November 24, 2009

The Iliacometer - a November preview

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At the end of October I set out a number of 'performance indicators' by which the electoral progress of the BNP might be assessed.

By the end of the week, following a Knowsley by-election, I will be able to post the full details for November, with evidence of any trends in polling, but for the moment here is an update on indicators a and ai - which assess their ability to contest elections.

Here are the monthly figures since July for seats contested; by-elections which have taken place; and the percentage contested by the BNP - my indicator a):

July 8 - 23 - 35%
August 2 - 9 - 22%
September 8 - 24 - 33%
October 8 - 38 - 21%
November 2 - 17 - 12%

Yes, you read that correctly - in 17 by-elections across Britain the so-called British National Party managed to find just 2 candidates (Conservatives 15, Labour 11, Lib Dems 16! , Greens 4). That's 12% - less than one in eight! (In July and September they were contesting a third of seats, or more.)

On my indicator ai) which aims to smooth out monthly variations by taking a rolling figure across the previous two months the trend was:

End-August 31% September 30% October 26% November 18%

I see a trend there - and it cheers me more than it will please the BNP! Back in a few days with news of the other indicators on the Iliacometer! Not to be missed!


DT said...

The figures are pretty poor considering the BNP like to give the impression that it's everywhere, but November is a shocker. November 2 - 17 - 12%. Are they losing their grip a little?

Anonymous said...

"I see a trend there"

A bloody interesting one and I'll bet not many of those morons putting money into Nick Griffin's pocket have noticed it.

Ex member (and happier for it) said...

Fat bastard is going to plough ALL the resources of the party into the General Election - mostly into Barking of course. That's the whole point of this 'moratorium' on new members - they'll allow them in just in time to produce a healthy influx of cash for the campaign. Once Nick Griffin has spent all the money, win or lose, he'll stand down from the party leadership and become just another boring nonentity in the Commons or ditto in Brussels and fade into the background. He's made his fortune from the BNP members. If he can get a pension on top of that, he'll disappear.

Lizzie said...

I have just noticed that fantasist liar Kevin Bryan of the Rochdale BNP is still keeping his libel against ASDA on his Rochdale BNP Website: -

Even though ASDA have made an official statement that they have disproved the malicious rumour.

Kevin Bryan was leading the protests outside ASDAs, but didn't admit he was behind them, nor a member of the BNP, when interviewed by the local newspaper the Rochdale Observer.

For anyone who doesn't remember, Mister Bryan likes telling porkies, telling the police that vandalism on his property was a supposed racial crime when the facts didn't back this up.

I do have some sympathy with Kevin Bryan. If his beloved leader of the BNP Nick Griffin can tell the biggest lie about the Holocaust, it's difficult to tell the truth.

The Rochdale BNP website is hosted by French internet hosts OVH, who are subject to European business law, and also an anti-racist code of conduct unlike some American hosts.

The website clearly breaks OVH's terms of service.

As well as putting pressure on OVH to adhere to its legal and moral obligations by cancelling its hosting of the Rochdale BNP website, I hope Wal*Mart (ASDA) sue this hatemonger for a significantly large sum of money for keeping the knowingly incorrect story online.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Bryan's an arse-brained Gri££inite liar who is renowned for making up stories and passing them onto the press and the police.

The cheesy-nobbed tosspot is fast becoming a laughing stock in his own party for his utterly ridiculous lies.

georgeos said...

Funny satire:

Jo said...

"Back in a few days with news of the other indicators on the Iliacometer!"

Looking forward to it here. :)


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know more about the fascist pedigree of Kevin Bryan? I notice when surfing the web that North West Nationalists dont exactly like this Billy Liar??????

Ex said...

I once met this Bryan twat at a meeting.

He is indeed full o' shite!

Finnie said...

I have just been looking in Facebook, and dicovered friendless fascist Kevin Bryan has set up a "supporters group" to boost his flagging ego in Rochdale and the Northwest.

Though staunchly Griffinite, he has tried to water-down opposition to the Cyclops by claiming that he is against Nicholarse letting in njon-white members:

See what he has written about the BNP letting in non-white members from the dogma of his "Facebook Fan Club" ------

"This group supports the principles and core beliefs of the BNP. The creator of this group has been a member of the BNP for the past 23 years.
I also feel like the establishment is out to close down the BNP as we are the only party against the destruction of our race & nation, by forcing us to change our constitution to make us accept non whites they know that this could lead to us becoming just another mixed up multi racial party just like the rest, once non whites are in they will look for discrimination within the party and will take us to court on every possible occasion, i say we fight their court action and we aim to keep the BNP as a party that represents the right to exist of the white people of this land and the BNP must never accept non white members".

He claims to feel so strongly about "race and nation", i.e. maintaining Ayran purity, however when push comes to shove, you can run off to the bookies and bet your bottom dollar that spineless weasel Bryan will suddenly do an about-turn and say that "modernisation of the party is long overdue".

This is followed by a quotation from dead Hitler fetishist Tyndall.

When it suits them, Griffinite arselickers like Bryan will say one thing to one set of people then say another. Sometimes it's hard to believe when Griffin's chumps are telling the truth and when they are lying.

To be an avid follower of the BNP, you need to have three defining qualities: -

A) A low IQ
B) Paranoia and/or other forms of mental illness rendering you subject to hating "the other"
C) The free will of a sheep


Just to add: said...

I'm another Ex member as well as the lad above!

Anonymous said...

Kev thinks hes gonna maintain racial purity in Griffins bnp.

Wot a

Anonymous said...

Expect peculiar Old Kevin to come up with a Christmas fascist stocking-filler, rewriting the Christmas Carol (Scrooge, etc), along the lines of a Lancashire vicar being told by the local authority he cannot hand out pressies to sick orphan kiddies, or something.

If the likes of the mighty Sun Newspaper can be suckerpunched into believing his crap, there will be no stopping NG's Northern Lie Machine, when he's in serious bullshit mode.

NewsHound said...