June 22, 2009

Mobilisation against BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival August 15th now underway

Representatives of the Amber Valley and Derby Campaigns Against Racism and Fascism and Notts Stop the BNP campaign met in Heanor, Derbyshire on Saturday, June 20th to discuss plan for the protest against the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival this year, 2009.

The meeting agreed to organise a protest again this year’s BNP festival on August 15th convening in Codnor Market Place. The protest will begin with as many local activists as possible assembling from 9 am. We expect contingents to arrive from elsewhere in the country leading up to a National Rally at 11 am with a demonstration to follow that.

The meeting agreed that the the objectives of the protest against the BNP’s RWB festival will be:
  • to bring together those who oppose the BNP in a peaceful and unified show of mass opposition to this major national event of theirs;
  • to make clear to participants in the BNP event that they are not welcome in attempting to use Amber Valley as a base for their activities;
  • to attempt to make our protest seen by as many as possible of those thinking of attending the festival;
  • to encourage opponents of the BNP in the Amber Valley district and wider area to continue to campaign against the divisive policies of the BNP and the violent activities of their members;
  • to safeguard as much as possible the safety of those protesting.
Representatives from all of the campaigns planning the protest will be meeting on a weekly basis from now on up until the event itself. A number of organisations, such as UAF and Hope not Hate, had to send their apologies. It is hoped that they, along with sponsors of the event last year, will be able to attend the next major planning meeting planned for July 18th in the centre of Nottingham. The details of this will be sent to last year’s sponsoring organisations and posted on this website soon.

This website will again be used to keep people informed of this protest as well as other campaigning activity in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area. For further information please contact the email address associated with this website nobnpfestival at riseup.net

Stop the BNP’s Red White and Blue Festival


Anonymous said...

I do hope the organisers of this event have put in their objections to the councils licensing committee.


Anonymous said...

BNP supporter in Blackpool charged with being drunk and disorderly as he chanted BNP slogans:


Anonymous said...

These anti-BNP demonstrations are very commendable, but don't atually get to the root of the problem. They're like putting sticking plaster over a deep-seated abcess.

The support for the BNP has its roots in Thatcher's de-industrialisation of working class heartlands, followed by Blair's allowing these former core areas to fester while he and his media-circus hyped 'Cool Britannia' etc, presiding over a Metropolitan-focussed government of all spin and no action for the abandoned 'provincial' former industrial regions.

This situation has arisen over the last thirty years, and it will take longer than the remaining 11 months maximum of the present government to put it right.

A long-term cross-party programme is needed.

Klarenze Byrdzigh said...

There needs to be protection against the football hooligans from Chelsea Headhunters and other hooligan crews who Gri££in is now trusting with the security, people who engaged in violent acts of racism in Luton and Blackpool.

Video cameras should be used at all times to film any violence to ensure Griffo's Rent-A-Thugs will be banged up in prison for any assaults they commit.

Cameras aren't just a redwatch thing.

roland said...

The violent football hooligan element will hopefully be safely put into handcuffs and disposed of safely into overnight holding cells, as the BNP's football hoolie cretins will obviously be planning to get amongst the protestors and spontaneously start attacking people at random.

The protests will have to be alert for all dirty tricks and unprovoked violence that the criminal element connected to BNP security will organise when nobody is looking.

Also, agent provocateurs could be an issue that needs protecting against, as Cyclops likes to play the victim.

Anonymous said...

Those muppets from blackpool aren't big bad scary chelsea headhunters it was Dopey old Wigan Mike and his little gang of kids from the BFF, hollywood nazis is the term that springs to mind....A right set of plonkers is another one

Lee Barnes is a twat said...

Why do the fash keep posting on here dire warning about how tough the BNP are, and how everyone must be really careful?

The thought of being slapped across the head by Martin Reynolds's dildo is probably the most terrifying thing.

Anonymous said...

In response to anon @11.30am I think we all know and support the theory, but, a little practical application now and then needs to happen.