November 18, 2009

Controversial historian suffers email hack

Holocaust-denying, Hitler-worshipping, crap historian David Irving
Activists steal account data from David Irving

Author and historian David Irving has become the latest high-profile individual to suffer an email account breach. Details from Irving's accounts on AOL and his personal web site were obtained by self-described "anti-fascist hackers" and posted online on November 13. Among the data is Irving's email archives on both accounts, as well as customer lists and attendee lists for three of Irving's planned speaking trips in the north eastern US.

"Hitler-loving Holocaust-denying David Irving's speaking tour is being attacked on the streets and on the internet as he makes his way to speak on Saturday in New York City," wrote the hackers. "We did this to expose this Nazi-sympathiser for who he is and to shut down/disrupt any possibility of Irving rearing his fascist head in public during his tour."

Hacking and information disclosure have become increasingly popular mediums for those involved in political actions in recent years. Denial-of-service attacks by Russian hackers have played a prominent role in that country's recent conflicts with Estonia and Georgia.

In 2008, a political opponent hacked and posted the email archive of US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, while opponents of the British National Party publically posted the party's complete membership list.

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Karen said...

Well it seems to be wide spread - an e-mail claiming that I am an AWB (extreme right wing group - see Arthur Kemp's book)member and supporter of terrorists (including Bep Nieuwhof) was sent to my employer (which happens to be the SA government) last week and has resulted in me being removed from my place of work while a full investigation is conducted. Seems someone is behind this and is also engaged in accessing e-mail accounts etc. The rubbish sent has been on Arthur Kemp's blog since May when he accessed my personal e-mail (and altered it) but it has now been used to try and ensure that it does me and my children harm.

Karen Mills (ex wife #1 of Kemp)

Anonymous said...

There's a BNP email address on there.

Anonymous said...

Well, well.

PG said...

It would be interesting tp cross-reference these email addresses with those on the BNP email list.

Anonymous said...

I see the former Mrs Kemp is still posting here. Mrs K has her own blog which makes interesting reading.

Sal said...

Look here
That is Richard Barnbrooks email address.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of interesting names. Somebody with their head screwed on should take a GOOD look through.

wogerino said...

There appears to be a major conflict between Irving and fellow right-wing extremist author Arthur Kemp who is close to the recently arrested South African hacker and blogger Albert Oosthuizen of as well as other internet saavy South African right-wingers some of whom work in the IT industry abroad. This hacking may be an internal right-wing matter as is Kemp´s conflict with Greek-American Dean Mamas. These are all speculative lines of research and fortunately we are still free to speculate about the activities of public figures.

Anonymous said...

Let's be careful about what we say here.

The record shows Arthur Kemp allegedly started the blog and recruited most of the writers. Using the name "Real Realist" Kemp allegedly ran the early blog, called WhySASucks or WhySouthAfricaSucks, and several other manifestations of it over the years. All of this information is available online in the various blogs of racists who no longer trust Arthur Kemp.

Accused of running these blogs like a dictator, allegedly "firing" a number of volunteer writers, Kemp evidently created enemies in the anti-government movement in South Africa. Some of Kemp's opponents eventually turned on the lot of them a few months ago. Hence the arrests.

When Kemp left South Africa last time, reportedly around November 2006, he allegedly turned the day-to-day running of the zasucks blog over to his alleged associates.

When Mr. Kemp is brought back to South Africa to answer inquiries on the Hani assassination he may also be made to answer questions about his organized sniping of the SA government through these various blogs.

As of late, Kemp is allegedly going about attempting to silence his online critics. When threats of police or legal action fail, Arthur plays good cop, calls a "truce," and removes the attacks on his critics from his blog. The critics generally do likewise.

In the case of his former wife, who posted above, Arthur is said to be dangling the affection of a former lover and promising reconciliation. This is critical for Kemp. His ex-wife has key information about the Hani murder and most significantly, she is alleging Kemp has willfully refused to keep up with his child support payments.

Two weeks ago, Kemp allegedly hacked into his former wife's email and composed a poison pen letter to the South African government agency that employes her. The letter was supposedly signed by her supervisor.

It worked. As she points out in her post above, Kemp's malicious actions have caused the mother of his children to be suspended from her job. Since Arthur allegedly fails to pay court ordered support, Karen is feeling the pressure.

If proven to be the author of this email, Kemp could be charged with the crime of identity theft in the UK and South Africa.

Kemp has other reasons to silence his former wife or at least discredit her. He is attempting to become a naturalized US citizen through his current wife, Jeannine. (The divorce was a ruse and has already been removed from her blog.)

US federal law prohibits a non-citizen from even entering the United States if he is behind on child support payments. Arthur needs his first wife to be quiet about this. Thus, he is playing games with her heart, promising reconciliation, yet again.

Vindictive former husband last week. Long-lost lover this week. Such is the masterful game of Arthur Kemp.

Sadly, the clever, charming sociopath will probably, once again, get away with it.