June 04, 2009

Wirral Council seeks someone to prosecute over BNP flyposters

Wirral Council has pledged to prosecute those responsible for putting up BNP flyposters which have appeared on a number of lampposts across the borough.

Councillors say they have received calls of complaint about the posters which say “vote BNP.” Many of the posters are in Leasowe and Moreton including around the Leasowe Road and Fender Road area.

Bidston Cllr Harry Smith said: “My constituents contacted me to complain and I contacted Tech Services. This instigated the removal of the illegal posting from Hoylake Road Bidston and outside Bidston Tesco’s. All posters were on Wirral Borough Council lampposts.”

Leasowe councillor Ian Lewis added: “The taxpayers of Wirral have been forced to pay for the removal of this illegal flyposting and that cost should be recovered by slapping a fine on the BNP agent.”

A Wirral Council spokeswoman said: “We are aware of the fly posting. We are currently in the process of removing any of the posters from street furniture on the highway. The council’s enforcement team will always attempt to recover the costs incurred in the removal of fly posting and take action against the people responsible.”

Liverpool Daily Post

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DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells said...

Wirral council better get a move on before the bnp are completely bankrupt, I'd imagine that ukip/journalist fella is still chasing his money too.

Then again another £150k will probably fall out of the sky to rescue them.