June 01, 2009

Sick glee at racist beatings

The far-right British National Party's true nature was exposed last night and their election hopes rightly damaged.

Prominent members were shown to be racists and Nazi-sympathisers. They have expressed hatred for David Beckham and said they "still laugh" at a video of black man Rodney King being beaten by US police.

The revelations were made by anti-fascist organisation Searchlight, which infiltrated websites, chatrooms and blogs.

Lee Barnes, the BNP's senior legal officer, posted a video of King on his blog and described it as "brilliant". He added: "The beating of Rodney King still makes me laugh."

In an entry on a white supremacist forum Barry Bennett, MEP candidate for the South West, wrote: "David Beckham is not white, he's a black man. Beckham is an insult to Britishness and I'm glad he's not here."

And in a spiteful reference to the disabled, Jeffrey Marshall, senior organiser for the BNP's election campaign, wrote: "We live in a country which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive." He allegedly added: "There is not a great deal of point in keeping these people alive after all."

A Searchlight spokesman said the comments showed the BNP's true colours.

Bnp deputy leader Simon Darby accused Searchlight of distortion. He said: "In the context of what's been happening at Westminster, a few alleged scribblings on Facebook hardly seem worth worrying about."



Evan said...

That's what you get from havin a tight foreskin.

No wonder he lives with his mummy still.

He's emotionally scarred.

Anonymous said...

Who is Lee Barnes? Does he have multiple personalities, and could YOU be one of them? Here are some simple questions to see if you may be Lee Barnes:

Have you ever suggested that a client uses alien abduction as an alibi?

Have you ever run a solicitor's company from a pay phone?

Do you think that it is obvious that God must look a lot like Nick Griffin (and not a little like Lee Barnes)?

Have you ever had a client threaten to sack you if you open your mouth inside the court room?

Does your level of literacy, use of obscene words, and degree of anger depend on your medication?

Have you ever defender a client who has tried to proposition a juror - from the witness stand?

Did your last female client appear in court wearing fishnets, a maternity bra, and an electronic ankle bracelet, all at the same time?

Do you believe that the words of the Norse Gods, given to you, and you alone, by direct thought transferance from Asgard, have equal weight (at least) with the British Constitution, when you present them in a court of law?

If you have answered 'YES' to five or more of the above then you may be Lee Barnes, waiting to be released into the world with the correct medication.

Anonymous said...

"Does your level of literacy, use of obscene words, and degree of anger depend on your medication?
Hot it in one - Here is a real Lee Barnes posting from Harrys Place

"Hi lefty scumbags,

Whats all this ‘Lee Barnes has fascist sympathies’ business ! Crikey, a bot weak that one eh.

There was I thinking my copyright protected ‘Harrys Place description’ was ‘Lee Barnes, evil Jelly baby head biting off, nazi, racist, fascist, terrorist, maniac scumbag’ - whats going on lads, dont tell me the Lithium is actually beginning to work !

Its good to see the old sea shanty singing kiddy fiddling nonce Old Sailor is still posting on here, whats up you old pederast - run out rum and sweeties for the local kids in the park ?

Still its better that the window lickers of the left like Old Sailor spend their time posting here on Harrys Place than molesting little kiddies I suppose.

Jako, as for my ugly face - your bird just posted a comment on my blog saying she wants to sit on it."
Amazing how the legal Brains of the BNP boasts abouit how much he knows about Kiddy Fidling !

If you want to read more here is a link to the thread in Harrys Place


I mean you could not make it up, could you ?

Old Sailor