June 27, 2009

Councillor quits the BNP

A Rotheram councillor has parted company with the BNP and joined another far-right organisation, the England First Party.

Coun John Gamble, who has represented Catcliffe and Brinsworth since last May when he defeated the then Mayor, Labour Coun Allan Jackson, had been a member of the BNP for about 10 years. His move has halved the party's representation on Rotherham Council to one seat.

Coun Gamble was unavailable for comment but, in a statement, the England First Party said: "In recent months he had become increasingly disillusioned with the BNP's national and local leadership, and has now decided to join a party that offers a serious, radical challenge to the corrupt political establishment."

The Star


Anonymous said...

Well it didn't take long for the BNP to become part of the "corrupt political establishment" did it? My understanding of the two BNP councillors in Rotherham is that the other was the one more likely to jump ship as he was more moderate but then this one has jumped to the right. Even so, this is good news on balance as it means the far right vote can be split and the fascists will probably end up knocking the crap out of each other. Good luck to them in that respect.

Anonymous said...

No change there then if they are both far-right.

Anonymous said...

Although combat 18 is always connected to the BNP. the truth is they hate their guts as they think they have sold out and become to moderate.