June 03, 2009

Fury at BNP poster on Cannock Morrison's notice board

An election poster for the right-wing BNP caused fury at a Cannock supermarket this week after being pinned to the store’s community notice board.

Shoppers at the town’s Morrison’s store, on Mill Street, were shocked to see the ad for the far-right party nestled between notices for local clubs and charities. Morrison’s say the poster was tacked up without permission on the board but was taken down when it was brought to the attention of staff.

Cannock’s Richard Davies said: “My grandad went to do some shopping and a few people around him were moaning and getting a bit angry because a BNP poster had been put up.”

A spokesman for the supermarket said the board is used by local community groups and charities to advertise events and that the poster had been put up without permission. She said: “It was taken down as soon as it was brought to the store’s attention. We’re not sure if it was taken down by staff or members of the public.”

Cannock Chase Post

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