November 16, 2009

Nazi thugs booted out of Scotland after Glasgow gathering

The Scottish Defence League in, er, action
A rabble of English neo-Nazi thugs were driven out of Scotland yesterday after failing in their bid to stoke race hatred

Hundreds of police hemmed in the pack of racists and BNP thugs - calling themselves the Scottish Defence League - as they gathered at a pub in the centre of Glasgow. The drunken mob left the Cambridge bar on Cambridge Street and moved to the city centre at noon where they were confronted by around 30 protesters shouting, "Nazi scum off our streets".

Speaking to a 1500-strong counter-demonstration, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "These people have no right to be heard. Our right as ordinary, decent citizens is not to have to listen to the vile hatred spouted by these people. Our message to them is clear - we will not have it in Glasgow and we will send you packing from every corner of Scotland.

A police helicopter circled as the SDL mob - many hiding their faces with hoods, masks and scarves - chanted Rule Britannia and No Surrender and brandished Scottish flags, Union Flags and Ban The Burka placards.

The Sunday Mail revealed last month that members of the notorious English Defence League - who have caused violent scenes around the UK - planned to march at Glasgow's Central Mosque under the SDL banner. But their plans were thwarted by a massive operation involving hundreds of officers from Strathclyde Police and British Transport Police.

Three men were arrested - including one for a racially-aggravated breach of the peace.

Daily Record


Anonymous said...

Those guys in that photo look like they are having fun. The EDL scheme to stoke up a race riot isn't going quite to plan, is it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the birth of the SDL was a still one.

Anonymous said...

Incidentially what happened to the thousands of people accross the old firm divide that had asked them to come to Glasgow?

Did they just want to see the whites of their eyes before pissing themselves laughing at them?

I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

That photo kind of puts it into perspective, doesn't it? How exactly are these tossers going to defend Scotland if they allow themselves to be hemmed in on all sides by a few dozen plods?

Nigel said...

The Nazi saluting EDL secretly think that one day ordinary people will turn to the ideas of Adolf Hitler and Mein Kamph, which is why they keep telling people they are not nazis in the same way that casual pub racist fuckers insist on reminding fellow drinkers in the pub "I'm not racist... but".

If you've got something to hide, human nature goes into self-denial mood.

West Midlands Unity said...

Now that's what I call a race-riot, lol

Anonymous said...

Muslim Leader Arrested in Manchester Anti-Terror Raids.

The EDL will love this.

Anonymous said...

BNP to get free advertising on BBC for general election

Anonymous said...

you should be careful. There is more to the EDL than a 'race riot'. In Notingham they are trying to cause strife during the troops homecoming, which they will no doubt try to pin on the left - remember all that bullshit over the 'two minute silence' in Manchester!

also, isn't the main problem with the edl not 'race rioting' as such, but the creation of a situation in the media before the general election whereby the bnp can 'hoover up' any 'doubters'.

expect plenty of 'demos' in may next year...

Max Barclay said...

Police doing a good job there! Surrounded and outnumbered.

Anonymous said...

"you should be careful. There is more to the EDL than a 'race riot'."

I think you're reading too much into the EDL. They seem to me to be the same far-right goon squad who have existed, on-and-off, for decades. If you start viewing them as some sort of highly sophisticated, arcane group with multiple hidden agendas then you're in danger of descending into the bizarre conspiracy world of Griffin and Co., who regard them as the Frankenstein creation of Richard Desmond and Mossad!

Anonymous said...

"If you start viewing them as some sort of highly sophisticated, arcane group with multiple hidden agendas then you're in danger of descending into the bizarre conspiracy world of Griffin and Co., who regard them as the Frankenstein creation of Richard Desmond and Mossad!"

You seem sure that there aren't hidden agendas, that there isn't any conspiracy. How do you know for sure?

Yes, I think the footsoldiers in the EDL probably know very little, that's perfect though.

It doesn't take much planning really, put together a web site to agitate people but make sure you keep a disclaimer up. If you contruct your propaganda well enough you can take advantage of the uncontrollable nature of the 'footsoldiers', you can get them to react in the way you want them to whilst still looking innocent.

I firmly believe that most of the successes in modern fascism are down to use of social engineering, psychology, spin, marketing, propaganda. On that basis, and from what I've witnessed, I find the idea that there is someone pushing the EDL by use of psychology, to be perfectly rational and quite frankly if I was a fascist that is exactly what I'd be doing.

What if the game for fascists is to be playing an agenda that is so corrupt and manipulative that if people mae a noise about it, it will seem too ridiculous a concept and so the person making giving the concept to others seems irrational thus distracting everyone else away from what is going on and ridicule those who suggest there's a conspiracy?

Wait a moment, is the clue in the title of this article, perhaps in the first word?


The Nazis weren't just about fascist thugs in the streets, they were about psychology, propaganda, manipulation. Now, I think it is rational to think that such things still exist today, yet we seem not to concentrate on it so much even though it has only been in the past 10 minutes of human history that we've all been in a position to access and create such propaganda. The opportunities are far greater than they have ever been in history yet we seem to move further away from them much of the time and almost give groups like EDL the benefit of the doubt.

At the moment I can't prove either way but I'm not about to dismiss the idea that there could be greater complexity at work than is apparent, I'm also not about to dismiss that there isn't and they really are just a bunch of thugs let loose without any complex strategy behind them.

Anonymous said...

why do the EDL fly the star of david flag

Anonymous said...

the two c-18 wannabes who the edf beat up at the london rally i know via my sister. The one put in hospital was tony carney, the other wanker is noel barrington, who has a facebook page i now.
Carney is from west london, barrington from staines/egham i believe.
Hope this is of use.

Anonymous said...

Re: the beating up of two C-18 wannabes.....and your point is what exactly? Are you trying to show the EDL in a positive light? C-18 and EDL are of the same ilk....the same scum to be found at the bottom of a barrel of festering excrement.