October 24, 2009

YouGov verdict on BNP’s Question Time

YouGov have a poll in [today’s] Telegraph, the first since Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time. It was carried out late yesterday and all day today. There isn’t actually very much detail in the Telegraph’s report, but there’s more at ConservativeHome.

The topline voting intentions, with changes from the poll last weekend, are CON 40%(-1), LAB 27%(-3), LDEM 19%(+2), BNP 3%(+1). So while the BNP support is up, it is nothing significant. 2-3% has been pretty much the norm for their support over the last couple of months, and the most recent YouGov/Telegraph poll at the end of September also had them at 3%. For the other parties, Labour are down from the 30% to 27%, more in line with the ICM and Ipsos MORI figures in the week. YouGov still have the Conservatives down at 40% in comparison to 44% and 43% from ICM and MORI.

Anyway, the poll will really be looked at for evidence of how the BNP’s Question Time appearance has gone down, rather than the main parties. As well as voting intention, YouGov asked whether people had positive or negative opinions of the smaller parties – questions that it last asked in June straight after the European elections. Back then 11% of people had a positive impression of the BNP and 72% a negative impression, today’s figures are 9% positive and 71% negative, so no sign of any improvement in people’s opinion of the BNP either. Despite all the hoohah and protests, despite the millions of people who watched Question Time, it doesn’t seem to have made any significant difference to how the public view them, or how likely they are to support them (or at least, not yet).

Asked how likely people would be to vote BNP in a future local, general or European election. 66% said there were no circumstances at all, 15% said it was “possible”, which I suspect is more of a “never say never answer”. More significant are the 7% who would definitely or probably consider voting BNP at some point in the future.

What has changed was attitudes to the BBC’s decision to invite Griffin onto Question Time. At the weekend 63% thought it was right, 23% wrong. Now the balance of opinion has shifted further in favour of the BBC’s decision, 74% thinking it was right, and only 11% wrong.

UK Polling Report


Anonymous said...

BNP at 3%, the same as it's been for a while. Griffin won't like that.

Brummie said...

Re Question Time, one of Griffin's comments that I found interesting was when asked about his Holocaust denial, he cited European law as a 'dodger'. Griffin in the past has never been afraid of disobeying any law or rule that, according to his party is a product of 'political correctness'. So it's strange he should use a European law he would normally be ignorant to in order to duck out of a question on his Holocaust denial.

Everyone who goes on Question Time expects some degree of a rough ride. Griffin had his chance and he chose to play his 'poor little me, look at this big chip on my little old shoulder' card

Still, at least voters in areas that have elected BNP councillors who have done absolutely nothing for their respective areas (another one's resigned in Nuneaton this week triggering a December by election) won't fall for his falseness and anal oratory!

Shahid Bhai UK said...

Despite Gri££in getting slaughtered on QT, I still think it was wrong of the bee bee see to invite him on. The best way to fight the BNP is to starve them of publicity which they so desperately crave for. A good example is the National Front; like the bnp they are also a legal political party but because they hardly get any media coverage they are almost unheard of. I'm sure it would be a wet dream come true for NF if their leader ever got invited onto QT LOL

Anonymous said...

Yep, especially when he made such a tit of himself......then again, hand on hearts, did we expect anything else? I heared Griffin was walking with a swagger yesterday. Perhaps he was still shitting himself after Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

"BNP at 3%, the same as it's been for a while. Griffin won't like that."

Considering his bizarre "performance" he should be delighted with that, Id have thought his support would have evaporated after that.

Can only assume BNP voters dont watch Question Time

WilliamWatkins said...

Nick Griffin lives in Llanerfyl, Powys. It is a part of Wales where Welsh is almost exclusively spoken by local people (compared with anglicised Welshpool town, 12 miles to the east)

So, that makes him....an IMMIGRANT from England. No-one noticed this one????

Anonymous said...

A cheap shot from the BBC to give themselves higher ratings and publicity.

But I am sure that they are happy having made that choice in knowing that Griffin scored an goal and showed himself up to be a gibbering buffoon who was as cowardly, shifty and devious as he is.

Griffin has been exposed as the liar and failure that he is.

Well done BBC!

Anonymous said...

Facist scum !

Antifascist said...

'Facist scum !'

Because you're stuck on 3%? Of course.

Brummie said...

as cowardly, shifty and devious as he is.

I can hear that Only Fools and Horses theme tune now, 'Stick a pony in my pocket, I'll fetch the suitcase from the van...' etc.

Jamie The Antifascist said...


So the furher bascially went onto Question Time to give the beeb their 8.2 million viewers and to get humilated as well?

lol, priceless

Check this out:


Pissed off in Thurrock said...

No surprise he's standing as a parliamentary candidate in an area of Essex that's full of violent racist thugs and murderers.

James said...

There are a couple of posts worth noting over on Indymedia

Massive BNP losses in Nottingham

Antifascist | 24.10.2009 18:02 | Anti-racism | Nottinghamshire
The annual BNP membership leak gives an opportunity to take a look at the state of the party's growth in the local area. Since the 2007 list was published they have lost a massive 70 out of the 165 members they had in Nottingham (42%). Even when new members are taken into account, they now only have 77% of the numbers they had in 2007. Far from growing, the BNP is shrinking into the extreme political margins in this city.

By counting Nottingham as postcodes NG1-NG11, the BNP had 165 members in the city in 2007. 70 of these had not renewed their memberships by early 2009 - over 40% of the 2007 membership in the area! The BNP is leaking like a sieve and the rats are jumping ship.

32 new recruits were made in the same period of time, but that still only takes them up to 127 members, only 77% of the 2007 membership. How long will these newbies last knowing that their personal data is regularly going to be leaked into the public domain?

The BNP is a waning force in Nottingham. Concerted antifascist action can take them from the margins into total irrelevance.


Young, nazi and lying through their teeth

Antifascist | 24.10.2009 18:02 | Anti-racism | Nottinghamshire
The most recent leak of the BNP's membership list has revealed some interesting information on people who thought they'd got away with being members of the fascist party. Shane Coxhead AKA Crazy 2nr, speedcore DJ at Blueprint night Rigormortis and Mark Wain, Secretary of the Youth BNP, told antifascists that they had left the party because they didn't believe in its values anymore. Both lying bastards were on the 2009 membership list.

Shane Coxhead, who lives in Alfreton, was outed on Indymedia soon after last year's leak of the BNP membership - http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/11/413445.html?c=on. Shane was a resident DJ at speedcore night, Rigormortis, at the now derelict den of fascism, Blueprint. He posted a blubbing comment on the Indymedia saying that "Yes i was a member of the BNP, however that was two years ago and never renewed my membership as i don't whole heartly agree with a lot of their issues". Apparently he was not a "RASCIT [sic]" although he did give the game away a bit by saying "I have many ethnic friends". Shane's name and details are on the 2009 membership list leaked earlier this week - http://wikileaks.org/wiki/British_National_Party_membership_list_and_other_information,_15_Apr_2009.

Never trust a fascist scumbag.

Another name that appeared on the 2007 list was that of Mark Wain who was a student at Nottingham Trent University. Mark was listed as the secretary of the Youth BNP. After a campaign against him by students at his university, where his lecturers and class mates were informed of his membership, Mark tried to cool things down by claiming that he had left the party out of disillusionment and was now working with antifascist organisations. Again, he gave the game away a bit by claiming that Soho nailbomber, David Copeland, had nothing to do with the BNP. Appropriately enough, Wain was taking a module in the psychology of terrorism and extremism. His name was still on the 2009 membership list.

Never trust a fascist scumbag.

Both Crazy 2nr and Mark Wain can rest assured that they have not shaken antifascists off their trails.

Anonymous said...

As far as members go, some of the members who did not rejoin, gave money to the party instead. They still remained activists, but not on the list. Now because of this their phones haven't stopped ringing. And Google has gone mad too. My neighbour is an activist.

Watkins said...

Next the BBC will invite the little varmint on to Top Gear, him and dickhead Clarkson should gel instantly!!

Anonymous said...

He was poor, looked frightened out of his life, gave off bad vibes with his stupid smiling and clapping (what was that all about) and squirmed and wriggled all the way through - and Im BNP!

Get the man some media training ffs.

It was painful

AndyMinion (BatsMan) said...

Right off the subject, and may fall apart under examination, but a cracking piece...


Anonymous said...

This 2-3% nonsense is hard to fathom when the BNP rarely seem to fall below 7% and goes up to 30+%. I can only assume that the national percentages only make sense if almost everyone is seen as voting. The lazy non-voter who couldn't be bothered to actually vote probably says he/she is going to vote Lab or Tory?

In my area the chavs are now saying they are going to vote BNP but hopefully it will die down in due course.

Anonymous said...

"Next the BBC will invite the little varmint on to Top Gear, him and dickhead Clarkson should gel instantly!!"

Yeah - He could do a lap in the moderately priced car and go the same way as Ian Stuart Donaldson!

Anonymous said...

In reply to James in Nottingham, Disgusting to see speedcore linked with racism. I spent a lot of my youth going to events playing this sort of music, and as anyone who has any sort of clue about this music, the two premier DJ's of the scene back in the day were Loftgroover and HMS (RIP) were black.

Not to mention the regular sampling of late 80's hip hop in many of the tracks by acts like Nasenbluten, of which one of the members was Jewish.

Mr Coxhead ought to seriously look at the history of his music. Would the BNP welcome these musicians, who were pivotal to the scene?