May 12, 2010

Former Dagenham councillor arrested

Former Cllr Bob Bailey [pictured, left] has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting two teenagers in the street on the eve of the General Election

The BNP chief, who stood as an MP candidate in Romford while still contesting his council seat in Alibon ward, attended an east London police station by appointment yesterday (Tuesday). Mr Bailey, 44, was arrested and quizzed over allegations he assaulted an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old in Harrow Road, Barking, on May 5. The former councillor, who lost his seat in the local elections on May 7, was bailed to return on July 12.

Both teenagers involved in the alleged street brawl [film of the incident here] were also arrested following police enquiries. They attended an east London police station on May 6 and were questioned under suspicion of assault and affray. Pending further enquiries both teenagers were bailed to return on a date in mid July.

An investigation into the incident was launched by officers from the Barking Community Safety Unit after an allegation of assault was made against Mr Bailey.

Initially when police were called to reports of a fight in Harrow Road at around 3pm on Wednesday May 5, the matter was not pursued. Officers noted that no allegations were made, no-one was injured, no arrests were made and no further police action was taken.

Barking and Dagenham Post


Anonymous said...

Wonder what the German Embassy thinks? Don't they pay his rent?

Mr Magoo said...

A fine figure of a man.

Anonymous said...

One doesn't expect the Future of the Aryan people of Dagenham to have manboobies...I would only shudder to think what his cock looks like.

iliacus said...

"The BNP Chief"

Chief of what would this be?

Chief non-councillor among the team of BNP non-councillors?

Anne R. Kist said...

He's got a bigger belly than me and I'm six months pregnant.

iliacus said...

Sorry to go off-topic, but two gems from the BNP website :

On PR "the Liberal Democrats, just like the BNP, bears the brunt of disproportional elections which sees vote tallies not reflected in seats won" - yes, that's in the Lib Dems get loads of votes but relatively small number of seats; in the case of the BNP hardly anyone votes for them, and they get sod all seats!

And a very resistable offer : "John Walker of Radio Red White & Blue offers an exclusive interview with BNP leader Nick Griffin". Or to put it another way - nobody else wants to interview Griffin; and nobody except Griffin is willing to talk to the nutters of Radio RWB !!


John P said...

Didn't they get a million votes last June on half the turn out from last week.
Surely they must have been expecting 2 million votes and got 25% of that.
Maths isn't my strong point it must be said but I think I'm right in saying they have lost 50% of their vote in less than a year.

Anonymous said...

Nazis planning to march in Newcastle on May 29th.

Anonymous said...

Exposed as un-English fascists they're running scared and as history has taught us, violently also.

Anonymous said...

He looks like one of those blokes from the spoof Bananarama videos that French & Saunders used to make in the 1980s?

Anonymous said...

That nazi Simon Bennett, thought that the BNP could not live without him. Just seen the new website 10 times better than when Bennett run it! The skinny little weed thought he would hold the BNP to ransom demanding more wages. ha ha ha

Sue said...

Griffin declares London BNP finished.

Anonymous said...

"That nazi Simon Bennett, thought that the BNP could not live without him"

A few weeks ago you would have been describing Bennett as a 'comrade', a fine webmaster and an asset to the BNP. Now it's 'Nazi', 'Searchlight mole', 'MI5 tout' etc.

Fickle bunch in the BNP, eh.

Anonymous said...

Just seen the new website 10 times better than when Bennett run it!

If the BNP say that, given their attitude to truthfulness the site has to be 10 times worse!

Anonymous said...

That nazi Simon Bennett, thought that the BNP could not live without him. Just seen the new website 10 times better than when Bennett run it! The skinny little weed thought he would hold the BNP to ransom demanding more wages. ha ha ha

Me thinks this is a comment from a griffin worshiper

Anonymous said...

lie lorry exposed

Anonymous said...

Barking & Dagenham demographic disaster. . .
Time is running out, Britain is dying.
Dear Fellow Patriot,

The electoral wipe-out in Barking & Dagenham shocked us all. Our hopes of victory at parliamentary and local level evaporated as we were left with no councillors at all.

We were heartbroken when Labour usurped all 51 seats on the council and the slimy wretch Margaret Hodge romped home to victory with an overwhelming vote.

A defeat, yes, but the events in Barking & Dagenham are a terrifying wake up call to us all. Faced with the election of 12 BNP councillors years ago, Labour set about a deliberate process to flood Barking & Dagenham with foreigners, replacing the newly politically conscious local British with an imported electorate guaranteed to vote Labour.

The formulae is simple: if you don't vote Labour they will replace you!

We were defeated by simple demographics. The percentage of foreigners in Barking & Dagenham has sky-rocketed over the last 4 years, up from around 15% to nearly 40%, and BNP polling station tellers were shocked and horrified on polling day to witness the enormous queues of foreign faces eagerly waiting to vote for their party, Labour.

The old East End of London is now completely dead. By the time another General Election comes about, our ancient capital city will be completely overrun, a lost cause under the current electoral system. London has perished. Labour has succeeded where the Luftwaffe failed.

This historical catastrophe for our people must fill us with renewed determination to increase our work rate, our readiness to sacrifice, and our steely resolve never to give up.

Don't delude yourself: what we are witnessing is nothing less than the gradual eradication of our people from our ancient homeland.

We have lost our capital city; it is our choice whether we lose the rest of our country.

So I appeal to everyone reading this message, now is the time to join the British National Party. Don't leave it until it is too late to make a stand. Time is running out, fast. We are one generation away from Armageddon.

Think of your family. Think of our War Heroes and how they suffered and perished. Think of our innocent children and the future they have in store. You know what is happening, and the terrifying consequences for all you love if our Cause does not succeed, have you really got a choice?

It is time to do the honourable, noble thing: join the British Resistance.

I am hoping that our web team can report back to me in 24 hours that 250 people have answered my call to action. I am depending on YOU to help me build this resilient movement into a party capable of making the tiny amount of time still available really count.

I leave you with the words of our hero Winston Churchill: "We will defend our island, no matter what the cost may be. We will NEVER surrender!"

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

Anonymous said...

The BNP aren't dead. Now we need to go in for the kill.

They will now, as they have done with Burnley, Oldham etc... turn away from BandD and attempt to spread their racism in another provincial town or district that got an increased BNP vote where they can use genuine discontent amongst the lower classes and turn it into hatred where they can latch onto it like a parasite.

Where we will be ready for them....

Anonymous said...

What about the eight thousand odd voters who voted Conservative in Barking, pushing Griffin's racists into THIRD place?

Two party politics (Lab/Con) is what Barking will be looking forward to in the years to come, the 2012 Olympics will ensure all of the East End will be THE place to be for many years to come and the BNP will just be history, not needed nor wanted as a consequence.