July 30, 2008

BNP legal director Lee Barnes calls Britain a “sick society” that must be destroyed by the god Odin to make way for a BNP order

By Hexapla.

He also claims that the 7/7 bombings were committed by the British government, that actor Heath Ledger died because he unleashed the powers of Odin and launches a racist tirade against Barack Obama.

BNP legal director Lee Barnes wants Odin to destroy the UK!

A few days ago BNP legal director Lee Barnes published his fascist-Odinist interpretation of the newly released Batman movie, The Dark Knight, entitled 'Batman and the Odinic Archetype'. Now, Odinism is a fictitious religion expounded by many fascists, such as Lee Barnes, as the spiritual means to revive the White race, corrupted and weakened by Christianity. In that article, Lee Barnes reads Heath Ledger’s character, the Joker, as the prime embodiment of the god Odin. But, Lee Barnes’ interpretation takes on a starkly disturbing twist when he argues:

Just like Odin the Joker is an agent of chaos, a force unleashed to destroy a sick society and to make way for a new order

It is undoubtedly clear that BNP legal director Lee Barnes sees and condemns British society as ‘sick’ which needs to be destroyed by the force of ‘Odin’ to make way for a new BNP-imposed order.

Lee Barnes claims Heath Ledger died by unleashing the powers of Odin!

But, Lee Barnes plunges to even greater depths of fascist intellectual depravity when he asserts that Heath Ledger (who died shortly after the filming of The Dark Knight) died because by playing the Joker character, he took on the forces of ‘Odin’ and as such couldn’t control those powers:

Heath Ledger by unlocking this arhcetype unleashed a darkness within himself he was unable to control.

In order to control the archetype he needed to understand the 'Sun' side of the archetype, that of the Odinic veneration of nature and the love for folk, family, the forests and the fields. The shadow of Odin is just one aspect of his divine nature, for the other aspect is personified by the wandervogel movement of the early 1930's and the Hippie movement of the 1960's established by the scions of the German wandervogel movement in California after the war.

Heath needed to purge himself of the shadow of the Joker, but he did not know how to do that.

Heath never knew he was channeling an archetype, and therefore he was swept away by it.

He needed to get into the countryside, camping and just commune with nature.”

Lee Barnes claims the 7/7 bombings were an 'inside job'

Thumbing his yellowing dictionary of wild conspiracy theories (again), Lee Barnes accuses the British government of carrying out the 7/7 bombings in another recent article, ‘The Shadow Government attacks its own Citizens’:

7/7, like 911, was an inside job - that the government used its assets in islamist terrorist groups to work with islamist terrorists to assist in the creation and planting of bombs ?

Apart from insulting the memories of the 7/7 victims, BNP legal supremo Lee Barnes then accuses the US, Saudi Arabia and Israeli governments of setting up terrorist groups to attack Britain in order to, as he puts it, force British “citizenry into surrendering their liberty for security”!

But, then again Lee Barnes will find fellow fascist travellers who believe that 7/7 and 9/11 were, implausibly, ‘inside jobs’. Ex-BNP councillor and rabid anti-Jew hater Simon Smith writes in his latest article, 'The Enigmatic Larry O'Hara':

"I regard acceptance of the September 11th attacks as an "inside job" as the touchstone of an intelligent person's integrity in politics".

Similarly, Dissent Congress, a pro-BNP outfit, argued on the right-wing British Democracy Forum site under the thread 'The only way the BNP can attract support':

"The BNP needed 9/11 to act as a trigger by blaming it on Muslims when it was an inside job.

If 9/11 never happened and the bitter feeling towards Muslims never emerged then the EDs would probably be a bigger party and get better election results."

Lee Barnes' racist rant against US presidential candidate Barack Obama

It seems that BNP legal director Lee Barnes is angry at a Black man for being, well, Black! Here are extracts from Lee Barnes racist article, ‘The BBC, Hurricane Katrina and the Obama Effect’, in which he attacks Barack Obama over his successful Berlin rally:

The pictures of the 100,000 german lemmings lining up to listen to a speech of Barack Obama is evidence of the utter, horrifying power of the media to influence and manipulate the minds of the public, both in Europe and America.

This Obama hysteria in the US, Europe and germany is a sign of a deep sickness in all our democracies, and also a deep sickness in the soul of the german people ...

The endless incultation of poisonous war guilt in the minds of young people in germany has resulted in the creation of a pathological germany, a germany sick, twisted and at war within itself.

The german people have a death wish. They abort their children and their future in the name of excorcising the ghost of the past ....

His [Barack Obama] black skin allows the media to trigger the 'slave guilt reflex' inculcated in white children (inserted into their minds during school) whilst his part white racial heritage means he can be sold to the public as part of the 'inclusiveness' agenda and the new advertising niche that has taken hold in the mind of the media, that of the mixed race ....

The fact that the BBC showed live the speech of Obama in Berlin was an example of the way the media has such power to influence the British public ...

THIS WAS PURE MANIPULATION - the intent was to violate the perceptions of the British public and to bolster the Obama reflex ....

The fawning, sickening, lickspittle liberal scumbag of the BBC, Matt Frei, as usual was introducing Obama ...

In conclusion, we ask this: is this the best the BNP has to offer? The simple answer – yes.


Postscript: The following is Lee Barnes' response to the article (we need not add any commentary as you couldn't make this up):

Hi To The Puppets

30 July 2008

To be attacked for my Odinic Archetype article first on Stormfront and then on Lancaster Unity is proof that the right targets are right in my sights.

When both the Zionists of LU and the Hollywood Nazis of SF, the puppetmasters and their puppets, are attacking you then this is complete validation of your position

Only when both the Puppetmasters and the Puppets of the Zionist-Nazi Nexus are attacking you, can you say you are near the truth.


Ex-BNP fundholder said...

What a joke the BNP now is. I dont know why you spend time, effort and money trying to defeat the BNP when this sick excuse for a legal director is doing such a first class job. I mean sick in the literal sense, the man is mentally ill. He needs sectioning for the sake of himself, his family and those unfortunate passengers on the London-Dartford train who have to share the same public space as this psychologically disturbed individual.

Anonymous said...

Only one word to describe the BNP's legal director - "muppet".

Lunatic Asylum Seekers said...

If there's any more evidence that the BNP is being run by loons this is finally it. Lee Barnes the "Legal Beagle" is an Odinist of the most cultish flavour, and like Mark Collett, worships Hitler by inferrence, thus his rabid antisemitism.

His Pseudo-Reverend Robert West must be wacking himself with his bishops staff in pure frustration that the BNP has become nothing more than a weird (and dangerous) religious cult. As weird as fuck that he believes that actors die because of bullshit mythological supposed significance, and dangerous that he is hoping to inspire plenty of young (and old) men to his unhinged way of thinking.

Stranger still, Simon Smith, darling of the rebels feels much the same way - peas from the proverbial looney pot.

The conspiracy theories and the vile antisemitism go hand in hand, as was the case with both Soho Pub Bomber and Robert Cottage, who also believed both Al Quaida bomb plots were carried out by British Intelligence working with secret undeercover Zionists (or ZOG as hardcore nazis call their schitzo anti-semitic conspiracy theories).

Hypocrisy can now step in and clobber Lee Barnes (and Simon Smith, who has forthwith damaged the hopes of the rebels, and set back the Voice Of Change by a hundred thousand years or so), as suddently coming out like this, denying that Muslims were directly responsible for plotting (if not carrying out) both Western terrorist atrocities, leaves both Nick Griffin's BNP and the half-hearted rebels accused of cashing in on trumped-up anti-semitism that they now believed was a con.

The only way both Barnes and Smith can now achieve philosophical consistency, would be if they now renounced their (as they claim) state-induced Islamophobia and publically admitted Muslims and the religion of Islam pose no real threat to the safety and security of the nation.

Not that they will indeed do this - as you dont need a doctortate in rocket science to realise that the mythical yet revered God Of Hate, Odin, dislikes Muslims not just because they are followers of a proper religion which along with Christianity dwarfs this feeble Norse God bullshit, but because Odin is a white supremacist religious cult that absurdly believes people with brown skins are "the work of evil".

So there you have it, both elements of the Nick Griffin BNP and the pathetic rebel faction have been exposed as liars, hypocrities, conspiracy theorist loons and religious cultists.

In whatever form the BNP will continue to exist, in furure months and years, because of leading individuals' (secret or public) belief in Odin, the British neo-Nazi scene will always carry "baggage" (as Chris Hill likes to call it, on the Challenge For Leadership blog).

Still, I hope someone's able to get Robert West's reaction to it all - as an alleged Christian, desperate the save the nation's "lost Christian soul", surely he does not approve of the rampant cult worship of Norse Gods prevelent in the BNP and other far right groups.

Robert, if you're reading this blog (which is unlikely), are you actually a Christian or secretly an anti-Christian Odinist, like the others, actually looking to replace Christianity with Odinism?


Nutter Watch said...

It's not surprising that the anti-Semitic element of the British far right (including Nick Griffin's BNP) have forged links with the anti-establishment Truth Movement.

As I said recently, when I met them in Leeds after a media event about the Iraq war in 2005, where a Leeds truth movement stall was in attendance, they were feverishly anti-Semitic, as well as being anti-Zionistic, and they went as far as blaming the supposedly Jewish writers of TV hit show "The Simpsons" with undermiming cultured and civilised society with bad behaviour, as part of a Jewish plot to wreck Western Society, to follow on from 9/11 and 7/7"

Leeds-based members of the Yorkshire Truth Movement also, around the same time, expressed anti-black attitudes (heresy in Islam where all races were equal), in particular, rallying against black music videos not gangsta rappers, but the sassy and fun persona of Missy Eliot, blaming black people for the "sin" of promiscuity.

If Nick Griffin follows Barnes's example, and gets his "sheeple" to renounce the likes of swingers Martin Reynolds and Paul Cromie, ditching both Islamophobia and the swingers' scene, the Truth Movement could merge with the British Far Right, taking inspiration from both white anti-establishment conspiracy theorists and Islamic religious puritans, in returning to Jews and Black people as their main racist target.

Maybe this is why several members of the neo-nazi scene, although hating Asian people for their skin colour, have decided to join radical Islam groups, as they realise anti-semitism carries more clout than Islamophobia with the likes of Stormfront, Don Black and the Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan.

Anonymous said...



WestyFailure said...

Anyone have Robert West's e-mail address???

Ex-LincsBNP said...

West is no longer a member of the BNP - do keep up..........

Michael Crawford fan said...

I used to pound the streets election after election - we had the bad press of the media to deal with, Searchlight smears about the party. That's all fair enough it is politics. One thing none of us expect is to be let down by our own side. Barnes has been a bleeding liability for the past few years. Not any more, I saw the light and I know that many members have quit and activists are staying at home because his mouth is too big, his head is too big and the man is a fucking prat. Everytime he mentions UFOs, islamo-capitalism (WTF?), ZoG conspiracies about 9-11 and 7-7 he loses the BNP hundreds of votes from people who only care about safe streets, keeping a job and a roof over their heads. If he isnt one of your lot, he sure as hell is doing a bloody good impersonation - Legal Director my arse, he's got an out of date law degree and even if he tried to direct the traffic there'd be car crashes pedestrians staggering around in bloodsoaked clothes and fatalities - a walking fucking disaster like that guy from Some Mothers Do have Em. Everything he touches falls apart.

Anonymous said...


Looks as if the BNP is broke, stoney broke.....

Anonymous said...

Only one word to describe the BNP's legal director - "muppet".

Surely that should be 'muupet"?

Hexapla said...

This is Lee Barnes' response to the article (you couldn't make this up):


Hi To The Puppets

30 July 2008

To be attacked for my Odinic Archetype article first on Stormfront and then on Lancaster Unity is proof that the right targets are right in my sights.

When both the Zionists of LU and the Hollywood Nazis of SF, the puppetmasters and their puppets, are attacking you then this is complete validation of your position"

Only when both the Puppetmasters and the Puppets of the Zionist-Nazi Nexus are attacking you, can you say you are near the truth.

Anonymous said...

Westyfailure says

Anyone have Robert West's e-mail address???

10:12 AM, July 30, 2008

Apparently this is the "Reverend" Robert West's email address..


According to sources his telephone number is 01406426404

He's based in Holbeach, Lincolnshire and his "church" is a con designed to hide his racist beliefs and snare the foolhardy into his sect which is called the
Minister Grace Covenant Fellowship.

webeatthebnp said...

"Some Mothers do - indeed - Have Them"

e.g. Mrs Griffin ; Mrs Barnes ; Mrs Darby etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Errr, vote BNP, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Ex-LincsBNP said...
West is no longer a member of the BNP - do keep up..........

11:30 AM, July 30, 2008

True, Griffin promised him help and money with a project. Naturally, the help nor the money materialised.

Lee's Gayboy Lover said...

"Mrs Barnes ; Mrs Darby"

The party of family values (yeah right) accepts the presence of unmarried Lee Barnes (mentally ill with a teenage son he sees once a fortnight) and Simon Darby with no wife but a convenient live in high-ranking civil servant partner who have no children, so no Mrs Barnes and no Mrs Darby.

To be fair its no different to the rest of society but "family values" bollox with wife swapper Reynolds as head of security and peedo boy Collett and horse-porn John Walker - BNP's new post office runner any normal family would run miles from the sleaze pit of Gri$$in's family based BNP.....pass the sick bag.........

Anonymous said...

"Ex-LincsBNP said...
West is no longer a member of the BNP - do keep up..........

11:30 AM, July 30, 20082

Does anyone know why the good Rev Rob West is no longer a member of the BNP?

Did his Christian conscience suddenly kick in?

Did Griffin expel him?

Is West still running the BNP front group, the Christian Council of Britain?