June 04, 2009

65 years on from D-Day a new generation must stand against fascism

Each of us has the responsibility to stop the BNP. The best way we can do that is to not only to vote ourselves but to encourage everyone we know to go out and do the same. Every person you get to the polls to vote for any other party makes it harder for the BNP to win a seat.

Email or phone your friends now and remind them to vote today.

Hope not hate


Plane Jane said...

If in doubt about who to vote for, I see that all the party political broadcasts can be viewed at:


From this I was able to re-check something I thought I had heard in the BNP’s last broadcast. I hadn’t misheard – Nick Griffin really did say “The answer to the question ‘by what right should native Brits be put first can be seen on every war memorial in the country... English names, Scottish names, Welsh names, Irish names – our British names; nobody else’s”.

Like these, I suppose...

Novak, Frantisek; Orlik, Vilem; Khan, Mehdi; Pancir, Rudolf; Zimprich, Stanislav; Singh, Mohna; Wu Ah Foo

These were found in just a few moments searching the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site for just three WWII memorials in England. There are thousands more names like these on memorials throughout the UK, and looking at overseas memorials to our allies against fascism turns up the graves of men and women from services like the Sudan Defence Force, Somaliland Scouts, RAF Iraq Levies, Ceylon Engineers, Ist Punjab Regiment and the King George V’s Own Bengal Sappers and Miners.

Mr Griffin also seems to have conveniently forgotten who used to fly that Spitfire he’s been posed in front of at all his press releases. Vote to keep him out!

irishtony said...

will we be having a live results forum on here tomorrow night??

Just need to check if I need to stock up on Jameson and some dark choccy biccies


Anonymous said...

Its a question that need to be addressed by Historians and not us the general public who have not got the relevant knowledge to make a debate.

H Rumpole .QC

Anonymous said...

"Just need to check if I need to stock up on Jameson and some dark choccy biccies"

You don't dip them, do you? That's gross!