been carried out by the Metropolitan Police as part of an operation to crackdown on hate crime

A number of officers simultaneously raided properties across the city at about 0000 BST on Tuesday. Seventy-seven people have been arrested for a range of offences including serious assault and harassment. More arrests are expected to be made later. The action comes a day after the International Day Against Homophobia.

The raids are aimed at bringing hate crime offenders to justice. Police are particularly focusing their attentions on homophobic and domestic violence within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. Between March 2009 and April 2010 there were 51,839 domestic violence offences, 9,914 racial offences and 1,336 homophobic offences committed in London. To crack down on such offences the Met has about 230 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Liaison officers supporting police work.

Det Supt Darren Williams said: "Today's operations represent part of the proactive approach the MPS take to bring those responsible to justice. We know that all hate crime is under reported and this remains a challenge for us. We will continue to work hard to gain the trust and confidence of all communities so that victims feel that they can come forward and tell police. My message to all victims is that if you feel you can't tell the police - tell someone."



Echelon_g26 said...


David Hann anybody??

Anonymous said...

I see the BNP are lying about immigration figures again.

According to them 43% of primary schoolchildren don't have English as a first language.

But wait...

This says only 16%. But it does say 43% for Bradford in the article.

So there you have it - use Bradford and pretend it's the same for the whole country. Instant outrage.

Karen said...

Would you Adam & Eve it.
The Labour Party have gone and done a deal with the BNP to gain control of Thurrock Council.

Kev Scott love the jam said...

@Anon an immigration figures:

Lets chuck it back at them:


But wait, lets use this 'pub fact' based upon the election result in cornwall north..... where the nutzies did'nt even field a bigot/racist/drug dealer/violent criminal/wannabe con-man/sofa soaker/lager boiler/candidate*

*delete as appropriate

Anonymous said...

Nice try Karen but unsupported by the facts, or the Newspaper allegations.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

@ Karen

Spiffing. And presumably this means the new Leader of Thurrock Council will be the BNP's bitch for the next four years, seeing as Colgate could pull the plug at any time?

Karen said...

Old Sailor my friend..When the BNP voted with the Conservatives, Labour Leader John Kent made allegations of a secret Tory/BNP pact. As Emma Colgate has now voted with Labour and using Councillor Kents logic, one must assume there has been a secret deal between Labour and the BNP.


ex-fascist said...

@ Karen

There is a powerful school of thought within anti-racism which has it that anything that encourages racists is bad unless the Labour Party is involved.

Anonymous said...

Jesus - If the Nutzies used your logic you qould be the first to condem them. Don't you read the quotes you cite ?

Old Sailor