November 22, 2009

BNP bigot using stolen DC Comics artwork

Artist Mark Simpson got a nasty surprise when he googled “Green Arrow”, the name of a left-leaning DC Comics hero for which Simpson supplied artwork in 2006, for there, right at the top of the listings, were links to the blog of bigotted BNP coward Paul Morris, who had ripped off not only the “Green Arrow” name but also Simpson’s distinctive artwork.

Simpson, usually known as Jock, was aghast to find his graphics adorning drunken ranter Morris’s blog and emailed the caravan-piss-up-againster to object.

Morris replied that “…the origins of the Green Arrow name had nothing to do with some pathetic socialist comic hero”.

Yeah, well, of course not. It’s all a coincidence that right from the off, when Morris’s bile-full blog was first hosted by Blogger, that he used the Green Arrow name and ripped-off copyrighted Green Arrow artwork.

Simpson tweeted that Morris’s use of his images was “leaving a horrible taste in my mouth”, and said that he had informed DC Comics’ legal department – “heads are gonna roll”, he said. Shortly after that, Simpson added that “They’re going to take it down”, but nearly 24 hours later Morris continues to infringe DC Comics’ copyright.

Norfolk Unity


Anonymous said...

Dont worry the green arrow is laughed at by most of the hard working bnp members

simon 'demolition' darby said...

That 'Green Arsehole' is a drunken gobshite who hides behind his keyboard like the coward he is. He makes half-arsed threats on his pathetic blog as a way to try and make up for his total lack of penis.
Everyone in the BNP thinks he’s an arsehole.

Odin Sucks! said...

I bet Mister Morris (the Green Arrow) is praying furiously to Odin that he isn't taken to the cleaners for intellectual theft.

Anonymous said...

Serves that mentally ill Odin worshipper right!

steve said...

He's one of Cyclops's friends which says a lot!

Simon said...

I don't understand? Why is the "real" Green Arrow a socialist? I don't know my superheroes that well but Batman and Superman comes across as likely Tory voters :)