June 02, 2009

BNP targets advertisers over paper's exposé

Advertisers with one of the UK's biggest-selling regional dailies have been targeted by the British National Party after it ran a major investigation into the far-right group.

Commercial clients of the Manchester Evening News have been directly contacted by the far-right political party following the paper's decision to run a series of stories under the banner 'BNP – The Truth' (see left). The title is taking a firm editorial stance against the party, covering topics such as how it has used resources to mask its origins and its policies on repatriating non-white Britons.

But the BNP is now urging its supporters to complain to the MEN's advertisers in the hope that, if enough of its supporters complain, advertisers will in turn request that the MEN changes it editorial policy.

Editor Paul Horrocks told HTFP: "I've not had any complaints but there are a small number of advertisers who have let us know they received correspondence via email from the BNP. I've sent a response to these advertisers apologising for the fact they've been emailed. We will be continuing our campaign 'The Truth' which we started last Tuesday with a front page using a lot of information that is available about the BNP and its leader Nick Griffin."

The MEN has said it will continue its series of articles up to Thursday's vote. This latest developments comes in the wake of an angry letter by Chris Morley, northern organiser with the National Union of Journalist, to his hometown paper over its acceptance of BNP advertising.

Nick Griffin is standing in Thursday's European Election in the North West in a bid to win one of eight seats in Brussels. Research has suggested he only needs around 8pc of the vote to be elected.

A spokesman for the BNP said: "Our attitude to the Manchester Evening News is that we won't deal with them anymore. They are particularly bad. We don't take these things lying down and we're lobbying to put pressure on these people to deal with us fairly."

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Anonymous said...

That policy's going to do the Fash no good at all. What's good for the goose, and all that. There's a lot more of us than there are of them.

Lets get to work!

Get out the vote said...

As the trick is to get the anti-BNP vote out on Thursday, why not spend the day itself encouraging anti-fascists to go to the polling stations with a couple of friends, thus pushing up the vote against the BNP. I'm sure we can each persuade another couple to go and vote without too much hardship.

Also, encourage anti-fascists to email or phone friends and family on the day to remind them to go and vote.

Anonymous said...


good web site here folks

Nay_Fash said...

I've noticed the BNP website is becoming more "Nazisfied" by the hour.

Maybe they're thinking of going back to the bomb rather than the ballot now that they've been so thoroughly exposed, and ridiculed.

Keep the pressure on!

Lets crush the muthafuckers!

DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

Why is it they blather on about being a legitimate party (despite the fact they have more in common with a criminal conspiracy) yet whenever they're held to the same standard as a genuinely legitimate party they whinge like a spoilt five year old on pickled onion monster munch and cherryade ?

Anonymous said...

You bunch of fuckin twats how silly you will look on sunday night when all your lies fail to stop the the only honest party out there. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

John said...

Anonymous said...


good web site here folks

8:21 PM, June 02, 2009

Fuck off,

Antifascist said...

The BNP? The only honest party out there? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yourself, you fucking bozo.

Anonymous said...

Even if they get a few seats in the EU they will never be mainstream. All this will do is provide a show case for their true opinions and sooner rather than later they will be fully exposed - whatever they do or do not win now will be the pinnacle of their success - its only downhill for them from here!

Rah said...

The last comment is absolutely correct, they may get gifted a few seats which will serve as a platform for them to espouse their vile rhetoric thus showing the public the mistake they made by voting for these cretins.
Assuming of course that they don't implode within 12 months.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Fair do's to 'Ha ha ha anonymous'... 'The only honest party'..... you have a point. We can honestly say that you are:
Law Breaking (from assault to potentially drink driving / kerb crawling)
Kiddie Fiddlers!!!

Keep up the honest work Nutzie!

irishtony said...

Euro Elections The Aftermath.

Six months have passed since the 2009 European elections and very little has changed

Its a far cry from the days of the BNP celebrating about their marginal success with their leader Nick Griffin narrowly winning a seat. We still laugh at their victory cries.
"Our time is coming"
" Nick will save our country soon"
"This is only the beginning"
""The BNP are on the world map now"

Yes I can just see cartographers the world over waking up and going
"Fuck me where did they come from?".

But six months later the reality is kicking in. Richard Barnbrook the BNP's only GLA member has been suspended for 6 months for fabricating lies to boost his popularity. Nick Griffin is living in Croatia and trying to convince BNP members he is needed on European mainland in order to not just save Britain but Europe. New requests for funds are needed as the fight to stop the Muslim invasion has taken on a whole new direction.

Simon Derby has been demoted for questioning the audit trail of Nicks new found income. Mark Collet is now the new BNP deputy leader and members are fighting amongst themselves and creating new parties and new divisions.

The BNP's accounts are published showing serious financial mismanagement. Griffin quickly blames his own staff and a series of purges begin.

A general election was called one month after the euro elections but the BNP had no money to contest this election as all their funds were siphoned off for wages, expenses and leaflets for their failed euro elections.They managed a paltry 1% of the vote

A sweeping Conservative election win spelt the end of the BNP and saw members rejoining the national Front in their tens!.

But still Stormfront the openly nazi website gets comments from hard line BNP members, telling each other that "Nick will save us". "Nick will save the country"

The final nail in the coffin for the BNP was when Lee Barnes the BNP,s legal maestro attempted to redecorate his office using party funds. Members were outraged to find their donations to a fund called "the Truth Office" went straight to Barnes LLBHons medical bills and his office was a public phone box in Hull East Yorkshire.

In his defence Lee Barnes LLBHons solicitor, barrister and legal council for the BNP claimed he unaware that painting the phone box himself was an illegal act as it was Government property.

"This is typical of the Marxist Liberal Commie PC brigade that are destroying our great country. A country that I and my fellow nationalists have worked hard to save" Barnes LLBHons and legal maestro for the BNP was heard to say in the courtroom.
" But you don't work Mr Barnes" The Judge replied. "You are unemployed and claiming benefits"

"And that M'Lord Justice, Sir Mister Judge was the reason I was redecorating my office" Barnes replied. " I was trying to get back to work and show the world what a legal eagle I am"

Nick Griffin was unavailable for comment but deputy leader Collett said

"Mein Gott Englanders"

Anonymous said...

Bless you irish tony, just when I was feeling a little down have read your post and the sun has come out.

Puts everything into perspective does that.

Hope baby is ok.


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...


good web site here folks

8:21 PM, June 02, 2009 "

Has it been paiud for, and will thisc expense show up in the espenses returns ?

Old Sailor