October 25, 2009

500 celebrate fascist no-show

The Secretary of the leading anti-fascist organisation Searchlight Cymru has congratulated the people of Newport for the support they gave to yesterday’s anti-fascist rally in the City’s John Frost Square.

The English Defence League (EDL) intended to hold a rally in the city protesting at Islamic fundamentalism but in doing so targeting the whole city Muslim community. They cancelled after their disastrous visit to Swansea last week, but hundreds of people still turned out in support of a multicultural Newport.

Ian Titherington stated, “The fantastic turnout in Newport today has clarified, if it was needed, what local people think about fascism visiting the streets of their city. It was the intention of the EDL to recruit for the Welsh Defence League in both Swansea and Newport, but their efforts have been a dismal failure.”

Today’s event had live music, as well as many supportive speeches from politicians and other organisations.

He added, “Newport Communities Against Racism deserves huge credit for today’s event. Such grass roots organisations are the most potent ways of facing up to and defeating organised fascism.”

He concluded, “The last two Saturdays have been disastrous for the EDL. Not only did they fail to build the Welsh Defence League as a consequence, but they created dozens of new anti-fascists across South Wales. It shows what passionate and peaceful protest can win, in the battle against the rise of fascism.”

Hope not hate

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Anonymous said...

Most enjoyable ! Wasn't quite a no show for the Nutzies. A train pulled in from Brumingham, 7 or 8 nutzies got out, and PC Plod suggested that they remained on the platform until the next train back to England arrived.

That there were a crowd of 60 or Seventy anti Nutzies waiting to give them a warm welcome may have aided thier decision to do just that.

However Plods time was not wasted. They were very happy to escort the welcoming party back to the main demonstration in John Frost Square.

A good time was had by all - except by the imported Nutzies of the Welsh Defence League

"Bloody English - come over here using our free prescriptions, our buspasses, seducing our sheep.

Send them all back I say"

Old Farmer