June 02, 2009

BNP pickets Manchester Cathedral

The Dean of Manchester Cathedral has condemned the British National Party after the extremists picketed a service at Manchester Cathedral on Sunday.

Members of the far right wing group - whose followers have been branded 'Nazi thugs' by political leaders - gathered outside the cathedral on Sunday with loudhailers, playing tunes like 'Rule Britannia' and handing out leaflets that said: 'Judas Archbishops Betray Ordinary People', in response to Church of England warnings that the party is divisive in the run-up to the European Parliament elections.

Shocked worshippers were met by the protesters as they filed out of the church, forcing the Dean of the Cathedral, the Very Revd Rogers Govender, to come out and confront them.

The BNP leaflet described the bishops as 'cowardly yes men, functionaries and time servers'. The leaflet quotes from the bible, adding 'archbishops may betray us, but God will not', and calls for a BNP 'day of prayer'.

Speaking afterwards Dean Govender, said; "Manchester Cathedral is a place of tolerance with an inclusive Christian community. It seems odd that the BNP, feeling threatened by these values, decided to picket an act of Christian worship with loudspeakers and offensive leaflets.

"We are proud to be part of the Hope Not Hate campaign; we reject the teachings of the BNP and believe Jesus would reject the BNP as well. We hope this incident will remind good people what little respect the BNP has for Greater Manchester and its communities."

A spokesman for anti-fascist campaigners Searchlight said: "This shows the sheer desperation gripping Nick Griffin's campaign. He clearly sees his hopes of a European seat slipping through his fingers. What kind of person would subject churchgoers attending a peaceful Sunday service this diatribe of prejudice and hate".

Manchester Evening News


GP said...

The BNP has no shame and no interest except self-interest. God help us all if Nick Griffin and the rest of those idiots ever get to run the country.

irishtony said...


The BNP will never ever achieve power, they are a fringe group of lunatics,extremists and idiots who are only too happy to part with their money to keep fat Nick in welshpool

rem said...

Is this Odin worshippers prayer vigil the BNP will hold?

Will their Odinist human sacrifice be Bumbrook or his drunken Dagenham pal who searches the streets for sex outside marriage???

The BNP a Christian political party?

I'm pissing myself in laughter, BNP-style, lol

Anonymous said...

I've just come back from leafleting against the Fash in Manchester where we were helped along by the Bishop himself.

The Fash ain't intimidating nobody.