October 15, 2009

Fascist ideology helps to create today's murderers and rapists

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Whenever a notorious murder or rape case, like Thomas Fritzl's imprisonment and serial rape of his daughter, or Jason Owen's and Steven Barker's killing of "Baby Peter" comes to light today, many people understandably rush to describe the murderer or rapist as "evil", without looking into why the criminal concerned carried out their crimes, which is a pity, because such murders and rapes will be more likely to happen again if people do not recognise the role which fascist ideology can play in causing violent crimes.

That ideology inevitably makes people more likely to be violent and controlling in their relationships with other people.

See an August 11, 2009 "Daily Mail" article, "Evil brothers who broke Baby Peter tortured their gran to make her change her will", to learn about the killers' NF activities.

See "The Independent" story, "Confessions from the cellar: 'It was great for me to have a second proper family in the cellar with a wife and a few children" (May 9, 2008), to learn that Josef Fritzl has blamed his Nazi upbringing for his crimes. Another story which discussed a different Nazi related aspect of the Austrian case, was "Evil dad Fritzl and the Nazis"

There is nothing new about fascist ideology warping the personalities of notorious murderers of course. See pp.105-106, 110, 152, and 244 of Emlyn Williams's book, "Beyond Belief: A Chronicle of Murder and Its Detection" (Pan, London, 1968), to learn about Moors murderer Ian Brady's Nazi views.

It is true that other totalitarian ideologies can also create murderers and rapists, but many fascists do seem to be far more psychopathic than other totalitarians, which is why the only book to openly advocate killing most of the world's population (all of the world's Jews and non-white people), is the very popular in far right circles "The Turner Diaries", by the late American fascist party leader William Pierce (1933-2002), who led the National Alliance splinter group from the American Nazi Party.

See an April 3, 2000 article from "The Guardian", "Gospels of hate that slip through the net", to learn that "The Turner Diaries" is very popular in far right circles. As the article points out, the book has sold nearly 500,000 copies worldwide, and the FBI have described it as "the bible of the racist right".

So Conservative leader David Cameron should not be shrugging off the controversy which his party's new Nazism admiring allies in the EU have created. See a June 23, 2009 "Daily Mail" story, "Cameron's new EU allies have voiced support for Hitler's Waffen SS and call Obama's election 'the end of civilisation'", to learn more about that controversy.

As my September 13 Lancaster Unity article, "Do the BNP and EFP leadership still believe in the mass slaughter of billions?" pointed out, Nick Griffin was allegedly a "close ally" of the late American fascist party leader William Pierce, who openly argued for the mass murder of all of the world's non-white and Jewish people, and who inspired a number of American and British racist/anti-Semitic murderers, so there really can be no doubt that fascist ideology helps to create today's murderers and rapists.


Jamie The Antifascist said...

Good read, just look at "Buffalo Bill" in Silence of The Lambs. On on of his walls in his basement was the was infamous swastika flag hanging up, yet during the "famous scene" he was dancing to a song being sung by a blackman whilst designing the next step for his new transgender body...

Evil attracts fascism like a light attracts a moth, nuff' said.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are finished i dont think many members of the party will renew this year.

cashmycold said...

The violence and death threats of the neo-Nazi EDL prove this very point.

And it also proves why there are paedos like Collett and Hannam, bombers like Copeland and LeComber, wife-beaters, animal pornography viewers, and all round cowardly violent nutcases (Liverpool BNP) Tierney and Joe Owens!

Anonymous said...

Mark Collett is famous at expressing a desire to "break women".

Joe Chapman said...

Brilliant article, slight confusion at the end of the first paragraph though, or is that just me getting confused?

Excellent thought provoking there, I used the same idea about linking fascism to this sort of psychopathic criminal behaviour, on two fascists who had been attacking one of my local forums, they went into desperation mode. Good stuff.

Re The BNP being finished. Well, a few months back I would have agreed with that statement much less, I don't want to get too over exited or complacent but it does look like a big change of some sort will have to occur and not just the change to the constitution (which they will get around anyway.)

Karen said...

One has to accept that the crazy people (i.e. BNP and their supporters) are attracted to the ideology of the right and they feed off it. There is no doubt that people with an inherent emotional and social flaw are drawn to extremes.

The whole ideology which presupposes superiority and entitlement through race alone supports their "victim" "someone to blame" feelings of insecurity which is really at the root of their need to validate their empty pathetic lives.

The fact that thugs, cranks and general social outcasts find a home in the right is really no surprise.

Barbara said...

There is a sick sadism at the heart of the far-right in that it obviously gets a kick from its own cruelty towards others.
Instead of seeking help, these people seek each other and reinforce their own deparvities.
In this way the BNP 'gives permission' and actively encourages anti-social abuse.