November 09, 2009

Fears grow over possible clash at Scotland's biggest mosque

Religious leaders fear militant Muslims will travel to Scotland to confront far-right racists planning an illegal march on the country's biggest mosque

They have warned that Islamic hardliners will be out in force to take on the neo-Nazi thugs planning to march in Glasgow under the banner of the Scottish Defence League.

We told last month how gangs of right-wingers, including senior BNP activists and members of the English Defence League, will travel from Birmingham, Luton, London and Carlisle. And there is growing concern that they will be met by counter demonstrators - including Muslim groups, trade unionists and left-wing activists.

A police insider said: "Senior respected figures in the Muslim community are worried that extremists will use the SDL event as an excuse to peddle their own brand of hate."

Sdl organisers have been using the internet to organise the demo on Saturday at Glasgow Central Mosque. They made contact with the council over plans to stage a march but plans did not comply with council procedures and did not go any further.

Trade unionists, political parties, antiracist organisations and faith groups called Scotland United have organised a rally on the same day to celebrate multicultural Glasgow at Glasgow Green.

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