June 27, 2009

Have you faced discrimination? Your MEP, Nick Griffin, wants to pretend you have

High-minded notions of rooting out Euro-sleaze voiced by Nick Griffin at his oh-so-lucky election as an MEP already seem to have been forgotten as the Cyclopic one elects to tread more familiar BNP turf, and takes for his first "case" that of a "24 year-old former prison service employee" who attended a Fire Service recruitment open evening in Oldham, and who, according to a posting made by Griffin on his shiny new website, was sent away because "the gentleman concerned was white and he along with around 20 other white males and one white female were told that the fire service were only targeting people from the ethnic minorities and the gay community, and they were sent away and dismissed from the recruitment process".

Even on a first reading this seems improbable, and on a second impossible. If this had actually happened there would have been a clear breach of the law on the part of Greater Manchester Fire And Rescue Service, which covers Oldham, and GMFRS's representatives would have been reduced to making snap judgements on the ethnicity of the attendees, as well as improperly inquiring after their sexual orientation.

Can you imagine the justifiable uproar, the outraged Daily Mail headlines?

So far the outrage seems confined to Griffin's office manager, Tina Wingfield, who fulminates: “This is a worrying case of positive discrimination gone mad. Here we have an ideal applicant for the job of firefighter but he was barred from even applying because he is a white hetrosexual. This is a shocking state of affairs and that needs to be addressed.”

What needs to be addressed is the BNP's relationship with the truth.

An amused GMFRS spokesperson told us there was not the remotest possibility of any person being "sent away and dismissed from the recruitment process" because they happened to be white heterosexuals. He agreed that not only would such a move be negative and counter-productive, it would be a public relations disaster. The idea that this happened to 22 white heterosexuals at an informal open evening in Oldham was "ridiculous".

Nick's first Euro lie nailed?


Anonymous said...

Surely the GM Fire Brigade should be calling in the libel lawyers if Griffin is coming out with another pack of lies. If it does turn out to be another fantasy of his then he should be looking at another visit to the inside of a court, I would hope. Give 'em enough rope, eh?

elastoblast said...

It's their Odin worship getting to the weirdos heads!

The BNP is nothing more than a cult of eccentric criminals which is why members are starting to leave for their rivals the England First Party.

Anonymous said...

"24 year-old former prison service employee"

If this "Man" exists one wonders why he is a "former prison service employee" ?

Could it be that we are dealing with a known Nutzie - who is fantisising about his dark struggle with the forces of (Insert your paranioa here) ?

No doubt that crass, unqualified lawyer Lee Barnes will rush to his aid promising to sue the fire Brigade etc.

In the meantime would any Nutzie care to comment on the suitability of these White Hetrosexual BNP members to hold down any job ?




or this prize pair


No wonder most decent white working class people refer to the BNP as the British Nonces Party !

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

How about this then?


Anonymous said...

It would be really interesting to kow how many of he BNP leadership actually have "real" jobs - it seems that the majority of them either sponge off the party funds or live off welfare.

Denise G said...

"How about this then?"

Avon is a long way from Manchester.

Anonymous said...

The Telegraph article is about Bristol, not Oldham, and refers to open-days not the actual selection process. Also the accusation about being anti-white is in quotes, a tactic that prevents the publisher being sued for libel, implying their quoting someone, not making a factual statement and proving that the Telegraph was taking no risks with this one. Unlike Griffin in Oldham.

Anonymous said...

Whilst the original article hasn't actually been pulled from Griffin's website, it seems to have been studiously ignored on all the fash forums and blogs.

It's almost as if there's a self-imposed "hush hush" about it.