July 03, 2011

EDL Latest by ‘MacMalatesta’ & ‘Masala Tester’

Crivvens, Jings and Help Ma Boab! The members of the Tommy Robinson Band the English Defence League have been getting intae a right wee state this week over their various schisms and are running roond the forums like heedless haggis’s desperate for guidance from an increasingly distant leadership! Wee Tam has done a bit of a disappearing act recently: he is under bail conditions and must not have anything to do with the EDL. It also says on 1 forum that he is on a stag do abroad. Whether this is true or not we cannot verify but the statements that have come from EDL HQ certainly do not sound like him – ‘repudiate’ Tam? Crivvens! Whit does that mean? Kev Carroll, his ‘number 2,’ has also been maintaining radio silence so is anyone at EDL HQ or is that just Hel Gower tidying up the coke spoons and Pot Noodles?

The EDL Leadership

Wee Tam Robinson originally prided himself on the EDL leaderships ‘multicultural racism’ stance and oft tooted their various ‘ethnic’ members to prove they aren’t racist but things have no been going tae well: of the original leadership Richard Price, once a ‘political prisoner,’ has now been excommunicated on conviction of child porn and crack and cocaine possession. Guarmit Singh – the token Sikh member – has resigned because his Nan is poorly. ‘Mixed race yoof leader’ Joel Titus is in prison. John ‘Snowy’ Shaw has gone all religious and is promoting the bogus Protocols of Zion. As this is the first ‘big book’ he has read he naturally thinks it must all be true. Puir wee thing! He was hoofed out early on despite his part in the Dudley ‘rooftop protest.’ He is currently siding with the North West and North East Infidel factions who split from the main EDL after the do at Blackburn where Tam ‘outed’ one of his critics who got a battering. Abdul, the Glaswegian Asian laddie, has been outed this week spouting anti-Catholic vitriol which is no going tae endear him to some of the EDL members of Irish descent – like Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll. What is clear from the demos and internet chat is that Tam is losing both his leadership buddies and control over his followers. Although he still has a fair amount of sycophants, many on the forums are unhappy with him and Kev Carroll deciding everything and although the leadership said they are no longer liaising with plod many divisions are now organising their own flash demos irrespective of what happens in Luton.


Many members have agreed that the static demos are frustrating: being stuck in a car park on the edge of town surrounded by nervous cops with no toilets and all the boozers closed is no fun. Hence the flash demos. However, the polis will no take kindly tae that kind of behaviour and come down hard like they did in Oldham last year when the EDL tried the same tactics there. They got battered and nicked. Other more sensible EDL have realised that this kind of deliberate disorder will just create negative publicity in the national media. Not that they get much positive coverage anyway. Next week is going to prove how effective the flash strategy when various divisions hold demos in their areas: Middlesboro, Bradford, Leeds, Cambridge, Clitheroe and Halifax have all threatened them and Halifax division held a trial one yesterday though this was piss poor and covered in plod. There is the serious risk of spreading themselves too thinly as most of the demos are too close to each other to be really effective. The day could well end up as a washout.

No Moore!

The essentially paper Jewish Division had a dreadful week and lead heedbanger Roberta Moore has finally been booted out over her increasingly uncontrollable outbursts and getting intae a reet tizzy with wee Tam over multiple things. Moore’s many infractions include attempting to align the EDL with various dodgy Zionists and internet fallouts with prominent members. Many of the EDL membership have reacted positively to the ousting of Moore by saying they do not want anything to do with Israel and that they joined the ENGLISH Defence League. However, given that the leadership are funded by the Zionist Alan Lake wee Tam has made it clear that the EDL WILL support Israel whether the membership like it or not. Like most far-right groups the EDL depends on quantity not quality and have not been careful who they have sided with hence the final implosion with Moore. The EDL have already been fragmented by the Infidels split and this pro/anti Israel thing is going to likewise alienate a membership from whom the leadership is estranged and who are desperately seeking guidance and clarity. Neither of which are forthcoming (especially if Tam’s charlie’d up in a bar in Ibiza!). By the way, up here in auld Reekie we hear that the Scottish Defence League is still ‘yid free.’ Such wee charmers!

Wee Tam & The Big Huge!

As for Wee Tam, his legal problems pile up like fish supper wrappers on a Friday night. He is currently under bail restrictions and cannot have anything to do with the EDL although he still seems to be communicating with some members. He also has outstanding cases against him but not just to do with the EDL. Tam is a wee businessman and owns several properties and businesses and is under investigation for fraud. What is happening over this is unclear but we hope things work out for him.

This week, the Muslim Debate Initiative invited the EDL to come and discuss their differences in neutral and civilised territory to which a lot of members reacted with a predictable flurry of racist abuse. The EDL will not publicly debate for 3 reasons: that many of the EDL’s arguments are flawed and do not stand up to scrutiny; that the leadership have no one left who is articulate enough to debate in public; and that judging from their reactions they are unable to distinguish between moderate Muslims and the tiny percentage of Islamic extremists in the UK – as demonstrated by them singing ‘Mohammed/Allah is a pedo’ and assuming ‘moderate Muslims’ will not mind.

There is still debate on whether the EDL should ‘go political’ but again they will suffer from the above 3 reasons, flawed arguments, inarticulacy and kneejerk racism. If they did ‘go official’ they would immediately disappear amongst the multiple initials of the BNP, the fluffy fascist BFP, UKIP, England 1st and any number of independent hopefuls desperate to lose their election deposits.

In Conclusion …

It’s no looking good Tam! The original leadership has been reduced to you and Kev with many on the forums questioning your wisdom. The EDL was splintered by the North West and North East Infidels who were sick of the leadership ‘down south’ bossing everyone and saying they have to like ‘Jews and Pakis’ and the infidels are more openly racist than Tam’s boys. Fellow travellers like Billy ‘Bunter’ Baker of the English Nationalist Alliance have been ostracised and now the Jewish division have been booted oot. It is clear that the EDL has suffered from egomania as well as factionalism but there is also the fact that it has proved to be a lucrative venture: the merchandising in particular but also there are questions over the whereabouts of cash raised for the now excluded Snowy defence campaign and the Richard Price defence campaign. Other EDL members not opponents bought this up first which is how we found out about it. We will be watching how events unfold on next Saturday so see you then! Oh, and hello to Expose, keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

According to his friends on the Nice Ones UK group's Facebook page, Joel Titus is OUT of prison (albeit on an electronic tag) as of last Monday

Anonymous said...

It's strange Roberta Moore resigned from the EDL, seeing as the last hack of private EDL Facebook pages* showed Roberta Moore knew about and tolerated Nazis in the EDL because in her opinion the EDL needs the Nazis to boost their numbers

Anyhow, the ever delusional right-wing blogger Pamela Greer (of Atlas Shrugs semi-fame) has joined the act, but Greer's view that EDL Nazism is an issue of "infiltrators and plants who get into the membership" is contradicted by obvious stuff like the photo of EDL leader Stephen Lennon at a BNP meeting addressed by veteran anti-semite Richard Edmonds....


Having ignored clear, hard evidence to loudly support a Fascist front-group founded by scumbags, it usually takes a while for apologists to move from aggressive denial to eventually admitting the warnings they chose to ignore were right all along after all, but you have to factor pride into this situation (no-one likes to admit they've been tricked by con-artists)

* Screen captures visible at http://www.asureka.com/ (use IP shielding)


Anonymous said...

"He also has outstanding cases against him but not just to do with the EDL. Tam is a wee businessman and owns several properties and businesses and is under investigation for fraud. What is happening over this is unclear but we hope things work out for him".

Caxley-Lemon has learnt a hell of a lot from his old pal Cyclops.

georgescores said...

Roberta Moore was never Jewish either of religion or birth.

She was calling herself an Odinist only last year.

What exactly is an Odinist? Isn't this something to do with worshipping Adolf Hitler, or am I mistaken???

berny said...

For all the latest dirt dug about the EDL, check out "EDL Watch" on Urban7

It even contains bullshit troll posts by Trevor KKKelway posting under the Moniker Arthur, who always promptly has the piss taken out of him.


Anonymous said...

Moore's exit leaves a power vacumn in the Jewish Division which Robert Bartholomeus (Terrorist group Jewish Task Force member) seems to have filled. His hate filled views are even more vile than Moore's. Only last week he was calling for the rape of female members of the EDL who challenged his views.

Anonymous said...

georgescores said: "What exactly is an Odinist? Isn't this something to do with worshipping Adolf Hitler, or am I mistaken???"

You're clearly mistaken. Odinism has absolutely nothing to do with Hitler. It's about the Norse pantheon of Gods.

Odin Sucks! said...

"You're clearly mistaken. Odinism has absolutely nothing to do with Hitler. It's about the Norse pantheon of Gods".

That's wrong! many Odinists do worship Adolf Hitler.

As does Snowy fan Lee "Loony" Barnes!!!