May 02, 2010

Best Use Of The BNP In Advertising

I haven’t really had a funny story about the British National Party (BNP) unless of course you count the 2010 General Election Manifesto, policies or every time a BNP candidate appears on TV or radio. But as funny as they are this came through Twitter this evening and I just couldn’t help but laugh at it.

The picture below is from an email sent out by a London restaurant to it’s customers (I don’t know which restaurant sent it out), it was posted on Twitter by @TanyaVital and I couldn’t resist but to post it just for the lolz.

At least the restaurant owners can be 100% sure they will still have the business after May 6th because the BNP obviously have no chance of winning. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this rather funny little ditty as much as I did.

Vote No To The BNP

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Marianne said...

Certainly very amusing but it also makes a serious point. The BNP cannot win the general election but they could win control of Barking and Dagenham. The result would be an exodus of mobile professionals, such as teachers, doctors and nurses, and no new investment in the borough. What business would want to come to, or start up in, a BNP borough?

HOPE not hate is putting on a final big day of action in Barking and Dagenham tomorrow morning, giving out anti-BNP leaflets in the five or six target wards the BNP must win to gain control of the council, but where we have a chance of keeping them out. See for details.