May 25, 2010

Race hate boss porkies to PCC exposed

Racist leader whinges that he is not in the BNP then is filmed at party fundraiser!

This is the footage that proves BNP big wig Jim Dowson has been telling porkies!
Barefaced race hate Glaswegian Dowson has asked the Press Complaints Commission to rule that the Sunday World was wrong to say he was a member of the BNP – he told them had never been a member, yet here he is delivering a rousing right-wing speech – proving he’s up to his neck in the far right party.

Last year we revealed Dowson was behind the secret fundraising centre which is tucked away in east Belfast. But after our first story he appeared on UTV and gave an interview to say he was not connected with the political side of the BNP and was just a businessman running a call centre. He even said he didn’t agree with the BNP’s politics! And he has complained to the Press Complaints Commission because we said he was a life member.

Poor affronted Jim told the PCC in an indignant letter: “They also allege that I am a BNP life member when I have never been a member of the party ever in my life!”

But a video passed to us by anti-fascist magazine Searchlight shows Jim praising the racist party and urging people to join up. And he’s even captioned North West Fundraiser. And we’ve since discovered that Jim may not have paid his membership to the BNP – because according to sources he owns it!

He has been BNP leader Nick Griffin’s right-hand man – to such an extent he has caused angry rumblings within the party. During the seven minute video, which was taken during a fundraising event in Blackburn, Lancashire two months ago, Dowson repeatedly uses the phrases ‘we’ and ‘us’ when talking about the BNP.

We’ve picked out some of his most ‘rousing’ rants so you can make up your own mind if convicted criminal Dowson is in the BNP.

“We’re living with the Chinese and the Koreans,” says BNP Jim with a BNP backdrop, as the title BNP North West fundraiser is put on the screen of the BNP internet TV channel. “They’re now the top of the tree. They’re going to be the ones who dominate the world. But it doesn’t matter how many cheap radios they build or cheap cars they build – they’ll never have what we have and that’s British blood.”

He then rambles on about soldiers and famous wars and battles including Waterloo, Agincourt, The Falklands and Afghanistan. He tells the crowd: “The same blood is in you as they had. You are the sum total of your ancestors. Think what they suffered; think what they gave to build this Great Britain. How can Trevor Phillips (black head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission) ever hope to destroy us? I’ll tell you how, by destroying the British National Party. The only bulwark against tyranny is the BNP – you people have joined, given, you’ve campaigned, you’ve leafleted. We are the frontline. We are the thin red line against total destruction, annihilation and oblivion. We are the people who are standing in guard.”

He then babbles on about the film Zulu, which he thinks is called Rourke’s Drift, and likens the BNP to the British soldiers who repelled wave after wave of Zulu warriors during the Boer War. He then slags off the British people who he says have run away because they are too scared to join the BNP in case they lose their job or get into trouble.

He then says of the BNP: “We will turn this country round. People like (Trevor) Phillips and (Jack) Straw have mistaken us for being soft. There’s nothing soft about Blackburn and if Trevor Phillips and any of his cronies came here they would soon find out.”

He says he has helped turn the party around from being an amateurish party with no offices to having five UK offices, two MEP’s and are now bigger than UKIP.

“This party is going places – think what we have achieved,” says BNP Jim.

He talks about the leaked BNP list and tells anyone in the audience that if they weren’t on it, why weren’t they on it.

“When the list came out they thought we’d all run and hide. I was manning the phones that week and all week we got people in their 70s phoning saying ‘sign me up’ – they were joining in their 100s.”

The speech was part of a fundraiser in Blackburn which took place just before the election. But sadly for Jim the election was an unmitigated disaster. The party hoped to get four MP’s elected to Westminster but failed to secure a single seat. They had boasted about taking control of Barking and Dagenham council but were wiped out 51-0 by Labour. Furthermore BNP sources are blaming Jim Dowson.

As revealed last week he, and the Belfast office, were being held responsible for the election blunder. Anti-fascist magazine Searchlight ran a ‘Hope not Hate’ campaign against the BNP during the election and Irish correspondent Matthew Collins hailed it a total success.

“Jim Dowson and his operation of shadow companies has as good as bought the BNP,” says Matthew. “From our point of view, he’s the best thing to ever happen to the BNP. We’ve already begun to drive his party out of our council chambers and I’m sure the people of Northern Ireland will follow suit and chose hope over hate.”

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Anonymous said...

Leicestershire BNP/"Community Voice" dimwits tell the world "There will not be a [sic] RWB this year, but there will be an event. Contact your RO to find out more."

Various possibilities here:

Makes a loss.

Would be organised by a Griffinite (whose mess-up would affect the transfer of the Leadership from the Great Leader to the Dear Leader.)

Would provide a platform for an opposition candidate.

Yhey're just a bunch of tw@s.

(Not a definitive list of possible explanations - feel free to add you own).

Anonymous said...

All those battles he mentioned but he forgot Dunkirk and the Charge of the Light Brigade, the BNP's most appropriate parallel. But I do like the "now bigger than UKIP". There's progress.

Jain said...

What a fool! Liar liar pants on fire..

anyway, you seen this?

Minutes of the Leics regional meeting...
BNP are not having the RWB festival this year.

Anonymous said...

Celebrating a battle against the Zulus?- so much for respecting the rights of indigenous peoples then! This speech should confirm that they are white supremacists and don't give two hoots indigenous rights

AndyMinion (BatsMan) said...

Although last year's RWB made a loss, I suspect the reasons behind its cancellation lie closer to:

Massive negative p.r from tanked - up nazzers getting arrested for giving Hitler salutes and dimwits burning gollys, and (possibly more importantly to Griffin) the horrifying prospect that groups of the Rank and File (or "Money Supply") might get together and start talking treason against the Great Leader.

As one who lives just down the road from the Denby Lane rallying ground, I know plenty of local residents will be relieved it's not happening this year.

Anonymous said...

The simple truth about the RWB is that the attendance was so clearly down last year that it just isn't sustainable any longer. The number of people who attend this annual hatefest gives an indication of how drastically the party's active membership has declined.