May 25, 2010

County Durham BNP teacher race claims dismissed

Allegations that a British National Party activist posted racist comments online while working as a teacher in County Durham have been dismissed

The General Teaching Council (GTC) had heard Adam Walker used a school laptop to post descriptions of some immigrants as "savage animals" and "filth". Mr Walker, from Spennymoor, said he had been singled out because of his views.

The GTC found him guilty of a single charge of misconduct after he admitted using a laptop during lessons. Mr Walker was the first teacher to appear before the GTC accused of racial intolerance. It was alleged the views expressed in the postings constituted unacceptable professional conduct.

He resigned from Houghton Kepier Sports College, in Houghton-le-Spring, in 2007 after his head teacher asked IT staff to investigate his use of the internet.

The GTC panel said it was "troubled" by some of the postings made by Mr Walker, who also claimed Britain was becoming a "dumping ground for the filth of the Third World". But the three-member committee said it was not satisfied that the "intemperate" views expressed by Mr Walker during his time at the school were suggestive of intolerance.

The hearing was told that in one posting, it was alleged Mr Walker claimed the BNP had risen in popularity because "they are the only party who are making a stand and are prepared to protect the rights of citizens against the savage animals New Labour and Bliar (sic) are filling our communities with".

The teacher's trade union representative, Patrick Harrington, said Mr Walker accepted he was wrong to use a computer to access the online forum during school time. However, he argued that none of the terms used by Mr Walker had demonstrated racial or religious intolerance.



ex-fascist said...

"The GTC panel said it was 'troubled' by some of the postings made by Mr Walker, who also claimed Britain was becoming a 'dumping ground for the filth of the Third World'. But the three-member committee said it was not satisfied that the 'intemperate' views expressed by Mr Walker during his time at the school were suggestive of intolerance.

That is a wind-up, right?

Anonymous said...

Now what happens if he applies for another teaching post, can the NUT refuse to work with him, no of course they cant, but this is the position that the fools who made the decision have left any school or teaching trade union in.

bloody stupid


Anonymous said...

"That is a wind-up, right?"

Sadly not, watch this being spun as the greatest victory for Nationalism in living memory.

Anti-fascist teacher said...

The NUT has put out a statement

"Adam Walker, the BNP activist who posted comments online using a school laptop describing immigrants as "savage animals" and "filth" while working as a teacher, has been cleared of racial and religious intolerance by the General Teaching Council.

Commenting on the verdict, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said;

"Given what we know of the evidence in the public domain, the outcome of the findings of the GTC is perverse. Teachers are entrusted with a very real responsibility to children, parents, and wider society. We do not believe that a teacher with BNP membership could remain in the classroom without being racist in some way, shape or form. That is why close monitoring and awareness of racist attitudes is vital.

"The NUT is fundamentally opposed to racist and fascist ideologies and reserves the right to take disciplinary action against members guilty of conduct which gives expression to racist or fascist views.

"The growth of far-right organisations in recent years is of grave concern to the NUT, particularly when their representatives act as school governors or councillors.

"All our schools need to be protected as havens of tolerance and community cohesion, as underlined by the Every Child Matters agenda. We always need to be vigilant of the activities of anyone in our school community who has far-right sympathies and may fail to balance that view with their professional duties".


irishtony said...

As Griffin attempts to celebrate this insignificant fart in a typhoon, all people will remember is something about a BNP teacher who was racist, they will not remember any verdicts,any names or any major details.
It will be just more bad publicity for the BNP.

Despite that I feel the verdict was ridiculous

Anonymous said...

All the same Irish Tony, expect Harrington to celebrate his little victory by posting a shit package to someone involved in bringing the case. He hasn't got your address, has he?

B31 Antifascist said...

Sadly, I could see this coming from ten miles away since Griffin and Collett got acquitted in Leeds Crown Court. Oh poor little racists, getting persecuted by the left-lib establishment for attempting to poison young minds with racist lies, etc.etc.

Let us console ourselves with the fact that the real victories are not fought at industrial disciplinary hearings but at democratic elections. England Scotland and Wales does not want the BNP and England Scotland and Wales have spoken.

Anonymous said...

I've just been listening to this horrid Walker on the BNP's audio recording of the event and he says he is the best teacher, what a big head, I hope he can't get a job anywhere in the country.

Anonymous said...

It's conceivable that the BNP and Squalidarity are nothing more than state-driven enterprises, designed to act as a release valve for racism.

It would make sense for them to back up such institutions.

A victory for the BNP? No, a victory for the state.

Anonymous said...

Who would want to employ such an odious little racist scumbag as Walker ever again?

It's a pyrric victory for the BNP and for its front-group, Squalidarity.

Harrington and Walker will rue the day they miss with teachers unions and the GTC.

Anonymous said...

The Fascist Harrington is a very nasty piece of work indeed, his past should be exposed.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that court cases like this play into the BNP victim status and not getting convictions is a double whammy as they get no punishment and get publicy. We all know they openly boast about hanging "traitors" ie political opponents so this claim does not wash.

A better strategy would be a class boycott. Ethnic minority students should refuse being taught by BNP teachers (for obvious reasons)and so should other students in solidarity. This action should hopefully give a loud message to schools.

A Teacher said...

So can I now presume that, as a teacher, I can spend all day on my laptop at work on scumfront calling all and sundry racist, retarded bigoted twats?

AND thats fine by my professional body!

Walker said ""I have certainly never discriminated against an individual on grounds of race, faith or sexuality. Part of why I became a teacher is to help people overcome social disadvantage and reach their full potential.""

What? But you are a member of a rag-tag party who advocates changing laws to discriminate against the above legally?

Oh, and, Walker, you thick muppet, which 'part of you' was it that wanted to help people overcome disadvantage?......... your incredibly small brain...... unlike your bro, for him it was his dick...........

Jormugandr said...



Forget the internet comments if you must, GTC, but that's hardly the worst case of his misconduct. Somebody needs to bring two other things against him. One, the fact that, IRL, he made racist, political rants in the middle of technology lessons, indoctrinating some of the least politically aware students in the school. Yeah, that gave me some good arguments when I was bored (such as why it's okay for him to emigrate to Japan but not for the Japanese to emigrate here... except his wife) but that doesn't make it okay.

And two, which is even worse, not only keeping student's personal data - which is shocking enough as it is - but using it to further his own political ends.

Not to mention smearing the school he was working at for not renewing his contract after all of this.

I'll admit, he's a decent teacher, insofar as we learnt a lot about the subject. He just happens to be a hideous person.

This whole thing is ridiculous. He at least has a leg to standing in denying the comments, but I sincerely hope that he is brought to task for his other professional misconduct, because there is no possible way he can deny it. Certainly not to me.

Anonymous said...

"The Fascist Harrington is a very nasty piece of work indeed, his past should be exposed"

As well as being one of the dullest political speakers I've ever heard. Talk about the aural equivalent of watching paint dry!

Anonymous said...

Talking of Harrington, back in 1985 anti-fascists demonstrated to try to stop this creature from attending NLP.

Whilst I think the protests against Harrington were justified, surely granting the bastards the right to teach is 100 times worse than defending their right to learn?

What has it all come to?