October 26, 2009

BNP man's racist vow

Racist bastard Charlie Baillie
The BNP candidate in the Glasgow North East by- election has said he will "go to his grave" wanting his party to remain racist and white only.

Charlie Baillie said "brown, black, and yellow" people should continue to be barred from joining, claiming that whites needed a party that represents their views alone. His position appears to put him at odds with BNP chairman Nick Griffin, who told a court last month he would ask his party to amend its constitution so it did not discriminate on grounds of race or religion.

Griffin may make an appearance in the Glasgow seat ahead of the 12 November by-election.

The BNP claimed yesterday it had received 9,000 inquiries following his appearance on BBC's Question Time last week, which was watched by over eight million people.

Baillie said he would be campaigning on an anti-immigration platform, focusing on the arrival of asylum-seekers. Asked whether he would turn away a torture victim from Zimbabwe who faced death on return, he said: "Yes. They have neighbouring countries they can go to."



LT said...

"Thanks to NG (no, not that one) for the heads-up."

LOL I've only just spotted that.

BNP (brown n proud) said...

Here we see the evidence suggesting another party split over its racist whites only policy.There are sure to be more sheeple who would rather see the bnp fight a costly court case than back down. . . sings** "there may be trouble ahead. . . "

ToneLuck said...

"Asked whether he would turn away a torture victim from Zimbabwe who faced death on return, he said: "Yes. They have neighbouring countries they can go to."

"Asked whether a criminally racist white South African murderer should be entitled to live and move about freely in the UK, Mr Hypocritical Scumbag replied: Most definately".

Anonymous said...

Bumbailie looks like a bit of a loner stood by himself in the rain by the Glasgow tower blocks.

What a white supremacist arsehole!!!

tee said...

If Gri££in does his worst and diddles the poll, most if not all members will leave the BNP for the EDL, where the number of mix-raced members are known to be puppets and will be ditched once they team up with Adair and the UDA.

AndyMinion (BatsMan) said...

Off the subject, but this was just posted on Nazi Central by one "Big Mick":

"This is out of context:- But I have heard a rumer that the swine flue vaccine is only being given to white pregnant women, anybody know if this is true, if it is, is it a way of killing the unborn child or possibly an attept to sterilise the unborn child and therefore speed up the genocide."

This chap really IS thick enough to support the BNP...

Anonymous said...

If the press really want to nail Baillie they should do a bit of digging on his views on Catholics. Standing a few rounds in Binghams Bar should do the trick.

Here is the bebo site of Charlie's sectarian scumbag watering hole.


Anonymous said...

The EDL forging links with the UDA has lots to do with Bum Bailley!!!

Brummie said...

From Binghams Bebo:

'If you love a bit of bigotry and belting out a few rangers tunes,then come down to Binghams'

They need to be closed down now.

Anonymous said...

Baillie is a half-wit drunkard. Most BNP members in Glasgow take the piss about him because he just waffles shite at every opportunity. He sweats like a rapist too, but that may be because of his drink problem.

Anonymous said...

The council did talk about withdrawing alcohol licences for bigot shiteholes like Binghams a while back but so far nothing has come of it.

These places were bad enough before the smoking ban but now the scum are on the streets all the time it's ten times worse. You literally can't walk past them without getting abuse.