November 24, 2009

Barry Gardiner MP hits out at BNP over Wembley video

A far-right group has described scenes of Wembley's diverse population as “horrific” in an online video

Members of the British National Party (BNP) from South Wales can be heard saying “it's not our country anymore” as they drive down High Road, in footage uploaded to video sharing website Youtube.

As residents from different the areas diverse community walk passed the camera voices can be heard in the background saying “how can anybody say immigration is a good thing”. One man says “you've got your pajamas on” as the camera, aimed out of a car window, passes a man wearing traditional clothing.

Barry Gardiner, MP for Brent North, hit out at the BNP in Parliament, describing the footage as “revolting” and challenging the party to contest his Brent North seat. He said: “My understanding is that if you are born here you are British. To say “Briton” means people who came here several hundred years ago is simply rubbish. You can apply for citizenship or you can be born here. Most of the people in Wembley were born here.”

Simon Darby, vice chairman of the BNP, said: “There may well be a case for putting up a candidate in Brent North, I don't know.”

He added: “This isn't integration it's colonisation. It's not a question of integrating it's replacing the local population. That area was predominantly indigenous, white and British. It's fallen down and down where we are on course for there being no, or a negligible amount of indigenous people.”

When asked what he meant by indigenous, he said: “Indigenous Britons are white. It's an inconvenient fact – indigenous Britons are white.”

Harrow Times


Anonymous said...

“Indigenous Britons are white. It's an inconvenient fact – indigenous Britons are white.”

Simon Darby's proves again that the BNP are a single issue, fringe party who campaign soley around Race.

West Midlands Unity said...

Again, this bullshit with the whole indeginous "british" trick. I challenge Simple Simon to look back at his family tree and their fore-fathers to see where the Darby bunch originally originate from. If like, the fuhrer, his bloodline goes all the way back to romanian travellers then he's talking balls(again)

Raymond said...

You could probably drive through the Costa del Sol and not hear Spanish spoken and people wearing strange clothing. Some are probably BNP members (Griffen went on radio there once) moaning they emigrated because of too much immigration. But that's OK. They believe by being British they've got a God given right to live where they like- respecting indigenous cultures goes out the window when it comes to "Brits abroad".

West Midlands Unity said...

More info on Gri££ins trip last weekend:

Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party (BNP), took time out from stoking up race hatred in Britain last weekend to hobnob with fellow fascists in Europe.

Griffin attended an event organised to commemorate the death of Spanish fascist dictator General Francisco Franco. He was joined by his longstanding ally – and convicted terrorist – Italian fascist Roberto Fiore.

Reports suggest Griffin also joined a trip to Franco’s tomb—a huge mausoleum built by the slave labour of thousands of Republican prisoners.

Griffin’s trip to pay his respects to the deceased Spanish dictator followed hot on the heels of a series of appearances in east London as part of his plan to stand in Barking in the general election.

Anti-fascist activists, local trade unionists and many Barking residents have vowed to stop Griffin’s election bid.

Around 80 people demonstrated against Griffin in Barking on Thursday of last week. The protest was called by the RMT union and backed by Unite Against Fascism.

Local sources say the protest forced Griffin to abandon a walkabout planned for that time.

The protest brought together a number of residents horrified that Griffin is to target their area, with local community groups and other activists, including young people, the trades council and some Labour Party members.

Steve Hedley, RMT London regional organiser, said the union called the protest because “the RMT is a multicultural union and Barking is a multicultural area.

“We are standing up for the best traditions of tolerance for those who live and work in the East End against bigots who hope to cause division.”

Black Historian said...

In Roman times, there were free black people living in York, in a multicultural environment, so multiculturalism goes back a long way before the BNP understand it.

There is the bones of a wealthy black Roman woman in York museum which, which I saw on TV as part of a Black History Month programme.

But most fascinating of all, on "The Black Romans" on BBC, Septimius Severus is believed to be the first black man to rule England. Yes, a heck of a long time before President Obama.

Black and Asian people first came to the North East in Roman times, and England was once ruled by a Libyan, which was revealed along with plenty more historical facts as part of BBC Black History Month.

Emperor Septimius Severus wasn’t the only Black Roman in Britain. There were other African officers, soldiers … stationed on and around Hadrian’s Wall in the 3rd century.

Now here's the nutcracker for all of those neo-nazis who assume that their distorted beliefs in Odin (Wodin) meant that the Vikings were racists.

From the 9th century onwards, there are records of Vikings bringing Moroccans to Northern Britain.

There’s a gap in the recording of black presence in the North East of England for nearly 400 years until the start of the 16th century, and yet, black and Asian presence in the North East of England can be traced back to the times of Septimius Severus, a North African Libyan, who ruled England as Roman Emperor between 193-211 AD.

Severus was unique amongst the Roman emperors as being the first Black citizen to hold the highest office in the empire.

Son of Septimus: -

The most celebrated example of an early Black presence in Britain is the case of the Roman military garrison on Hadrian’s Wall in Cumbria.

A 4th century inscription tells us that the Roman auxiliary unit, Numerus Maurorum Aurelianorum, was stationed at Aballava, modern day Burgh-by-Sands.

This unit had been mustered in the Roman province of Mauretania in North Africa, modern Morocco.

The Black Romans: Genetic evidence!!!

It was recently suggested that African DNA might be found to be present in the local populations near to Hadrian’s Wall.

During his time in office, Septimius Severus legalised marriage during military service.

There is also evidence that that some Black Romans married, had children, and remained in Britain after their tour of duty.

Skeletons unearthed in a Romano British Cemetery outside York revealed the limb proportions of some of the men suggested that they were Black Africans.

Perhaps they might be considered to be Britain’s first Diaspora people, making Cumbria the birthplace of Black British history?



Anonymous said...

Ironically British racists are quick to use the expression "when in Rome" to pick on minority lifestyles, but as we were once part of a thriving multicultural Roman empire which included an African emporer, the expression "when in Rome" should truly be a rally call for tolerance not hatred.

Let's do as the Romans do and appreciate people on merit whatever race they belong to!

Proud Opposer of the BNP said...

These BNP people, we know they are wrong... and when you argue with them and prove them wrong, they just ignore you because they are ignorant. Barry Gardiner MP is obviously right to challenge these disgraceful excuses for human beings, and i have met him without speaking to him he is a good politician. But i wonder, could he have done more? Because just by criticising them and having done with it, he's dealt with the issue simply and just left it. I think these people need to be sued, and shown for the disgrace they are, what right have they to come to Wembley, a hometown for many people and badmouth it like this. Maybe we should go to Wales and make our own video about them... nothing offensive, nothing racist, but give them some of their own medicine. I would suggest that Barry Gardiner MP should look for more creative ways to deal with the BNP and try to actually hurt them badly but he has done well to respond to their ludicrous video.