October 28, 2009

BNP's Nick Griffin greeted with protest in Lanarkshire

British National Party leader Nick Griffin was met with protests when he appeared at a radio station in Hamilton.

The far-right politician was pelted with eggs (video here) as he made his way to the station's studios.

Around 40 demonstrators heckled him as he arrived for a morning phone-in on the L107 station less than a week after his controversial appearance on the BBC's Question Time.

L107 programme director Derek McIntyre defended the decision to have the BNP leader on but admitted it was "commercial suicide". He said: "We have received 50 emails this morning from people withdrawing their support for the station and two or three advertisers have said they are pulling out."

Strathclyde Police said three arrests were made at the protest.

A man aged 19 was arrested for breach of the peace and a 42-year-old woman was also held for breach of the peace and resisting arrest.

Another man was arrested for a racist breach of the peace, police said.



Denise said...

As a post-script to this, I've just watched the full STV report via Sky.

In his radio interview, big girl's blouse Griffin whined and whinged about being bullied on Question Time.

Afterwards he was supposed to go to Glasgow to support by-election candidate Charlie Baillie. Baillie made certain he was filmed giving a leaflet to a black woman, and then fawned all over an Asian shop-keeper, who looked nauseated for being told what aa great thing it was that he was fitting in with Scottish life.

Griffin's car arrived and Mick Ashburner got out. Alone. Griffin didn't show, to the surprise of the waiting journalists. A bemused Ashburner could only waffle that he didn't think Griffin's non-appearance to be a bad show.

So, Griffin wants the fame but not the pain. I think the Glasgow NE by-election is going to be a disaster on the scale of Norwich North, and Griffin knows it.

Landale said...

Darby seems to be exercised by this - see http://simondarby.blogspot.com/2009/10/turning-up-heat.html

Seems to be worried about an attack on Gri££in. Given the NI company they seem to be keeping these days I would have thought the concern should be the other way round.

Can't really work out his game plan - it may be just that paranoia is setting in on them all - in which case bring on the 'men in white coats'

Ben Trunch said...

Nick "No Show" Griffin - how pathetic is he or what!

Good to see people "egging" him on though...