June 28, 2009

Now who lives in a house like this?

From some of our Welsh friends.

Ever wonder why the intellectual dwarf that is Green Arrow, is so extremely vile, more so than most BNP bloggers?

Well, it could be that Paul Morris, who is the “man” behind the Green Arrow blog site thought he lived in such an impenetrable community and a remote village that nobody would bother come looking for him.

Unfortunately for Morris, having broken every boundary of good taste, including suggesting that young gay people were not trying hard enough to commit suicide, we thought we’d remind Mr Morris that there ain’t no mountain high enough and ain’t no valley low enough to expose Morris, the man who begs £35 per month to write his shite blog insulting and telling lies about decent people.

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Ebbw said...


This fecker has broken every rule in the book.

Well done Lancs Unity.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin hell the green arrow tells lies does he/she, the words pot & kettle come to mind.

The Green Arrow said...

I must remember to close that window. It's from there that the good wife and kids escaped my evil clutches and went into the real world.

A real world with broadband internet connection.

Please send me £35 for wank mags and a pic of Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this vid of darling dicky pissed up and dancing?


Weldh International said...

He was warned that he was over stepping the mark...

Now, does that knobber and Police grass in Streatham still persist?

Tulip said...

we want to be careful with this.. we dont want to end up sinking to the level of redwatch

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just watched Dickie's vid.

It looks like Barnbrook belongs firmly to the tradition of gay Nazi idiots: no wonder the fash tried to pretend he was going to marry Simone Clarke. What a laugh!

Proud to be on Redwatch. said...

Redwatch prints people's addresses and encourage people to attack them-quite innocent people too.

This clearly reminds Mr Arrow that while he encourages hatred on his site, and libels and slanders decent people, that we are capable of far greater research and dilligence than he or his mob of gobby warriors are.

This is in no way anything like Redwatch.

As for "attacking people with hammers" the BNP video of the event clearly shows BNP thugs intimidating old ladies right u until the moment the community defended themselves.

Anonymous said...

"we want to be careful with this.. we dont want to end up sinking to the level of redwatch"

I agree Tulip, we do not need to sink to this level

Anonymous said...

we dont want to end up sinking to the level of redwatch

You'd have to climb up to attain the level of Redwatch, which is still subpar.

Rah said...

It would be wrong to publicly out a member of the public who, ignorantly decides to vote BNP but does not follow through with their well documented methods of harassment and abuse of minority groups etc.

But this is the fearless GA, the one that targets and relentlessly pursues lone Muslim women.

Fair game.

Anonymous said...

Tulip, Anon @ 3.48 and Me three.

Digital Dai said...

I took these pictures.If people cannot tell the difference between research and intimidation then God help us.

While there, I found out quite a bit from his inquisitive but helpful neighbours, including the episode where Mr Morris was locked out by his wife and had to urinate against the caravan while screaming and shouting.

Then there is the very noisy and drunken rants this god-fearing "patriot" subjected his wife and neighbours to.

On his site, Mr Morris has subjected black and ethnic minority, homosexuals and the defencless to relentless bile and intimidation from which they have no recourse.

He has lied about leading members of the antifascist community, besmirched the memory of the dead and is of course, part of a group of bloggers that links to the Redwatch site.

The Redwatch site contains the names,phone numbers and details of thousands of people who have often done little more than sign petitions or write to their local papers to defend the rights of ordinary people.

This is genuine research and a reminder to all, that we are capable and confident in our abilities and we will not be intimidated.

It is no different than priting the addresses of hotels, bars and clubs that offer a refuge to the kind of idiots (like Mr Morris) that meet and plan the attacks on decent members of our society.

We have of course, not identified where Mr Morris lives, because unlike him, we are not cowards.

It is quite different from both Redwatch and from Mr Morris's vile Green Arrow blog.

First and foremost, Lancs Unity is not printing his address and there is no attempt to instigate violence against him

Ebbw said...

FAO: Tulip

On Mr Arrow's site today he writes that he feels like he has been "raped" all over a packet of children's sweets.

Then there is the article about blacks being rapists etc, etc.

Not printing his full address is hardly like Redwatch at all

Denise G said...

Norfolk Unity was happy to publish Morris's address, especially since he used to link to Redwatch. He also attempted to find out my details, without realising he was talking to us.

Remember his "I might be killed" whining?

No sympathy here.

Mr Fister said...

I don't recall this Denise (though I am not surprised.)

Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

Damn Digital Dai beat me to it !

Have you got a shot of his holiday home. or shall I when I take my elderly mother and her sister down to Treco next month !

Old Sailor

Denise G said...

When he was angling for information he was talking to Atreus.

We outed him last August


Anonymous said...

I see I am supposed to have posted at 2.14pm on 28th June.

Can I please reassure all friends on here that it was not me, this is the first chance I have had to post all day because of family crisis, but if the admin would like to check with me they have my phone number.

Please can you take a little more care, and dont use my bloody name again.

the "real" tulip

Anonymous said...

Oh I am slow this evening......ok lads stop laughing, the stupid dickhead that is pretending to be me obviously has not studied my postings, what a prat,

If they had they would have seen that by the side of the little grey square with the head and shoulders in it my postings are always titled ANONYMOUS said.....

and then signed off at the end tulip.

When I find out who has done this I have a perfect set of nut crackers that are just about the right size for your mini nuts to match your mini bloody brain

the "real" tulip

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,

Is there a link to the article where you catch him out?

Denise G said...

"Is there a link to the article where you catch him out?"

We can't claim the credit for it and we can't tell you where we got it from, for obvious reasons.

Someone said...

Whats that 'reblog' thing on the post?

Anonymous said...

anon, 1:59 PM, June 28, 2009

Now that's the kind of guy i want at my wedding he makes some good shapes!

Kirklees Unity said...

The article was posted using Zemanta plug in on Firefox

Hence the reblog button.