June 09, 2009

Griffin's thugs knock down innocent woman

An innocent female pedestrian was brutally thrown to the ground and trampled by Nick Griffin's panicking security thugs as they hustled the terrified BNP leader away from anti-fascist protesters during an abortive press conference outside the Houses of Parliament today.

The incident was inadvertently captured on video by ITV News, who said that two people were later taken to hospital.

There are suspicions that the BNP, which employed far more than the normal quota of thick-necked bodyguards to watch over Griffin and Andrew Brons, had engineered the confrontation. Unusually, last night a post on the BNP website announced the "press conference" and gave a telephone number for journalists to contact for further details, and it is believed that this open invitation is how anti-fascists discovered the whereabouts of the event.

Griffin had only just begun to speak when the protesters arrived and began to pelt the North West MEP with eggs. Griffin was quickly hustled away to his car, accompanied by the press and the protesters. It was as they neared the car that a woman pedestrian was elbowed in the throat by Griffin's minder and fell into the busy road, where she was trampled by shaven-headed thugs in the rush to save Griffin's skin.

Ignored by Griffin and the BNP, the woman was helped by anti-fascists.

Here's the sequence of events, taken from the ITV footage:

The woman, captured on video moments before the BNP assault

Engulfed by the BNP

Caught in the melee, Griffin's minder goes for the throat...

... and the woman is trampled by fleeing fascists

The only concern - save Griffin's hide

Later, safe in a South London pub, Griffin told ITV News that the actions of the anti-fascists were "disgusting". He did not ask after the health of the woman knocked down and trampled by his own thugs.

ITV coverage


rolleduptrouserlegs lodge said...

If the police don't take action and arrest those steroidal thugs who launched this cowardly attack on this woman, it proves that the BNP are part of a secret establishent conspiracy to get griffin a position of power, which he has succeeded.

? said...

Which secret society did Edgar Griffin belong to?

Which secret society do some top cops belong to?

Which all male and white secret society do some BBC editors belong to?

Anonymous said...

The UAF should not of been there. Itr just makes the bnp look like victims.
A mob shouting nazi scum off our streets is a joke.

The bnp needs to be exposed publicly befor its too late this means getting rid of the stupid no platform thing.

Remember the bnp are only getting bigger because we have have neglected the working class areas etc.

We need to get back to grassroots this means engaging with the communities and starting real grassroot projects befor the left screw up even more and hand the bnp more power.


It's ironic that the BNP believe in loony conspiracy theories when the real conspiracy is one where the BNP are rewarded for beefing up the Islamophobic war on terror by ensuring that they get an easy ride from police, the judges and the media.

The ITV story does not mention the victim shown on the pictures, as if she doesn't matter one fuck.


And neither will the police take any action, as the corruption that is part of this conspiracy goes all the way to the top.

If any journalists at the BBC or ITV tried to run this story, they would be secretly threatened with bad promotion prospects if not dismissal (a far more effective and secretive tool of threats).

The same applies for individual police officers if they had dared arrest the steroidal thugs who beat up this poor victim like members of Nick Griffin's revered SS.

I hope Weyman goes public about the assault to the newspapers. The pictures are in the public domain so they should bhe admissable in court if a bloody miracle happens and these evil fascist thugs end up in the dock for assault.

An egg on a shirt cannot be compared to choking and trampling upon someone!

ITN SUCK!!!!!!!!!

floris said...

Does anybody know the name of this steroid-pumped neo-nazi thug?

Private legal action could be taken against him when the police turn a blind eye.

pgtips said...

The police will refuse to consider the evidence.

Avenge the innocent said...

That 4th picture, where the thug appears to be sweeping the woman back with his right arm, looks to be Clive Jefferson.

Antifascist said...

'That 4th picture, where the thug appears to be sweeping the woman back with his right arm, looks to be Clive Jefferson.'

It is.

Anonymous said...

No its not Jefferson,

Watch a video of it.

Jefferson has grey hair for a start, is older and his male pattern baldness is not as pronounced as this younger mans is.

Jefferson it aint.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson it aint as I said:-

Look at these pictures


It's the young guy in pale blue shirt and tie, is it not?

Antifascist said...

'It's the young guy in pale blue shirt and tie, is it not?'

You could be right. Who is he?

Anonymous said...

No idea on his identity, sorry.

Anonymous said...

What use is reynolds to the security team, his bulky frame held him up so much he was nowhere near Griffin and couldnt keep up with them, one day he will get lett behind, he is that slow.

Anonymous said...

there's a better photo of baby blue boy on darbys blog

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Looks like the BNP keyboard jockeys have been busy on the daily mail comments section... LoL

pk said...

Is anybody going to go to the police with these pictures?

I bloody well hope so!

Anonymous said...

Great video (with weird music) here

chris said...

If we can recognise the criminal who did this, hopefully prosecutors and judges can also if this does go to court.

I can bet this evil thug will not be employing the services of Loony Lee Barnes in his defence...

koksta said...

BNP Keyboard jockeys?

You mean BNP knob jockeys, lol?

Anonymous said...

If thee are also witnesses who could be traced by UAF, this should stand-up in court.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the nasty coward from the supposed "law and order party" (what a laugh!) who throttled and kicked this the poor innocent lady jailed.

Hope somebody can indeed recogise the blue-shirted thug and report the crime to the police. Also, the victim needs to go to the press like the victims of the G20 police aggression.

wand said...

Bet there's an ex BNP member or two who hates Cyclops enough to divulge the details of who the cowardly thug is to get their own back on Griffin.

lee said...

How could the police refuse to investigate if they are presented with the facts in black and white?

jim said...

ITN might have more coverage which shows the close-up of the woman. Is there a way ITN can be made by a court to release unbroadcast footage of the unprovoked assault to help discover who the thug happens to be?

I wouldn't understand these things, but someone out there will most surely know, perhaps someone working in the legal profession.

Anonymous said...

Satifying as it is to see Griffin pelted with eggs and forced to flee, I cannot help but wonder if this might prove to something of an own goal.

The media seem to be treating the BNP like any other party and for the most part have done throughout the run up to the elections.

Cue Griffin appearing on TV the very picture of injured innocence bleating about how he badly he was treated by the nasty undemocractic protestors. We and most other people know that Griffin and his party couldn't care less about democracy and are only using the current system to further more sinister aims. However leaving aside their core support, I think the BNP 'we're marginalised victims' card plays very well with some folk who really are marginalised victims. I just fear that seeing the BNP silenced on TV wrongly adds credence to this claim.

I'm not suggesting that we all give up and stop fighting the BNP at all and I can't claim to have anything better in mind but just wonder if some past tactics might be counterproductive in the new situation.

What I would like to see are the media do their job and hold the bastards to account. That means real scrutiny of their finances and some proper scrutiny of their policies.

Even leaving aside their well known policies on race, their plans for education, the economy, the NHS and welfare state are uncosted, unworkable, pie in the sky rubbish. They need to be attacked on all fronts if we want to see them out in the next election.

For fucks sake said...

Amazing. Iain Dale is vilifying the protestors as undemocratic fascists for throwing eggs at Griffin and stopping him speaking. I'm damn sure that, if he was allowed to, Griffin would do a lot worse to us to shut us up.

xxx said...

Eggs today and tomorrow the protestors should pelt Griffin with flour and milk. Or would that be assault and BATTERy?

Sorry. ;)

Anonymous said...

Questions !

Did Griffin change his underware befor the press conference ?

What was the pub so that suitable action may be taken ?

Old Sailor

the joaka said...

Stink bombs are the best because they are not proper bombs but harmless weapons that are invisible to cameras, can't easily be traced, but create one hell of a stink, once the tiny plastic tubes have been punctured.

Buy them online or from your nearest joke shop to prevent neo-nazis from congregating.

goldenlay said...

Before Griffin's thugs dare to talk about hypocrisy, the eggs thrown were all free range ones.

No chickens were harmed in opposing fascism yesterday!

turdster said...

The government are now saying that they want proportional representation in parliament, presumably so they hope the conservative vote would be reduced by people voting for the British Nazi Party.


Maybe it's true after all that new labour had hyped up the bnp so disillusioned voters wouldn't switch between labour and the tories but would temporarily switch to the BNP.

It does make you wander???

irishtony said...

I know its childish but it feels good


Bigger Picture said...

Is there a Welshpool UAF branch? If there isn’t, there should be. The people of Welshpool should be aware that there is a malicious and moronic piece of shit living in their area.

Gregg said...

The Mirror gives her a mention:

One demonstrator was flattened by an aide she ran to confront them.

The woman, who gave her name only as Anna, 23, for fear of reprisals, said: "I was hit in the neck and thrown to the floor. He was big. All I remember is being hit by a big arm on the neck."

Nay_Fash said...

I don't see this as in any way counter-productive.

1. It put the Fash on notice.

2. It will have increased other people's willingness to take direct action against them.

3. It made Griffin look like a proper wazzock.

The "security detail"(ha!)looked scared shitless even before the eggs started raining down. Losers.

Anonymous said...

@ irishtony

I scored 112 and missed 31. I'm sure I could improve, but the worrying bit for me was that the more contact I made the more Griffins there seemed to be. I hope has isn't omen for the real thing.

Anonymous said...

"'That 4th picture, where the thug appears to be sweeping the woman back with his right arm, looks to be Clive Jefferson.'

It is."

Look at the new artice above this on LU from the Express, the photo with that shows clearly it wasnt Jefferson,
this time

Anonymous said...

"The Mirror gives her a mention:

One demonstrator was flattened by an aide she ran to confront them.
All I remember is being hit by a big arm on the neck."

Hang on, gave who a mention? Just for clarity was the woman a demonstrator or not? Our whole article implies shw was pedestrian not connected with either faction but the Mirror makes it sound like she was.

Were two women involved?

Anonymous said...

"Just for clarity was the woman a demonstrator or not?"

According to the Guardian, she is Anne Heath and was with the protestors.

Still no way to trewat a lady. Shes pressing charges