November 20, 2009

Help for Heroes wristband row: investigation completed

Statement from ASDA

We’ve come to the end of our investigation at Asda Rochdale and can’t find any truth in the allegation that one of our colleagues refused to serve a customer for wearing a Help for Heroes wristband.

Our regional operations manager Paul Rowland said: “We’ve completed our investigation and it’s clear this exchange never happened. We’ve interviewed over 400 colleagues in the store, examined over three days worth of CCTV footage and talked to other customers and we can find absolutely no evidence that a colleague said what was alleged.”

The investigation has taken longer than some people expected because of the number of people we had to interview.

“We are disappointed and angry that right-wing groups are using this mythical incident to whip up racial hatred,” said Paul. “Thankfully the people of Rochdale will see straight through that. We remain big supporters of the work our troops do serving our country.”



Simon said...

Well done ASDA

Peter said...

At least there will be no rogue newspaper reports along the lines of the mythical "banningcrosses at Christmas" stories that you get when edtors get bored.