October 09, 2009

Demonstrate in Manchester against the racist hooligans of the EDL

Sat October 10th, 12 noon, Piccadilly Gardens

The racist hooligans of the English Defence League are planning a series of anti-Muslim demonstrations at towns and cities across the country in coming weeks. Previous EDL demonstrations have seen their thugs attack Asian people, chant "Muslims out" and worse at passers-by and make "seig heil" Nazi salutes.

It is vital that we do not sit back and allow a small minority of racist thugs with links to the fascist BNP to terrorise and intimidate Muslims in Britain. All communities need to stand up and link arms with Muslims against the EDL. That's why there was a counter demonstration against the EDL in Birmingham in August. That's why thousands of people were mobilised in Harrow last month to defend the local mosque against the EDL and its affiliates.

We need to turn out and tell the EDL that they are not wanted in Manchester or anywhere else. We must not let these thugs turn the clock back to the 1970s when they ran round the streets terrorising black and Asian people -- or back to the 1930s when Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts targeted Jews in the East End of London.

Saturday 10 October: say NO to the racist EDL in Manchester!


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Anonymous said...

For your info:
> Hello all.
> We have been in talks with the Manchester Police Force today, and our protest to oppose Radical Islam, and Sharia Law has been approved.
> We need to be in Manchester as early as possible, and make our way towards Piccadilly Gardens where, at around 13:00, our friends from the UAF will be holding a counter demonstration against our demonstration which would not have even taken place by then? Oh well!
> The Conduct on the day.
> Everybody now knows (apart from the UAF and their affiliates) that we are a NON racist Organisation, who oppose Radical Islam, and Sharia Law. Not Muslims, but Radical Muslims. Like i said in the last email, anyone with any other agenda they wish to voice, do so under the umbrella of an organisation that suits your agenda, as Racism will NOT be tolerated in the EDL. We are a Multi ethnic, multi faith organisation.
> Meeting Point
> We will be meeting at the Wetherspoons pub next to Piccadilly Gardens, and need to be there as early as possible to aid the Police in facilitating our protest after the Unite against Freedom, and their wonderfully mis-informed friends disperse.
> The closest train station is Manchester Piccadilly Station, and is only a short walk from Piccadilly Gardens. There are also many other forms of public transport available in the City.
> As in Birmingham, the whole area will be heavily Policed.
> We need to be at the pub at around 12:00. Now a lot of you will be thinking, god, that's a bit early? but this is under Police instruction. You may come later if you choose, but may be refused entry, so as close to 12:00 as possible if you can, and try to avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
> The Police have asked that all EDL members avoid the shopping areas around the city, and we ask that you please respect these orders.
> The Protest
> Our Protest will be held in Piccadilly Gardens at 17:00, during which we will have an expert speaker present to address everybody, and also a 2 minute silence for all of our Heroic Soldiers lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and indeed every war in history, as without their heroism, our freedom of speech would be non existent.
> After this, we will all sing our National Anthem. Anyone taking part in any racial, anti-religious or violent behaviour (unless in self defence) will be suspected to have links to either far right, or far left groups, looking to darken the name of the EDL, and will be asked to leave. We need to prove, once again, that we are a peaceful protest organisation, and violence would never have become a factor at our protests if it was not for the UAF tactics of winding up crowds into thinking we are a "far right racist" Organisation, with links to the BNP.
> After the protest, everybody is advised to make their way home.
> Anybody who has not yet donated to the EDL, please do so, as the setting up of the organisation has been very costly, and we have so far, apart from a few generous donations, footed the entire costs involved in setting up the EDL, to a point that i for one am pledging all of my time to focus on the EDL, and have recently given up my full time job to do this.
> Call me nuts, but this is something i feel very strongly about! So please, either donate to the cause via the homepage using the donate button: http://www.englishdefenceleague.org/
> or support us by purchasing EDL Merchandise:
> http://www.englishdefenceleague.org/merchandise.html
> Thank you for all of your support so far, and let's hope that we get a chance to voice our concerns this time.
> Yours in hope of a peaceful day,
> Trevor Kelway.

I wonder if the pub know they are to be used in this way?

Joe Chapman said...

How about having counter demonstrations against the EDL the day before they demonstrate?

Or would that be missing the point?

I think the counter demonstration would get noticed, and get noticed first of course, it also might make people see that anti-fascists are trying their best to avoid a direct confrontation.

Or does there have to be a confrontation?

Just a thought.

EDL At Wetherpoons said...

Hope the coppers and Antifa will be keeping a watch on the Wetherpoons at Picadilly Gardens where the fascists from the EDL will be getting pissed on cheap booze before their march.

Wetherspoons Saturday afternoon bouncers ought to ban anybody from entering wearing the EDL's "private army uniform", the brownshirts, sorry, navy-blue shirts with that stupid shield insignia on.

I suppose Wetherpoons are only motivated by profit!

Jamie The Antifascist said...

Like our antifascist heroes before us, will not back down or disperse to let the fash through. Just like in Harrow they must be forced to retreat, we had a very strong antifascist fighting force of about 1000. Let's double this, this time and let's chant the words of No Passaran until the E.D.L. (and just like the B.U.F before them)back down and retreat back to their oppressive subdued lives


I thought the EDL Nazis weren't marching until 5 pm now, according to Hope Not Hate, Ketlan/Denise?

They are doing this to catch Leeds Rhinos and St Helens rugby league fans on their way to Old Trafford at 5pm (their buses lave from Piccadilly bus terminus).

If so, the protest needs to be put back, or by the time the nazis congregate by 5pm, there will be no protestors left!

Anonymous said...

Manchester update
posted by: Nick Lowles

It appears that Greater Manchester Police have agreed to allow the EDL to gather in Piccadilly Gardens at 5pm on Saturday 10 October. There will be speeches, a two-minute silence and the singing of the National Anthem.

However, the police also appear willing to allow the EDL supporters to gather in a nearby pub from midday onwards – five hours before their protest.

Surely one of the lessons of Birmingham was the disastrous policy of allowing the football hooligans several hours to drink before they took to the streets.

tommy said...



Spoons Suck! said...

Perhaps its time to boycott the Wetherspoons chain if they are allowing EDL football hooligans to get tanked up there before their fight.

Anonymous said...

BNP 4th in yestersay's by-election in Kettering with a crap vote!


Antifascist said...

'I thought the EDL Nazis weren't marching until 5 pm now'

And others have reported that, police aside, the EDL plans to arrive at around 10am. I suspect a deliberate spread of misinformation. In any event, the demo is at 12 noon.

'Or does there have to be a confrontation?'

Unnecessarily picky, Joe. No, we'd prefer that there wasn't a confrontation at all.


Maybe it's just me but neo-nazi inspired or not, I wouldn't dream of disturbing a two-minute silence for the dead.

Jono said...

A "a NON racist Organisation" would not make Hitler salutes, would they, lol

I hope the cameras are out to capture the salutes, Holocaust gas toshirts, etc.

These are ignorant thuggish football hooligans for fuck's sake.

When anti-fascists make the inevitable noise during their racist two minutes silence at 5pm, the fascist thugs will go ape shit, smashing up shops, cars, buses, and even their beloved fascist-friendly Wetherspoons.

Anonymous said...

by election in kettering on a monday thats unusual i thought all british elections had to be on a thursday

berry said...

The time's a confusion, as Hope Not Hate say 5pm on their website.

Whenever it is, passers by will make a noise during the two minutes silence (for the death of Adolf Hitler in his bunker, or whatever it's meant to represent), as there will be rugby fans in the area, plus shoppers, noisy kids laughing etc, and all of these people who't know what the fuck is going on, and will just be going about life as normal.

More than likely, the fascists will use the two minutes silence to provoke a noise as an excuse to kick off, the racist bastards.

I can imagine someone leading it saying "this is a two minutes silence for the victims of Islam".

If they use such provocative racist words to introduce their "silence", I will blow my rave horn, and shout FUCK YOU! at the top of my voice.


Brummie said...

Re: first comment

What the EDL say and what the EDL do are two completely different things (example: Birmingham).

hezza said...

Me and my partner always used to drink at our local Wetherspoons because they supported the real ale industry, and offered reasonably-priced pints of ale, unlike most other chains.

Never again will I drink at a JD Wetherspoon pub, as they support white supremacists.

Mr Smith said...

Wetherspoons seems to attract a rough crowd. Racist football hooligans is a natural progression, however I wander if the pub chain knows what they are letting themselves in for by hosting this soccer hooligan party?

These lot won't just fight against antifascists. They'll fight against each other when they've each imbibed twenty pints, which will mean the bar will get smashed up, bottles will fly, and innocent customers will get hurt.

Football hooligans do not know how to behave in a peaceful manner.

Anonymous said...

The two minutes silence is bound to be a deliberate wind-up, and there will be strings attached, such as devoting it against Islam and Muslims.

Yes, if it was plain and simple for the victims of 9/11 etc, yes, I would shut the fuck up, but it is 100% bound to be political, as these neo-nazi bastards are well organised.

Plumber's Mate said...

Perhaps the anti-facsist protestors ought to have a two minutes silence for the victims of BNP/NF/combat18 violence a couple of minutes afterwards to catch out these evil hypocrites.

I bet they wouldn't keep quiet over this one.

Redwatch will be there as well as the police with their wanky little cameras, so beware photographers taking unathorised photos of you.

Anonymous said...

The Greater Manchester police are notoriously racist. Does anybody remember that documentary called Secret Policeman?

Is it still available to watch on the Internet? Recruits to the force expressed a wish to chuck Asian and black people to their deaths under trains, so expect the police to protect Weatherspoons and the fascists within the premises from direct action against them.

Wetherspoons will be heavily fortified, and steroidal BNP security (despite all denials of links) will be there to lend a hand to the Weatherspoons doorstaff.

Weatherspoons are scumbags allowing the EDL Casual lot to meet there. Their pubs need to be boycotted.

Punk Rocker said...

The EDL Casuals, and certain sections of the rightwing media would love to describe the stand-off as White Versus Asian, but hopefully this won't be the case, as in Manchester, unlike Birmingham, most of the antiracist protestors will be white, and many will be students from the universities, the politicans of tomorrow.

Manchester has a huge punk, rave and squat party scene, and so does Bolton, who have links to the 634 lot. Hopefully there will be hundreds of anarchists to add to the mix, plus black people from Moss Side and surrounding districts joining in the anti-fascist protest as well as Asian protestors, so the EDL and the red tops cannot out down the battle as Black versus white.

If the anti-facsists are 90% white, it cannot be described as a race-riot or such bullshit, at least not from our perspective.

Mostly white anti-fascists (boosted by Antifa anarcho punks) against all-white (apart from the odd token Uncle Tom) fascists is what will hopefully happen, rather than a battle along racial lines.

ron said...

The EDL are hoping an praying most of the protesters will be Asian, so the rightwing press can take pictures of angry young Asian men to lay the blame at them rather than the edl casuals.

However most of the antifascists in Manchester and Salford are white, which will throw a spanner in the worlds of millionaire Alan Lake's propaganda machine.

Manchester is the biggest student city in the world so hopefully there will be a huge turn out of people of all backgrounds to protest against them, not just working class Asian protestors.

It would be good to see a strong Jewish Anti-racist protest also, to counter any Israeli flags waved for propaganda purposes.

boycott jdwetherspoons said...

To protest against Wetherspoon at using their Piccadilly Gardens branch for a fascist football hooligan gathering, they can be contacted at: -

Mr Tim Martin
J. D. Wetherspoon plcc
Wetherspoon House
Reeds Crescent
WD24 4QL

I've already complained but I've heard nothing. Aparently they do not bother replying to complaints.

I haven't got an email, but I do have a phone number (don't be fobbed off)

By phone: -
01923 477777 (Office hours 9 to 5pm only)

By Fax: -
01923 219810

Their website: -

Good luck and

Campaigna said...

The J.D.Wetherspoon website has a corporate responsibility section: -


...on which they talk about "creating emphasis on creating a positive impact on society", "community involvement" and "responsible drinks retailing"...

...At Wetherspoon, we understand that we are in the business of selling alcohol and cannot take the moral high ground, but we have tried to create a convivial environment which encourages people, within reason, to behave well.

(from their website:-)"In many licensing applications around the UK, trade competitors, over the years, have tried to say that Wetherspoon ‘causes trouble’ in the areas where our pubs are located. However, when the issue has been examined in court, the evidence strongly indicates that there is no increase in crime or disorder in the locality of our pubs".

Before the Oldham Riots, fascists gathered in the Oldham branch of Wetherspoons. I was there. I remember it. The corporate Wetherspoon chain tolerates racism and fascism.

bill said...

49 Piccadilly
Manchester, M1 2AP
0161 236 9206

Anonymous said...

Wetherspoons are as bad as the New Kimberley Hotel, without the rats.

sal said...


From a customer review about the Picadilly Wetherspoons: -

"The pub is full of men sat alone, drinking alone and looking scary. You would certainly not want to take your children in here. The toilets can be grim and are down the scary stairs into the basement. There is sometimes a lady in the ladies loo trying to spray you with allsorts but beware, she wants your cash! I'm not so sure I would trust the food in here really. The atmosphere is dire and you may be witness to a fair few fights".


Anonymous said...

That piccadilly weatherpoon is a dive.

charlie C said...

"Surely one of the lessons of Birmingham was the disastrous policy of allowing the football hooligans several hours to drink before they took to the streets".

When it comes to state-sponsored fascism like the EDl Casuals, lessons are deliberately never acted upon.

Which is why the hoolies are being allowed to get pissed before chanting illegal racist slogans and picking fights on the streets.

Hope that scumbag financer Alan Lake can be sued for any problems that occur because of this neo-Nazi march.

Anonymous said...

Wetherspoons attracts a bad sort of customer!

Anonymous said...

Beware agent provocateurs, trying to put bricks through Weatherspoons windows to make the EDL seem like the victims.

The G20 protests in London had lots of facsists and special branch people joining in to make the protestors seem bad.

bee said...

Ring up Wetherspoons to complain, like we did for the New Kimberley, but be polite!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had Tim's email address.

Mrs Angry said...

The police will form a wall outside j.d. wetherspoons to stop anti-racist protestors from entering while allowing the EDL the freedom and safety to remain there several hours inside the pub, getting off their heads on cheap lager, cider and spirits making them agressive and violent.

This is totally and utterly immoral and wrong, and is a waste of police money. I will be complaining at the next public-police liaison committee in Manchester about this, if known football hooligans are to be allowed to drink for several hours inside Wetherspoons.

Anonymous said...

The racist bastards won't show their faces for hours, while hiding inside Wetherspoons on pound a pint lager sneering cockily behind a massive ten-strong police presence outside the entrance to the venue.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Wetherspoons just tell the EDL to fuck off to their spiritual home, the stinking Ace of Diamonds rathole of BNP activist Derek Adams??

Anonymous said...

The Police are playing a very strange game with the EDL. They let them wear balaclavas and sinister T-shirts with their logos and 'Divisions' on. Isn't the wearing of political uniforms illegal under the 1936 Public Order Act? I believe that was brought in to stop the Mosleyites parading in their black shirts. Why don't the Police act?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Tim from Wsps helps fund UKIP, which has no known links to the EDL Casuals.

Anonymous said...

I had fully expected to get to the bottom of the 1st comment to see it posted by Hans Christian Anderson.


Anonymous said...

Are all the moderate but devout Muslims who support the EDL required to meet in the pub too?

Just a thought.

joedoe said...

Funny picture I came across on Google pictures, which might go well with this story Ketlan, lol


Anonymous said...

It's cowardly that the neo-Nazi hooligan EDL are going to drink cheap beer at rock-bottom prices in a warm pub, protected by a line of police blocking the entrance to the premises, while the opponemnts of fascism stand outside in the cold and the rain.

fit-symmonds said...

Maybe if us UAF protestors make enough noise, we might entice the hooligans out of the pub so they lose control and make racist remarks in-front of the camera thus making sure they get arrested, showing up the EDL for what they are, to the world, a bunch of National Front-like old-school fascists.

A subdued, stay-in-the-pub bunch of "Lakeified" street fighters won't make the same headlines as a chase between fleet-footed anti-nazi protestors and Hitler-saluting far right rioters, so it is to be hoped some of them get bored of the warmth, comfort and cheap pints in Wetherspoons and leave the pub to have a scuffle and get arrested.

Enough arrests for racism and disorder and the EDL will be finished once and for all.

eric the fish said...

To be fair to wetherspoons, their pubs can be good without attracting the crap just looking for cheap drinks. The problem with city centre oulets is that they don't always have identifiable regular customers. They certainly seem to bar the shouters and swearers and I've actually been asked (in Barnsley I think)to cover up footie colours.

I wrote to wetherspoons via the website complaints section (usually for gripes on food etc) but as with others, I've not received a response.

I highlighted the links with the BNP and football hooligans and also Nazi insignia lovers. This is clearly against Wetherspoons' preferred public image (I 've a feeling it likes to be an Equal Opportunities employer) so I was concerned about ordinary punters with families of all colours and creeds who frequent this.

I've not been in The Moon Under water (if that's the one in question) for some time so I'nm not sure how valid the criticism is.

I wondered whether anyone in the Manchester area could put together an A4 leaflet and put them by the food menus.

Has The MEN been in contact recently?

FWIW i also contacted GM Police over this. I'm concerned that they would have a meeting (supposedly) with this ragbag after being snubbed in Birmingham.

I also have the email from Kelway in the first post. Wonder if there is some misinfo in that and they will change at the last moment again.

Kelway is trying to distance the EDL from the more extreme elements but it is clear that they are attracting Nazis.

Anonymous said...


The official police docs.

paula said...

"The atmosphere is dire and you may be witness to a fair few fights".

Apparently the police are only going to let EDL members into the pub, although how they can find out who is and isn't a member when not wearing uniform is anybody's guess.

...... said...

When the violent neo-Nazis finally emerge from the pub, holding aloft their pretend Israeli flags for PR effect, while puking up fetid JD Wetherspoon Pasta & Bacon pizza in the gutters after all the drink, they will be full of dutch courage, and deadlier than ever, so everybody must treat them with extreme caution.

You've heard the expression "beware the injured golfer". Beware the drunken Neo-Nazi.

Hitler used to rally his troops in beer pusches for that very reason. The trouble is, these days beer is cheaper than ever in these tacky bland palaces of scallywags.

Pints at Spoons are half the price of the other bars in MCR. Apart late-night student drinking houses, the average cost of a pint of lager or cider is at least £1.20 more in all of the nearby pubs.

These racist football hooligans are thick but not dumb.

bartle said...

My letter to Wetherspoon's is in the post.

If they let the EDL hide out there, there ought to be a national boycott.

Anonymous said...

I'm a student. I tried to get in that particular branch of Wetherspoons in a hoody last May and they said no entry with "street clothes". WTF willl they allow people wearing fuckin' fashist uniforms is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

You may come later if you choose, but may be refused entry, so as close to 12:00 as possible


Any guesses?

FDG said...

So according to their EDL Facebook email, the fascists will remain in the pub until UAF disperse.

What happens if thousands of brave and hardy anti-fascist demonstrators stand outside the pub until after Midnight?

missterry said...

"...try to avoid excessive alcohol consumption"...

Try telling that to the booze-hungry boneheads who exist upon alcohol and fisticuffs.

Sun Tzu said...

An army can't fight when it's pissed.

JBs said...

"The Police are playing a very strange game with the EDL. They let them wear balaclavas and sinister T-shirts with their logos and 'Divisions' on. Isn't the wearing of political uniforms illegal under the 1936 Public Order Act? I believe that was brought in to stop the Mosleyites parading in their black shirts. Why don't the Police act?"

Brilliant point.

Also this photo was funny! Please can you use it on your blog, Ketlan?????????


It takes the piss out of Wetherspoons allowing Nazis to meet there!!!

Would go well at the start of this article, lol

Sometimes humour helps cut the ice of it all, don't you agree!!!

Bravo said...

That's probably Alan Lake's intention, to stop his ragtag army of football hooligans wrecking Manchester City Centre which would allow him to get sued by Manchester City Council.

Old Mister Lake probably wants his willing army of plebs to drink themselves to oblivion so they can't get into too much trouble.

Mind you, thinking about it, maybe this isn't the case.

The booze will make them far more aggressive if they fight as one unit. Most city-centre violence happens when thugs get bladdered, and people often end up injured afterwards.

So when the EDL Casuals Army emerge from the moon under water (wetherspoons), make sure you are able to run away if there's trouble if they look pissed and dangerous.

cock robin said...

Searchlight ought to personally have a word with Tim, to get him to close the pub this Saturday.

If the pub is damaged, it would cost them thousands of pounds, far more than the loss of trade if they refused to cater for these white supremacist scumbags.

They probably don't want to admit they are going to host the EDL 'cos it's bloody embarrasing for a major company, mind-you, anti-racist protests didn't stop multinational company Clear Channel advertising the bnp so corporate responsibility doesn't always work.

Some people have told me that the customer service helpine denies all knowledge of the EDL event which leads me to believe someone's telling porkies or the EDL haven't told Wetherspoons they are coming.

Maybe they have booked the pub under a false name, like the BNP use the name "Trafalgar Club".

The EDL might have pretended they are a group of anglers or dead-keen chess players or something, not letting on to Wetherspoons who they really are.

Unless they say otherwise to their supporters, the neo-Nazis couldn't change their plans at the last minute without creating confusion.

If it says Wetherspoons, it means Wetherspoons. There's more than enough trolls and moles within the EDL to ensure that misinfo isn't acted upon.

Lone nazis turning up at the wrong place wearing the EDL "uniform" (yes, me too thougght uniforms were banned since Mosley), they would be sitting ducks for anarchist agnst.

So it defo must be Wetherspoons Moon Under Water branch.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Plod may have this one correct !

Lets see - Three or four hours of pissing up and cheap larger.

Just how many yards are the EDL going to march before the cry of "Oooh ! I am bursting" and the shufell off to find some where to pee !

And if they do want to mix it a fight on a full bladder that will give the scum a permenant medical problem.

I E damage to the Penis and Van Defrans Tubes. (Spelling)

One thing I learnt many years ago -

Dont try and demonstrate on a full bladder.

Old Sailor.

Lee Jay Barnes kisses the Goldem Rivett

Anonymous said...

Are the rumours true that Sharon Ebanks is the brain behind the EDL? Its not the first time I've heard the rumour.

Ben said...

Have Hope Not Hate contacted Wetherspoons?

Also, if the Greater Manchester Police have agreed to look after the neo-Nazis and protect them at Wetherspoons, have they failed to inform the manager of the pub about the nature of Saturday's customers?

Lying policemen, what would the world be coming to?

Anonymous said...

If the EDL stupidly changed venues at the last minute its their own members who would suffer, not the antifascists.

Antifa would be grateful that there would be no cops on-hand to protect the fash, thus meeting anywhere other than Weatherpoons would be a terrible mistake on their behalf, and would lead to their downfall.

The police cannot be everywhere at once!

Anonymous said...

Changing venues at the last moment will mean the nutzi scumbags will lose their police protection.


FiFi Trixy said...

Boycott Wetherspoons indeed.

Put morals ahead of cheap beer.

I always refuse to eat Nestlé products because of the babymilk scandal, so if a similar thing was done to Wetherspoons, such a boycott especially among socialu-conscious students would really take off.

mikeyfreeman said...

To Eric The Fish, if they won't allow ordinary well-behaved football fans into their Barnsley branch but their Manchester branch have agreed with the EDl to host their racist hooligan get together there's some blatant hypocrisy within the Wetherspoons organisation that needs addressing.

If so, they are not the first company on the stock exchange to suffer inconsistency when dealing with neofascists.

someone said...

I agree, the Israel flags are merely for effect to get at Muslims who feel strongly about Palestine.

Don't Unionists in Belfast use the same tactics against pro-Palastine Catholics? Maybe someone can clarify this point.

Anonymous said...

The EDL apprently agreed in writing to meet at Spoons at 12pm midday with the Greater Manchester Police so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to EDL Hitler-worshippers who arrive late outside Wetherspoons at half twelve for instance if their buses, trains and National Express coaches are late?

National Express does have a habit of being late.

The email suggests they will be refused entry?

Will they be disowned and thrown to the dogs?

J Serdon said...

we need to get as many people as possible to complain to wetherspoons as they cannot ignore us all the bastards

Anonymous said...

It's not just alcohol what theses hoolies will be tanked up on half of them are cocaine snorting manics.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be a fly on the wall in Wetherpoons bogs.

Or maybe not!

hades walks said...

How the merry fuck can the EDL say they will stop people entering wether spoons after 12pm?

Do they fuckin' own the place?

How much have they paid wether spoons to hire the premises?

If they haven't hired the place, myself and others ought to demand entry, just to fuck up the EDL Casuals' little plans.

It's gonna be their little den of scally iniquity in there, drug-taking in the toilets, people dying for a shit shitting themselves 'cos they can't get in the cubicles for all the druggies shootin' up and snortin', hooligans sat at single tables, cocks out, masturbating, spunk going fuckin' everywhere (better than raping the bar staff). Glasses flying, tables crushed, bottle fights between supporters of rival clubs (i.e., take that, you Arsenal Tosser", says a pissed Chelsea headhunter).

I don't wanna get in there to drink with these neo-Nazi pondlife, as they drink toasts to Goebbels and Rudolf Hess, just to film them on camera to take the fuckin' piss out of them.

Safetypin said...

Real life ain't no "Green Street" for these ego-worshipping fist-fighting nobodies.

Anonymous said...


I was in a pub with a few EDL's yesterday.

EDL and RVF will travel by car to the suburbs and then switch to trains/buses. They intend to attack any small groups of UAF they see.

Scampi said...

"The EDL apprently agreed in writing to meet at Spoons at 12pm midday with the Greater Manchester Police so it must be true".

If the EDL went back on this, and change their minds, not meeting at Weatherspoons, the coppers would also go back on their promises, and won't allow the fascist scum to hold their exploitative, political Two Minutes Silence.

Anonymous said...

They might be racist, corrupt and dodgy in their community policing priorities, but the GM Police don't like football hooligans. If the EDL renaege on their promises, and try to double-cross the police by secretly changing their plans at the last minute, it will be open season on the hooligans and they will be accosted from the streets and bundled into the back of the nearest black mariahs with the maximum of shame.

Wearing a uniform makes "casuals" dead easy to spot, arrest, and chuck into the cells for an overnight stay.

Scouse Antifash said...

I have just written a letter of complaint to Tim at Wetherspoon for hosting fash football fans for their private party which they haven't got no right to hold, but the post's not until this evening, so I don't know when they will get it.

Wish wetherspoons also had an email address.

Anonymous said...

A little birdie tells me there will be a number of Glasgow Rangers hoolies turning up in Manchester this Saturday.

Talk about ill-advised. Two or so years ago, in their infinite wisdom, Manchester City Council put up a large screen coincidentally in Piccadilly Gardens to allow Rangers fans to see their team play in Russia, and it was the biggest mistake ever as hoardes of rampaging pissed-up Rangers fans smashed up the town centre, including if I remember right, the Piccadilly Weatherspoons.

Many middle-ranking police officers still have scores to settle, so anybody spotted joining in the EDL protest wearing Rangers colours, or arrested with club tattoos, may well find a bar of soap on the floor of their cell.

Most of the City Of Manchester beat bobbies who had to defend the streets from hooligans that day were on their leave and had work at short notice, and that is the last thing a police officer wants to do, cancel his leave, so expect plenty of tasty revenge in store for any Rangers fans joining in the alcohol-fuelled EDL Casuals riot.

The Manny plod will have it in for you, once they see your colours, unleashing their Alsation dogs in your direction.

You've seen Life On Mars!

BRB said...

How's the JD Wetherspoon Ltd. protest joing?

Any luck?

It's hard to get the truth out of corporate wankers, especially when they have been told not to speak about the EDL by the police.

The Police will have asked JD Wetherspoon Ltd. to keep quiet and say nothing, denying the fash are meeting there.

Anonymous said...

I will be like Soddem and Gommorrah inside the Moon Under Water with a pub full of rival football hooligans. Who needs antifascists when they get pissed and start fighting with each other, i.e, Millwall and West Ham firms.

Brummie said...

In Birmingham, the police asked the EDL to stay around the Broad Street (pub/club) district of the city and to stay away from the central shopping area. They admirably ignored this, of course they HAD to go where they go where ther anti fascists and the frightened shoppers were. They'll do it again on Saturday, you'll see. Because the EDL are that ignorant they won't even listen to the 'thousand policemen protecting their rights' (to quote the Specials song 'Why?')

Wes said...


The GMP general complaint form online. You can also write to the Chief @

Chief Constable
Greater Manchester Police
Force Headquarters, Boyer Street, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0RE
Tel: 0161 872 5050 Minicom: 0161 872 6633 E-mail: complaints@gmp.police.uk

The leaflet here : http://www.gmp.police.uk/mainsite/0/83FBD4BA3161E400802571F80048CBEC/$file/A4%20VERSION.pdf

Tells us how they handle complaints - they have to reply to each one - so lets get complaining!

Also complain about the use of the pub in this way here via the Council who grants the license:


I was in Piccadilly when the Rangers fans went off, shops etc had to close, and more than one of these pubs were trashed. The Police promised then changes to how they did things - but this seems to be following the same patern - allowing them to get tanked up before hand. Is it really beyound the police to insist they meet in one of the many parks around the area, or anywhere else they wouldnt be tempted with alcohol - or is this all about keeping the EDL happy in the hope they behave? I know of several shops who already have staff talking about being ill on the day - including security staff.

Of course the big shame is the Tories have left a few days before this demo. Now that could have been fun...

eric the fish said...

The barmy suggestion to disrupt the 2 minutes silence has been noted by the EDL.

I think we allow too many Anon contributions here. How hard is it to think up a bloody pseudonym? This is particularly annoying when trying to respond to a particular comment.

All this infiltration and counter-espionage is turning into an edition of Whizzer and Chips (younger readers should google it!)

Keep writing to Wetherspoons, folks. Also if any Manc peeps are able to highlight the issue on local radio it may help. The BBC would be better as they are not constrained by advertising pressures like papers and indie radio.

Caring Man said...


Mr Kelway, the EDL organiser who sent the email agreeing with the police about Wetherspoons has been tying to post propaganda, lies and bullshit to stop gay and lesbian people protesting against them: -


He failed to mention the EDL's links to a homophobic American preacher, and the shameless liar Kelway even refused to accept they were football hooligans, let alone Nazis, the arrogant twats.

Well that's hardly surprising as football hooligans are amongst the most homophobic as well as racist goons in the UK.

I was once onboard a club supporters coach in the Midlands, and this hooligan leapt up from his seat to much appaluse and camaraderie from his mates, talking about how many rival fans he would stab.

Then his attitudes turned to race, and it was straw poll time.

Who do you hate the most, he asked the coach's passengers?

N*ggers, P*kis or A*rse Bandits?

Most hands were raised for the homophobic category, which suggest that macho drunken football louts hate gay people more than black and Asian people.

Then he launched into a sickening homophobic tirade about putting arses to the wall, if a gay man was passing, tripping them up and killing them.

It put me off football, having many gay friends, and to this day, I haven't been to a match since.

Kelway obviously thinks he can convince gullible people that his organisation are not fascist and neo-Nazi, but the membership speak for themselves, making Hitler salutes on marches, and shouting racist abuse at passers by.

You can bet your last quid that if these football louts come across a gay or lesbian protestor, they will let their halos slip and start using offensive homophobic language.

There might be the odd black or Asian football hooligan, but I have yet to come across an openly gay football hooligan. If any of them dared to come out, they'd be no-doubt beaten up by their so-called mates.


sue said...


There is going to be entertainment provided for the anti-nazi protests by Love Music Hate Racism artists.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether Old Sailor's words were in jest, but they are actually very pertinent.

Let me share a slightly digressive but hopefully amusing anecdote with you. Back in the 1980s I was with the National Front and one Saturday afternoon I found myself somewhere in Kent - I think Tunbridge Wells - for a march.

Prior to the march was the obligatory fascist piss-up in an unsuspecting street corner pub and about seven or eight pints were downed in the 90 minutes or so prior to march off.

Whilst hanging around outside the pub (which closed at 3pm in those days) for the march to form up it occurred to me that, all of a sudden, I desperately needed to offload some of the beer that I'd consumed and I disappeared around a corner into a side-street hoping to find an alleyway or, failing that, somebody's front garden.

En route I was confronted by two diminutive but very game anti-fascists who definitely wanted to mix it. Ordinarily this would have been par for the course but I can't describe the uselessness of my predicament. I couldn't fight and I certainly couldn't run!

As it happens a couple of plods appeared on the scene and, whilst swaggering away (with crossed legs) bragging about how said plods had saved the "reds" a certain hiding, I knew that in truth I'd been a sitting duck.

If these fascist tossers find themselves in a brawl with angry locals then they will be useless by the time they emerge from the boozer. Let them drink their fill and send them home with memories of good old-fashioned Manchester hospitality that will live with them forever.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know who Kelway is, whereabouts in the UK (which district) he lives, and what his criminal record (if any) is?

Is he ex-BNP?

NewsHound said...

Yet more steaming EDL Casuals bullshit served up on a brown plate:


Anonymous said...

"It's not just alcohol what theses hoolies will be tanked up on half of them are cocaine snorting manics."

Only half?!

Searchlight published some god comments a while back on the difficulties of building any kind of political movement out of football hooligans. They are notoriously lazy, prefer propping up the bar to work out on the streets and are pre-programmed for factionalism and in-fighting (literally!). They also love engaging in hard-talk (seldom backed up by actions) and embarrassing displays of "machismo".

Anonymous said...

"Don't Unionists in Belfast use the same tactics against pro-Palastine Catholics? Maybe someone can clarify this point."

Yes - The UDA started flying Israeli flags from lampposts in "their" areas of Belfast in response to Sinn Fein raising Palestinian flags.

All fairly purile IMO and Jewish/Zionist organisations wouldn't have anything to do with them just as they won't touch the EDL.

Anonymous said...

The student area of Manchester needs to be strongly leafleted as well as the town centre!

Anonymous said...

Are trade unionists joining in the protest against EDL far right extremism?

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

The Piccadilly Wetherspoons is just about the only place in the city centre that is retrograde enough to host the EDL chav "army".

Drive 'em out of Weatherspoons and you've driven 'em out of Manchester.

Anonymous said...

Like flies around a turd I would keep an eye on the ace of diamomnds pub as they will probabaly end up there afterwards if thety can't get in weatherspoons,

Anonymous said...


Due to all the concerns expressed on here and the EDL forum about the meeting place and not wanting to be stuck in one pub, we have today been in talks again with Manchester police and there are a few new arrangements that should be better for everyone, These have been agreed by EDL organisers and Manchester police for everyones safety.

We shall no longer be meeting at weatherspoons by picadilly gardens, everyone arriving in Manchester whether by train or car, coach etc should head for piccadilly train station, There the police will direct everyone to new meeting point, cars and coaches are to go to the car park at the station again police will direct you as we have seperate secure parking arranged for all edl with police staying with all vehicles whilst we are at protest to protect them from attacks etc.

Everyone arriving in Manchester no matter what the time of day will have to follow police directions to meet up point.

Please do not attempt to go to other pubs or areas as this may lead to ppl being attacked and arrests made, stick together, show strength in numbers.

Due to known UAF infiltraters on all our sites and forum who we know will also recieve this e-mail we will not be announcing publicly new meeting point, but you need to trust us on this and just head for the train station where the police will re-direct you. This is to ensure our safety and minimal disruption, anyone that has contact numbers for admin and are known to us can call for meeting point.

And Finally remember that no matter what the UAF or other protests do to disrupt our 2 mins silence, do not give them the satisfaction of having no respect for our war heroes and victims of terrorists, keep it in and stay silent for 2 mins when asked, we are better than them. And thier actions will show them for what they really are.


Anonymous said...

"EDL and RVF will travel by car to the suburbs and then switch to trains/buses. They intend to attack any small groups of UAF they see".

Info or misinfo???

Troll or friend???

andy said...

Still no word back from Wetherspoons which is pretty strange.

Anonymous said...

Where is the fuckin' Ace Of Diamonds?

Winnie The Pooh said...

I remember in the news when there was talk of how the police have powers to ask suspicious hoodies to remove their hoods when there's CCTV cameras. Well Piccadilly is the area of Manchester where there are the most CCTV cameras.

Hopefully we can get the policemen and women to force the hooligans to remove their bank robber-style helmets and submit to the CCTV cameras.

Me thinks those wearing the EDL Uniformed ski masks are people who don't want their identities known, top-ranking BNP people.

bello said...

Football holigans without cheap Fosters lager swilling around their ulcerated stomachs are as much use as chocolate fireguards, thus the organisers of the EDL Casuals have to include a crap pub in the intinerary.

Jace said...


Never heard that one before.

Bo Diceer said...

You've heard Lady England, lol, fascist scum. Meet in Manchester Piccadilly station instead of Wetherspoons and you will be taken to your place of execution..... sorry, alcholic consumption.

I hope you trust your Lady England. She's your saviour, lol

Brummie said...

Where is the fuckin' Ace Of Diamonds?

In Miles Platting, on the Oldham Road. It's been a favourite meeting place for Manchester Nazis and is run by Derek Adams, a top BNP activist in Manchester.

Take a look at it on Google Streetmap (M40 7PT) you wouldn't want to take your nearest and dearest into the smelly rathole I'll bet!

Mancs against Chavs said...

"Due to all the concerns expressed on here and the EDL forum about the meeting place and not wanting to be stuck in one pub" - ie, Enough people had complained to Weatherspoons and they'd realized that renting themselves to a fascist mob wasn't conducive to business.

"We shall no longer be meeting at weatherspoons by picadilly gardens (sic).

And after Saturday you will no longer be meeting anywhere in Manchester!

Diversionary Tactics said...

Looks like Lady England is a fake, as the EDL are still planning their two minutes silence in Piccadilly Gardens, and the only pub within sight of Piccadilly Gardens is Wetherspoons.

The plan is, entice the antifascists to think the fash are meeting elsewhere, so they forget about Wetherspoons, and hey presto, they're back in Wetherspoons as planned.

Talk about diversionary tactics.

The EDL must think we are dumb, and will be deceived into believing their plans have changed!

In this age of mobile phones, all it takes is one or two spies hanging around Piccadilly pretending to be trainspotters, staring at Timetables, etc, to see if they are congregating there, but I still maintain that we must not desert Wetherspoons, as sooner or later Saturday afternoon, as if conjured by the magic of David Blaine, the neo-Nazis will sculk into Wetherspoons.

Mark my words.

Antifa Intelligence never lets you down!

Brummie said...


Never heard that one before.

Leisha Brooks springs to mind, Jace.

M said...

Here's how to find out if there's meet in the bones of this "change of plans" rumour......

Go into the coop, train station Yates (Select Service Partners outlet), Coop, or the NHS clinic by the train station, or if notl, ring them up, and ask the staff if they have heard that there will be a high security operation on Saturday.

Most Mancunians will not be sympathetic of the white supremacist scum invading their own backyard to strike up trouble, and causing widespread rioting.

All of these businesses will, if the rumours are not misinfo bullshit, have been warned by the police of potential flare-ups as part of the statutary risk assessments.

Some of these people will more than likely spill the beans to authentic anti-fascist campaigners, as to whether they are meeting at the station or not.

You've watched the James Bond movies, dudes!!!

Miss Taylor Dame said...

One group of people who will know if there will be fascists meeting in Manchester City Centre will be the free bus drivers who drive the shuttle minibus vehicles around the city centre in orange and purple minibuses.

It could be that they plan to catch these free buses to Piccadilly, or to another point to move on to Piccadilly.

Might be worth antifascists asking the local transport union if the fash will be minibusing it around Manchester. I think these buses run every ten minutes, so if there were 110 people, with passengers stood by the door, this would mean three of four seperate bus jouneys on one or more of the routes.

If this was the case, I hope the metroshuttle drivers go on a wildcat strike and refuse to carry these football hooligans around Manchester to engage in race riots.

The Metroshuttles are designed for shoppers not straight-armed saluting nazis, and remembering how the nazis smashed up buses in Birmingham, the drivers of the Metroshuttles would be within their rights, on grounds of health and safety, not to pick up his troublesome passengers.

The one thing we must not do is forget Wetherspoons, as I still have got a nasty hunch, wherever their meeting point is, the flies will keep their noses on the pile of poo, and sooner or later end up in Wetherspoons before the afternoon is out, despite what thev dubious "Lady England" tells us.

Peter England said...

Lady England sounds like a state honeytrap to kettle antifascist protestors turning up at the train station, if I've ever heard one.

The deafening silence at Wetherspoons suggests it is still in the picture, thus the cops are peddling mis-information, pretending to be EDL.

bluetack said...

Okay, Lady England of Special Branch, hence where did you hail from, my dear?????

Anonymous said...

And Finally remember that no matter what the UAF or other protests do to disrupt our 2 mins silence, do not give them the satisfaction of having no respect for our war heroes and victims of terrorists, keep it in and stay silent for 2 mins when asked, we are better than them. And thier actions will show them for what they really are.

We as antifascists must not stoop to their level and remember these 'war heroes' fought so we could be free from the kind of fascist Britain the EDL/BNP are promoting.

FieldsOfAthenry said...

I'd like to see some Irish tricolours and green and white Celtic flags and shirts there with the antifascists on Saturday, nothing riles these Nazis more (and will expose the EDL as that more than any Palestinian flag will!!)

Anonymous said...


Never heard that one before"

Its Chris Eubanks sister "Sharon"

E.B. GeeBees said...

PC Plod: Let's suck Antifa into a trap using Lady England, and kettle them in the car park behind Piccadilly Station.

As far as I know, it's still Wetherspoons where they will be.

Anonymous said...

No.3 'purple' Metroshuttle

Anonymous said...


Wasn't that the feebled words of the National Front when chanting about the IRA, and also a working catchphrase of the Ulster Unionist terorists?

mange-mike said...

So plod will redirect the fascist soccer hooligans onto the wanky little Metroshuttle buses?

How sweet and thoughtful, lol

What about shoppers waiting to catch the very same buses?

If this is the case, they don't drive very fast, and cycling environmental protestors will easily keep up with them by cycling on pavements, so see which stop they get off at, to tip off the friendly Antifa anarchist punks.

Anonymous said...


Never heard that one before.

9:34 PM, October 07, 2009

Sure sounds suspicious to me, this Lady England. Probably a bloke in a state uniform typing into a GMP computer while chewing on a beat bobby's pencil.

Anonymous said...

"Lady England"'s trying to take the heat off Wetherspoons with "her" lies and honeytraps, although maybe the honeytrap is meant for the EDL instead of AFA.

You never know, lol

Anonymous said...

RON said.....However most of the antifascists in Manchester and Salford are white...I SAY...I hope not it would look bad for us ,we need a good mix of supporters.

Anonymous said...

@ Jace

I think they mean Mother England. Prats.

Maximes said...

"weatherspoons" "picadilly"?

Talk about bad spelling. Was typed in a rush, me thinks.

What does this suggest?

Anonymous said...

Why are the BBC boosting the EDL?

Anonymous said...

"EDL and RVF will travel by car to the suburbs and then switch to trains/buses. They intend to attack any small groups of UAF they see".

Info or misinfo???

Troll or friend???"

Misinfomation - Fascists post on here warning of violence in the hope of deterring anti-racists from taking part in activity. They did it a while back regarding a counter-demo outside a court in Liverpool, warning of all manner of violence against Anti-fascists. In the end nothing of the kind occurred.

Anonymous said...


Never heard that one before."

Probably Leisha Brooks - Looking at her she's a big fan of the Jewelry counter at Argos!

Freddie Cougar said...



Cheers Eric! said...

Thanks to excellent researcher Eric The Fish, we discover that the EDL's spokesman Kelway has the following hardcore neo-Nazi Facebook friends which shoot holes in his claims not to be a nazi.


Frank Atack who like BNP member Gary Aronsson likes his SS insignia. Whereas Gazza plumped for the Totenkopf (3rd Division), Frank opts for the 2nd division, Das Reich as his avatar. One of Frank's friends also has a Waffen SS picture. Frank stood for the BNP in Dewsbury in 2007 and is in a folk band, Red Claire with other BNP members.

Ian Sayers who has a Sunderland Vote BNP avatar
Sean Barry who goes for an Ulster red Hand 'No Surrender'
Roger Phillips (Wales BNP) who proudly shows a picture taken with Nick Griffin
Paul Tranter who has a charming bulldog with a superimposed union flag. Tranter himself includes local Liverpool BNP activist Peter Stafford Jr, BNP councillor and drink driver, Bob Bailey and a man with Adolf Hitler as an avatar.
Wewantour countryback who has a 'No Surrender' UK Casuals United avatar, this being a right-wing group of football hooligans.
Dave Brennan - friends with Liverpool BNP. Indeed, this brings us full circle as many of the allies of Liverpool BNP are the same as those for the EDL, including SS devotee Frank Atack!

Anonymous said...

another couple of updates from a so called Jack Smith. Wish I had an email addy for him, I'd get a shit load of flyers from him and burn them!





The Manchester & County (Wetherspoons)
49 Piccadilly
M1 2AP




TOGETHER WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

"RON said.....However most of the antifascists in Manchester and Salford are white...I SAY...I hope not it would look bad for us ,we need a good mix of supporters."

Sometimes having young, White, male anti-facists is a plus. I always liked the practice of groups like Red Action and AFA back in the 80's. They would march along singing the national anthem and pretend to heckle and abuse the 'official' anti-racist demonstrators. The Police lines would open and allow them to mingle in with the NF or BNP thinking they were Nazis and all hell would break loose.

Thinking about it, why don't some anti-fascists invest in some Stone Island and CP Company clothing for Saturday?

postmanpete said...

Just got this off Indymedia about middle-aged funder of the EDL, Alan Lake. Apparently he's a civil engineer, but I don't know if he works for some local authority or in the private sector. Maybe someone else can elaborate: -


1:22 to 1:30


Kent Ekeroth, Sweden Democrats Inter National Secretary said:
"The second speaker, Alan Lake, civil engineer from England, and active in the counter-jihad movement. He is particularly interested in the strategic oversight and has created a tool on the Internet to link the same activists and organizations working against Islamization. Lake will talk about Islamization from a global perspective and analyze its strengths and weaknesses and present proposals on how to counter this."

Kent Ekero


Anonymous said...

So it is still the Piccadilly Wetherspoons (Manchester and County pub). They will just be meeting at Piccadilly railway station first.

MnMs said...

With more neo-Nazi trolls flying around than a ominbus episode of Lord Of The Rings, it's important for anti-fascists not to be caught out by misinformation.

As somebody suggested before, the meeting point might have changed to Piccadilly Railway station, and the fascist scum might catch the free Metroshuttle buses around town, to try to throw the counterprotestors off the scent, but whereever they go, they will most surely end up at Piccadilly Gardens as this is where their two minutes silence is to be held.

Proper antifascist intelligence will deal with any info.misinfo in an according way. Yes, speaking to the businesses adjoining Piccadilly Station, especially to staff woth leftwing leanings, will help spill the beans on any involvement of Piccadilly Station. This isn't Sherlock Holmes stuff. It's just basic "private detecting!"...

Maybe group texts are a good idea to let people know where the fascists are, if an anti-fascist phone network could be set up. This would be meaningless to trolls if the authentic messages always come from a verified number which everybody knows is 100% anti-fascist, and this tactic could be used to "flash-mob" the fash everywhere else the fascists go including Leeds.

Ravers and squatters on the "free party scene" in Manchester use "party lines" to good effect, letting supporters know of last minute changes to venues. The UAF ought to have their own "party line" to ensure everybody is on the ball, come Saturday lunchtime, giving people the right instructions, ensuring people know where to go, if they have been confused by misinfo, etc.

Wetherspoons have been strangely coy and continue to be coy, which does still suggest that they intend to drink at the Piccadilly Wetherspoons. It does have the cheapest drink in town, and a reputation for fighting, which seems to be a match made in heaven for football hooligan scum.

unclejoemintballking said...

Indeed - The idea of an antifash party line from a verified source using group texts would ensure nobody was misinformed come the day, and if there was a last minute change of plan, the troops could be mobilised at the last minute.

Piccadilly Gardens still remain essential to the fascists' cunning plan as like Searchlight said, it's the one place in Manchester where they will get noticed the most, and they hope to catch passing St Helens rugby fans on their way to the final (their buses leave Piccadilly Bus Station at 5pm) around time the EDL will leave Wetherspoons.

Forget Lady England, or "Lady Sovereign-Ring", or whatever her name is. "She" or he couldn't even spell.

steph said...

Just taking a pause from the troll thing / putting antifascists off the scent /Greater Manchester Police's kettling plans, I hope anti-fascist protestors will be leafletting the bars, cafes and shops Northern Quarter (just around the corner from Piccadilly), which is where all the left of centre anarchist radicals hang out.

Good places to catch young antifascist students while out shopping is Aflecks Palace. Also all of the bars and cafes including Sunshine Studios. Hopefully the Gay Village is also being targetted with Hope Not Hate leaflets also! Not just Piccadilly!

PG said...

Who the hell's Jack Smith? I've neve heard of him, and neither does Google.

huntingdon said...

It seems that the EDL wankers are afraid of the many back alleys of Manchester, lol where bogeymen anarcho peeps are lurking and will be waiting for them. Like someone said earlier, the white supremacists will more than likely stray where they shouldn't. Manchester and Bolton has the country's biggest anarchist punk scene outside of London, and plenty of people willing to take direct action in sending the EDL packing!

Anonymous said...

"Thinking about it, why don't some anti-fascists invest in some Stone Island and CP Company clothing for Saturday"?

Word has it, some have bought EDL merchandise from the net to get behind enemy lines.

Anonymous said...

beware the shadows e.d.l. racists.

you dont know manchester as well as the locals

Anonymous said...

I have been told on the grapevine that yet more members have resigned the BNP, and cut up their membership cards to join the new force on the far right, the neo-Nazi EDL, as it doesn't have Nick Gri££in's extortionate membership fees.

Joe Chapman said...

I am seriously concerned that things are getting out of hand.

I do not think I'm being unnecessarily picky at all, I think it's necessary to be extremely careful here. At the end of the day regardless of what people think is the best way to tackle the fascists I think it's all about public perception.

Unfortunately I think the EDL and whoever is backing them are playing us all and from what I can see anti-fascists are the ones that could easily come out of this looking just as bad. This would ruin everyone's efforts.

This has just been posted around Facebook:

"Lady England sent a message to the members of English Defence League.

Subject: 2 mins silence manc - UAF disruption

The UAF are urging all muslims and other ppl to blow whistles during our 2 mins silence, i urge everyone not to rise to this and show dignity and respect for our war heros and victims of terrorists, remember the press and police will be there and this is a chance to show that we are better than them and have respect for our fellow man. Any reprisals during the 2 mins silence will only show us in a bad light and damage our cause remember we are better people !


They are getting their information from this blog. Unfortunately I happen to think that suggestions of whistle blowing during a two minute silence is very silly and dangerous. Don't do it please, I am sure that it is a serious mistake. I really think we have to disregard the rights and wrongs and reasons for the EDL having a two minute silence and worry about how anti-fascists are portrayed. Hence why I thought it would be an idea to change tactics and become outwardly non confrontational. The EDL and its views can still be confronted but a direct physical (meaning in person) confrontation will at very least only show both sides in a bad light, at worse it will recruit more for the EDL and put people against anti-fascism.

Clearly The EDL are trying to put every anti-fascist under the UAF banner as well.

I have a suggestion to make and I would like people to take it seriously:

I think we all need to be more careful about what we write in these comments, I'm guilty of mouthing off as well but I think we are at least giving too much information away in public and for that reason I suggest that people get themselves onto the Unity Forum to discuss tactics rather than here or at least somewhere more secure. I know things are moderated but still, I think it best not to give away so much and let things slip in public.

I think treating modern fascism as if it's the same as it was in the 20th Century is also a mistake. The average person these days has the ability to create their own propaganda and spread that to millions of people for free, there has NEVER been a time in our history when the average person has been able to do that. I don't think people are prepared for groups shouting at each other in the streets, not in the current political climate. I am absolutely certain that the response we will get, if any, from most people will not be favourable.

Maybe even a silent protest would work better at least? Just because you are silent doesn't mean your point will be missed. Years ago that might have been the case because people would just say "what's that all about then... dunno", these days with access to information and availability of printing facilities people are more likely to see a bunch of football hooligans shouting at some people being silence. Instead we could have the scenario where you get a bunch of anti-fascists shouting and blowing whistles at a bunch of people who to the general public may just look like they are being silent in respect for war dead!

As I said, I think it's really about how all of this comes across to the average person.

We need to get this right, now.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Joe Chapman. If we respect their two minutes silence it acknowledges their leadership and puts them in a dominant position. Let's make as much racket as possible! Disrupt it before it gets started.

Bass Player said...

I hope people don't believe the EDL's freedom of speech crap, as the EDL's football hooligans are anything but literate, and as most will have failed GCSE English, they only speak with their boots and fists as others have said.

Can you really imagine the EDL Casuals being satisfied with travelling hundred of miles to Manchester just to hold a two minutes silence for whatever premise (maybe war dead, maybe "victims of Islam", whatever).

It's not going to please your average beer-in-his-belly hoolie, who will only be happy if he's had a good fight with people he deems the enemy, often rival hooligans, but in this, anti-fascist protestors.

Dogs bark, woodpeckers peck, and football hooligans fight. That's all they do. Their feeble little brains won't be able to handle anything approaching serious political disgussions.

If a football hooligan tried to read Shakespheare, his mind would freeze up, steam would come from his ears, and he would shit himself into a frenzy, much like the Daleks after Doctor Who has driven them mad.

They're even called a "street army" for fuck's sake. Army's don't shake hands, sit down and debate.

Would be nice to think we could reason with these inbiciles, but I guess that would be wildly illogical as the EDL's masterrace are like worker ants, pre-programmed for one-task and for one task only, to violently confront anybody they don't like the look of.

I totally disagree with violence, but some people see confrontation inevitable (anarchists and punks), and would like to put the EDL in their place before Saturday begins.

I Disagree said...

Shut up for two minutes, but at other times we need loudhalers like the ones the fascists will be using, to let passers by know who are the bad guys.

At the Nick Griffin trial protests, the anti-fascists had loudspeakers and all-sorts.

Being quiet would not let people know their beloved city has beenb invaded by a masked army of brutal, ignorant racist, Hitler-worshipping football hooligan scum.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we agreed that the Lady England message was a fake designed to catch us unaware?

Aren't they still going to meet in Wetherspoons as planned, perhaps after a little ride on a free Metroshuttle bus?

Anonymous said...

I love the EDL burning the swastika flag that was shown on the media, if we remember the KKK used to burn crosses & they where supposed to be Christians, in all fairness I can't help but think someone in Manchester police or council must be supporting these thugs as they should never have been allowed to go ahead with this, the answer should have been no right at the start.


Joe Chapman said...

"Forget Lady England, or "Lady Sovereign-Ring", or whatever her name is. "She" or he couldn't even spell."

I think it's a grave error to ignore the messages being put out by EDL people on the internet. Yes of course, be wary of 'disinformation' and we all may know that these people are fascist scum and can't spell etc (that's a poor line of attack, lots of anti-fascists and 'normal' people can't spell either, don't alienate them!) however, it's not 'us' I think we should be worrying about here, it's the 'average' person and how they view the situation, how the media will report it.

Now is the time for everyone against fascism to be cohesive and think about how our actions and words could be perceived by the majority of 'normal' people.

I also think that spending time leafleting left of centre anarchists etc is not a the best use of resources, it's more likely preaching to the converted and simply getting a mob together, there are big risks involved in this too. Talk of meeting people down back streets etc is just fighting talk, the risk to the perception of anti-fascist groups as a result of this sort of fighting and actual confrontation in public is huge, in this climate such a risk stands a high chance of becoming an issue with little chance of mitigating the issue or having a contingency plan. Once the perception is there it will be difficult to shake off and it will tarnish every single anti-fascist in the eyes of local communities and others.

Anonymous said...

bee said...
Ring up Wetherspoons to complain, like we did for the New Kimberley, but be polite!...I SAY that did us no good this time we stop the bastards !!!!

Anonymous said...

"Joe Chapman: I do not think I'm being unnecessarily picky at all, I think it's necessary to be extremely careful here. At the end of the day regardless of what people think is the best way to tackle the fascists I think it's all about public perception."

I respect the sincerity of your opinions Joe but if anti-fascists were obsessed with (a usually conservative) 'public opinion' there wouldn't have been a Cable Street '36 or a Lewisham '77. Both were unpopular with the mainstream press in their immediate aftermath. It's natural that people will be outraged with fascists coming into their communities to stir racial hatred and many times that outrage will take violent forms. What made physical force anti-fascism effective in the 70's was that is associated the National Front with trouble and violence in the public mind. This is a big reason that the BNP today avoid mass street activity, although the EDL thrive on it. If we can make the State, the press and the Public think that the EDL "are more trouble than they are worth" then that's a victory.

Wes said...

Well said Joe.

I've just been speaking to a police officer who visited the city centre store I work in now and again.

The police are all over this, and have been in contact with all the stores in the centre by letter in the last few weeks. It seems the EDL are trying to stoke things up by suggesting the police are doing their bidding somewhat. I asked about wetherspoons, but was told they couldnt talk about the "actual plans for the day" - although he did mention they could force a pub to stop serving at anytime they wanted to.

Anonymous said...

I have been told on the grapevine that yet more members have resigned the BNP, and cut up their membership cards to join the new force on the far right, the neo-Nazi EDL, as it doesn't have Nick Gri££in's extortionate membership fees.

The EDL will need money too in order to stay afloat. Leisha Brooks will need to be kept at Claires Accessories!

Brummie said...

A silent protest would be cool for Saturday, if they want a 2 minutes silence for whatever racist whim they invent, those who died in the service of the count...the White Race, we can dedicate our protest to the memory of the people who have died protecting us from Hitler and his vile creed, six million people who died at his hands, all victims of racist attacks in Britain and every single person fighting for equality all over the UK and the world. It can still be possible.

Green Arrow's Eugenics said...

Just to change the subject for a while, vile neo-Nazi Green Arrow, has posted with his Hitler-loving buddy John Of Gwent a bullshit piece of eugenics that says black and Asian people require more replacement organs than white people, and are stealing organs from the donor register which should be used by white people.


This Goon Arsehoile guy is sick in the head, and it was him who started pulling bits of tongue-in-cheek letters from this blog heavily out of context about blowing horns during two minute silences.

If Mr Morris had his way, he would tell black and Asian people that they cannot have organ transplants. I don't know what anyone else thinks about this, but if the BNP ever took power via the ballot box, or the EDL won control of the UK via a militiary juncta or armed football hooligan coup, we would have a system of apatheid operating in the UK under the control of mentalist keyboard warriors like fuckface Morris (the Green Arrow!)

The only reason why black and Asian people might require more transplants is due to the fact the vast majority of people from minority backgrounds are working class, and cannot afford to eat heathily. Surely Morris has a brain and can work this one out, without theorising sickfuck eugenics bullshit.

He can say what he likes about this blog in regards to whistle and horn blowing, but at least we don't propose denying giving organs to dying people because of their race.

That's just pure Doctor Mengele.

Anonymous said...

Lets work together on Saturday people.


Anonymous said...

Several MPs now want the neo-nazi EDL march banned.

Anonymous said...

BNP members are sick of giving money only to see it go to Phoney DARBY/GRIFFIN in Wales po box.

Anonymous said...


There are calls to ban two marches planned by a group of football fans called the Welsh Defence League.

They claim it is to protest against radical Islam and they are not racist but opponents accuse them of being a fascist organisation targeting Muslims.

NewsHound said...




Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe,

we need to be careful over our public image.

If yo think about it we could come out of this with a worse reputation than a group of what we call football hooligans.

That'd be a hollow victory

Brummie said...

Would love to see an EDL Casuals version of 'that film' done. der Fuhrer in der Welschpooler Fuhrerbunker has a threatened coup from an Englishman called Selway.

Anonymous said...


Blondy said...

Leisha Brooks is the scallified Eva Braun of the EDL!lol

Anyway peepz, remember to bring your digital video (and still) cameras everybody to capture the Hitler salutes and racist behaviour of the EDL football hooligans.

To be analytical about it, if they leave Manchester without getting pissed, and beating up defenceless shoppers, the EDL Casuals will wish they had stopped at home.

Travelling hundreds of miles for a "two minute silence" (whatever they intend to devote it to), will hardly please a street army. They could have held this "silence" anywhere, but this "silence" is irrelevant in the minds of the hoolies, who are sadly looking forward to sickening violence and nothing else.

Oh, and if the scum are going to wear masks to avoid CCTV while carrying out acts of violence, feel free to wear joke-shop facemasks yourselves, to escape from the menace of Redwatch.

Because the EDL are, despite their avid denials white supremacists (pretending to be mere Islamophobes), Redwatch cameras will be out in force.

The government has refused to close down Redwatch, as with refusing to ban the EDL.

Why the hell is this?

Shazza said...

Would you really think that a bunch of soccer thugs would pay thousands of pounds in premium rail fares to do anything other than an afternoon of fighting? They are the hired muscle of the EDL and the leadership will most surely chuck the rottweilers a bone by allowing them to attack defenceless protestors when the cops aren't looking.

I hope the police do stop and search on dangerous-looking white people for a change.

Colin The Conspiracy Theorist said...

I don't believe the Mein Kamph-style antisemitism, however there is most definately some sort of subterfuge going on with the powers that be, in this whole set up. It's far too sinister to discount state involvement. Actually MI5 and 6 involvent is a certainty.

I am not the only person to believe there are more government agents at the top of EDL, directing their riots, than there are, genuine fascists, the problem is, they are method-actors of the highest calliber and once you start playing the role of a neo-nazi, you will literally become the person you are playing with no comeback.

I am an avid animal welfare fan, and many years back, I was horrified but not surprised when I learnt of fox hunts releasing both the fox and the hounds.

For reasons which I can only put down to perpetuating our conflicts in Asia and the Middle East, the EDL are being used to keep an Islamophobic verve under the noses of Joe Public to keep him interested in a war he no-longer wants to fight.

Ignoring their pointless fanatical anti-Semitism, the BNP are right in a way, that the conflict between the far right and their opponents is being stage-managed by our very own government.

Many of you will be saying "no way", this "couldn't go on without you knowing it", but there's much that happens outside the scheme of law to shore up international politics.

With the War In Afganistan now less popular than the Vietnam Conflict, the man in the street needs to perceive a continued city centre threat from the Taliban's militant Islamic training camps on the streets of Britian.

The Sun Newspaper repeating exagerated claims about most Taliban fighters having Brummie accents and having Aston Villa tattoos (despite intolerant football terraces not welcoming football fans), paved the way for the secret services to return the public image of football to the 70s domain of the angry lower middle class white man.

Thus the EDL was born, but to make sure that conflicts are perpetuated as an Asian versus white thing, to create the racial conflict that will divide the nation down lines of religion and skin colour sufficiently enough to boost public support for Afganistan, phoney Islamic groups loaded with payroled agent-provocateurs were born.

The huntsmen have once again released both fox and hounds in their sick secret bloodsport.

Plekr said...

When the EDL violence went unopposed in Luton, there were many racial attacks happening, which were reduced when the football hooligans put their energies into what they love best, mass street fights turning into riots.

Many of the EDL Casuals "Street Army" are veterans not of the War In Afganistan or Iraq, but of the recent pitched battle between Millwall and West Ham.

Create an army solely consisting of football hooligans, and you get blood on the sreets, which is why, to protect the general public as well as pacifist protestors, you need to involve Antifa self-defence experts to run such violent brainless thugs out of town.

The fact that most anarchists are white, helps rid the press notion that it is just angry "volatile" Asian youths squaring up against white people. No longer than this be put down to black versus white.

If thousands of white antifascists can join in the action, rather than Asian, versus white, it will become everybody versus the enemies of civilised society, the football hooligans.

I don't condone anti-racist punk and Ois waiting in sidestreets to ambush violent soccer thugs, but the EDL Casuals are cowardly, and will attack women and children if not stopped, and chased back to Piccadilly Railway Station at breakneck speed.

When the police and the local council refuse to protect minorities from orgtanised fascism, forget the spin, and how we look for camera, it shouldn't be left for Asian vigalantes to square up against these white supremacist thugs. Quite frankly, this would be dangerous, and would be playing into the hands of any underhand state conspiracy.

What we need is working class unity to drive the fash off the steets, and by having mostly white protestors, there will be no "Asian Versus White" subtext to recruit alienated young white men to sign up to the EDL to "defend their streets from Islamism".

I am all for communities defending themselves, but when Asian lads justifyably chased the EDL Casuals Army out of Birmingham, the newspapers called the UAF "Asian hotheads", in a racist fulfilling prophesy.

For that reason, it will be satisfying to see more than happy to see more and more white people take on the EDL.

This would wind up Stormfront no-end, as they love calling white Antifascists "race traitors", and if the BNP/EDL ever took power of the country, brave white anarchists would be first up against the wall, believe me, as we are so loathed and feared by the neo-Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - disgusing one's identity in shopping areas where there are CCTV cameras can be called "a breach of the peace", and hoodie-wearing kids have been fined and given ASBOs in the past, but you can bet your bottom dollar the sweenie are under orders not to make the masked paramilitary-style EDL leaders remove their bankrobber-type disguises, so if they come masked, why the fuck can't we?

Kirk Kay said...

We need lots of white anarchists joining in the protests so the Daily Mail can't say there was a battle of whites versus Asians, which would inevitably lead to more "angry white young men" joining the EDL.

The media like to stereotype young Asian men like they did to young black men in the Brixton riots, and the only way this can be avoided, is by involving a large amount of white ("race taitors" as Stormfront calls them) in any street battles, so avoid violent conflicts (though not desired) to be drawn up along dangerous racial lines.

White antifascists need to be persuaded to take on white supremacists to dispel any such Daily Mail-led notions, which is why I am glad Manchester has a large punk/squat/alternative scene which which is prepared to take on the violent street fighters of the far right as a last resort.

Yes, this is a last resort, but in the Battle of Cable Street, this was necessary.

If the coppers do their job, it will NOT BE NECESSARY.

If the authorities on the other hand, deliberately turn a blind eye to the racial abuse and the blatant nazi salutes that the EDL thugs will inevtiably do, who else will protect the streets from fash scum other than Antifa?

Yes, we don't want to start fights which would be terribly wrong, or get dragged into any sort of fighting, but we must ensure Manchester doesn't get caught up in a race riot.

Alan Key said...

I'm not saying trouble is inevitable, but when the neo-Nazis leave Wetherspoons in Piccadilly, it's hard to imagine they will act like saints. Many are convicted criminals, some (probably the masked ones) are hiding from banning orders and ASBOS.

Football hooligans don't give a shit about freedom of speech. They only travel for a piss-up and a fight, nothing else.

The EDL's the new National Front not a new BNP.

Anonymous said...

The BNP don't go for street fighting anymore. That's why they are rapidly losing members.

If the EDL is indeed a state-run "false-flag" operation designed to destroy the BNP from within, the police and courts will turn a blind eye to the fascist violence, and the courts won't issue ASBOs and banning orders.

What a surprise in Birmingham that the EDL Casuals arrested were given fixed penalty notices, so they can resume the fighting in Manchester, and (to borrow a phrase from American hip hop, lol) "keep with the programme"?

State-sponsored fascism (false-flag or otherwise) if it is happening, would explain lots of things which don't add up, including why New Labour refuses to ban the EDL.

Yes, it's good to see the BNP in terminal decline at the ballot box, but it's not worth creating racial tension in Britain's largest multicultural cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Swansea, Cardiff and Glasgow just to destroy the BNP.

It's like cracking an egg with a pneumatic drill.

Jimmy-Jagg20 said...

In the 80s, Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper carried the infamous headline "ANIMALS" referring to the angry black men who took the law into their own hands with the Brixton Riots against a racist oppressive police force.

Today the Daily Star and the Daily Mail want to single out British Asian youths as being "public enemy number one", protraying them all as drug dealers, murderers and religious fundamentalists.
If a young Muslim man in the papers, it's always for the wrong reasons. The vast percentage of people from all communities are good, honest, lad-abiding people despite what the BNP/EDL/Daily Star and Daily Mail are trying to tell you.

You just don't see acts of heroism/bravery/feats of intelligence caried out by young British Pakastani people in the papers, as such feats are always overlooked to focus in upon crime, and the tiny number of baddies rather than the vast number of goodies.

While the rightwing media continue to stereotype people in terms of religion and race, it essential that anti-facsist protests contain enough white people to throw a serious spanner in the works of this evil racial profiling.

I don't want to see fighting o the streets of Manchester at all, but as in the words of Neimoller, we are all in this together, and I would much rather see press photos of concerned white crusty anarchos attacking the fascists than than the "angry Asian mob" that the devious, conniving Daily Mail so lust for.

Racist media reporting just causes more disillusioned young people to be brainwashed by the lies of the EDl.

For this reason, and this reason alone, we need to ensure more young white men and women join in anti-fascist protests.

VWCampervanMan said...

If trouble breaks out in Manchester, and via the telly and press, pictures are shown of mainly young Asian men taking on the neo-Nazis of the EDL Casuals, collective retorts will sound at the bars of racist pubs up and down the country, from middle class areas to poor estates...

"it's them bloody p*kis again!"

This is what happened after the Bradford and Oldham Riots. It put me off going to most pubs in an evening, for many years, hearing the racist banter. For several months afterwards someone somewhere while ordering his pint of bitter, would start foaming at the mouth ranting on about "those Asians!"

The (traditionally socialist) white working class communities which lost faith with Labour when it sold out to George Bush's bloody wars and New Labour need to be reingaged again, and linked up with ethnic minority communities in solidarity, so instead of vile alcohol-induced racism, the cries at the bar of hostelries up and down the country call out: -


I don't like violence, but if it happens as a battle against race hate because the police or government refuse to take action, EVERYONE MUST TAKE TO THE STREETS TO FIGHT THE FASH, not just the immediate victims of race hate i.e. black and Asian people!)

hastobesaid said...

When North Africans angry about institutional police racism rioted in the streets of Paris and Marseilles, white French majority voters intoxicated themselves on a racist rightwing media fervour, (French Algerians versus us), resulting in a run-off vote for LePen, and later the election of a rightwing French president promising a tough stop-and-search prejudicial police force.

Compare this to the French Student Riots of 1966 where mostly white rioters found it much easier to capture public sympathy.

Enfranchising is the word.

Black and Asian communities have a right to defend themselves from hate using the minimum amount of force, howewer, wherever there is a rightwing media and/or politicians, and a far right ready to jump on every decisive move made by BME communities make, it is necessary that ordinary white working class and middle class people are just as sizeably involved in front-line antifacism to ensure that the white majority can take pride of place in the anti-racist and anti-fascist resistance.

Otherwise, it will sadly and enevitably be just another case of "us" against "them"...

"It's those bloody p*kis again!"

Anonymous said...

In the Battle of Cable Street, Irish Catholics stood alongside Jewish East End immigrants in working class solidarity.

There was no "us" and "them".

Joe Chapman said...

"I respect the sincerity of your opinions Joe but if anti-fascists were obsessed with (a usually conservative) 'public opinion' there wouldn't have been a Cable Street '36 or a Lewisham '77." - Anonymous

One of the points I'm trying to make here though is that things have changed too much since those times and I think we have to approach the situation more carefully on that basis.

The average person gained the ability to create and access their own news, information, propaganda and publish it to millions of other people around the world only about 15 years ago!

We are living in a very special time, one that has never happened before and one that has occurred very quickly, a time that may never happen again and we may never go back to how things used to be.

Plus I think the political and social climate, at least in this country, is quite different at the moment than it was at the time of Cable Street and other events.

Dingle said...

The Independent Manchester United Supporters’ Association are joining in the anti-fash protests.

Shame non of manchester's two big clubs themselves have spoken out against the neo-Nazis.

Anonymous said...

The government has refused to close down Redwatch, as with refusing to ban the EDL.

Why the hell is this?

6:21 AM, October 09, 2009

Because after Saturday new laws will be drawn up banning all protests.

Jimmy D said...

"You just don't see acts of heroism/bravery/feats of intelligence caried out by young British Pakastani people in the papers, as such feats are always overlooked to focus in upon crime, and the tiny number of baddies rather than the vast number of goodies".

That's the racist crime-obsessed, stereotyping tabloid British media for you!

joefro said...

I agree. Mainly non-white protestors feed into the prejudice of the tabloid media which labels Asian and black people as bad and white people as good, taking sides through skin colour alone.

And to think the United States of America has a black president.

It could never happen in the UK, sadly, not in a thousand years. How many prospective Labour and Conservative candidates for the forthcoming general election are black or Asian?

Sadly we now have TWO active fascist movements, one shameless political liars, the other, dangerous fist-fighters which have set Britain back several decades.

Indeed, will Cameron pander to the still promiment racists in his own party when he becomes prime minister next june?

Anonymous said...

In thought the political climate was very much the same, rising unemployment, a stengthening and almost cocky far right, and tabloid fear of immigrants and outsiders, with social conservatives about to take power?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Colin The Conspiracy Theorist there is a smell of State involvement in the EDF be on guard Saturday folks.

Anonymous said...


"I don't believe the Mein Kamph-style antisemitism, however there is most definately some sort of subterfuge going on with the powers that be, in this whole set up."

If you don't believe in it then why bring it up?

Sounds a bit like, "I'm not a racist BUT...." to me

Anonymous said...

Sadly we now have TWO active fascist movements,

Three, he said with great disgust, from what I saw testerday in Erdington and Kingstanding, the NF are in direct competition with the BNP for the far right vote.

jerryp_ said...

Any further news about Wetherspoons, who are still keeping schtum about the EDL's party which is STILL set to go on there from 12pm, despite their misinformation.

I hope Spoons will be boycotted for years to come, for allowing fascists to get pissed there before rioting in the street.

Manchester people will not forget in a while who provided the toxic brain fuel for the EDL's violent hardcore neo-Nazi football hooligans.

TomHater said...

I hope the national press journalists won't get sucker-punched by the hooligans into believing the EDL's fake gestures against racism and anti-Semitism are for real.

Whatever flags, posters and emblems these violent racist demonstrators hold, wave or burn, even if they hold up a Martin Luther King poster, I hope the BBC/Sky/ITN do not fall for it, and believe they are genuine.

The EDL would even hold up a Refugee Week poster if they thought it would make them look better in-front of the cameras, even though their very own cowardly thugs beat up asylum seekers in dark alleys, the evil sickfuck hypocritical racist scum.

Unless the reporters and editors have brains of their own, and can see the wool being pulled over their own eyes, the EDL charade will continue to deceive people for evermore, with its small number of racist mixed-race "Uncle Toms".

Let's not forget who some people say is behind this, the "Auntie Tom" of them all, Sharon Ebanks!

Declan said...

Glasgow Celtics Green Brigade will be there. dont have a game this weekend so minibus of us coming down


Anonymous said...

Adam Everitt of Hull NF is going to Manchester! (aka Yorkshire Pudding on Stormfront-Robin on VNN-Adam Evo on Facebook)

Anonymous said...

Please sign the Hope Not Hate petition against the fascist EDL: -


NewsHound said...



Smitchens said...

"I hope the national press journalists won't get sucker-punched by the hooligans into believing the EDL's fake gestures against racism and anti-Semitism are for real. "

The national press know what the EDL are. They aren't suckered at all - they report the EDL as they want them to be seen.

Anonymous said...

"Glasgow Celtics Green Brigade will be there. dont have a game this weekend so minibus of us coming down"

Excellent - I know this will be sickening for you lot but why not pretend to be Rangers fans coming down to show your support, inflitrate the EDL event with lots of smiles and handshakes and then have a "meaningful political discussion" toe-to-toe?

I have a feeling that Manchester might turn out to be the EDL's 'Waterloo'.

Anonymous said...

Good luck everyone tomorrow, and I hope the police do stop the scum drinking at Wetherspoons Piccadilly.

Anonymous said...

Beware Redwatch photographers with their wanky little cameras.

Brummie said...

Adam Everitt of Hull NF is going to Manchester! (aka Yorkshire Pudding on Stormfront-Robin on VNN-Adam Evo on Facebook)

Has he quit the BNP then??

Anonymous said...

Anuvver email:

Manchester Confirmation. Please Read‏
From: EDL The Forum (noreply@zetaboards.com)
Sent: 08 October 2009 14:43:37
To: noreply@zetaboards.com


There has been confusion surrounding our Demo in Manchester on Sat 10th, so i am sending this email just to put things straight.

The Meeting Point.

The main pub we will be meeting in is the Wetherspoons Piccadilli next to Piccadilli Gardens. This pub, and another next to the square have been allocated to EDL supporters by the Police.

The UAF tried to have us moved from there, to a different location further from the Gardens so that they could stop our protest as they did in Birmingham by causing mayhem in the surrounding areas. But if we are already next to Piccadilly Gardens in large Pubs, as opposed to scattered around the City in loads of small Pubs, this will not be possible.

What the UAF are forgetting, is that this is OUR protest, not theirs, so we have priority over them. Everyone needs to meet in the above pub/s before the demonstration which is still scheduled to take place at 17:00, but if the Police manage to clear Piccadilly Gardens of the UAF and co before this time, we will be starting earlier, this is at our discretion, so please make sure you are in the above Pub/s well in advance of 17:00 or you will not be permitted to take part in the demonstration.

In Birmingham, 100's of our supporters were not permitted to attend for this reason, so the above meeting places have been put by for us.
So if you want to take part, be in the above locations.

The Demo.

We have been informed that the UAF and their friends plan to disrupt our demonstration in whatever way they can (goes to form really!)
It is their sole purpose to be, how do i put it, a pain in the Arse!

They will try to disrupt our 2 min silence for our Troops, our National anthem, everything. Let them.

We are going to show the world that we are the peaceful protesters that we say we are on Sat, no exceptions.
The Worlds media are going to be present, and i mean crews from New Zealand to America will be there. Do NOT react to any intimidation whatsoever, just act as if they are not even there.

Remember, we are a peaceful Protest community against the un-opposed rise of Radical Islam in our Country. We need to show the world what pack's of animals we have to contend with just to speak up against this in our "Democratic" Country. The press are waiting to portray us as the animals, do not fall for the UAF's provocative tactics, lets show the World the UAF for what they really are.

So, to all who want to say enough to the rise of Radical Islam in this Country, be in the above locations on time, or you will find yourselves forced to the other side of the fence, or away from the demo by the Police.


FrangyPam said...

That was a cocksure email from self-styled EDl spokeman Trevor Kelway, the man with lots of hardcore neo-Nazi friends on Facebook. who hypocritically insists that the EDL are not neo-Nazis: -


Frank Atack who like BNP member Gary Aronsson likes his SS insignia. Whereas Gazza plumped for the Totenkopf (3rd Division), Frank opts for the 2nd division, Das Reich as his avatar. One of Frank's friends also has a Waffen SS picture. Frank stood for the BNP in Dewsbury in 2007 and is in a folk band, Red Claire with other BNP members.

Ian Sayers who has a Sunderland Vote BNP avatar

Sean Barry who goes for an Ulster red Hand 'No Surrender'

Roger Phillips (Wales BNP) who proudly shows a picture taken with Nick Griffin

Paul Tranter who has a charming bulldog with a superimposed union flag. Tranter himself includes local Liverpool BNP activist Peter Stafford Jr, BNP councillor and drink driver, Bob Bailey and a man with Adolf Hitler as an avatar.

Wewantour countryback who has a 'No Surrender' UK Casuals United avatar, this being a right-wing group of football hooligans.

Dave Brennan - friends with Liverpool BNP. Indeed, this brings us full circle as many of the allies of Liverpool BNP are the same as those for the EDL, including SS devotee Frank Atack!

Arrogant Portsmouth-based racist wanker Kelway, has the gaul to call anti-fascist protestors "animals".

Anybody who has friends on Facebook who delight themselves with the SS, the evil stormtroopers who sent Jewish people to the gas chambers in the Holocaust, is a true animal, only animals are not genocidally racist.



Anonymous said...

Trevor Kelway's a really nasty piece of work - makes Nick Gri££in seem quite pleasant, some say!

One day mouthy racist bastard Kelway will end up in jail, slopping out buckets of shit.

Anonymous said...

Football hooligans peacefully protesting... pull the other one, Kelway!

You're a nobody trying to be Adolf Hitler, you lying, conniving scumbag.

Miss Angry said...

I knew it was misinfo about the EDL Casuals not meeting in Wetherspoons. Hope there can be a national boycott of this fash-loving pub group for them accepting dirty money in return for guaranteed saturday afternoon business.

Wetherspoons talk about corporate responsibility on their website, which is a total load of bollocks. All they are bothered about, is making as much money as possible. They are not bothered where that money comes from.

I hope that ethical members of the Wetherspoons staff will resign on the spot tomorrow morning from their shitty underpaid jobs rather than knowingly serve a gang of violent racist football hooligans, and instead join the protest outside the pub.

If this is how JD Wetherspoon Co. Ltd carry on, I'd much rather work for McDonalds, for at least they do not pocket the neo-Nazi coin.

Anonymous said...

Wetherspoons make me sick!

You don't think Tim supports the EDL, do you???????

(a question not an assumption, Mr Lawyer)

Anonymous said...

"Remember, we are a peaceful Protest community against the un-opposed rise of Radical Islam in our Country."

So the snipers need to be reminded?

Anyway, I thought Piccadilli was something you put in your sandwiches?

Jayson said...

They'll be blotto by 5pm, and more dangerous than ever, so watch out for some of Wetherspoons bottles, cans and glasses to be hurled over the police barricades towards the anti-nazi protest.

Of, and film the Hitler saluting scum with every camera possible. Football hooligans go wild when they've had just a bit to drink, so five hours solid drinking will turn them into lunatics.

Thanks go out to the local council, and Gordon Brown for not banning this one. New Labour have been a big letdown in refusing to leglislate against race hatred.

As someone said before, if someone gets hurt, hopefully we can sue mastermind and financer Alan Lake, who described in a Guardian Newspaper interview how he had personally chosen to build up a street army of "football casual firms".

This is an ILLEGAL STREET ARMY HELL-BENT ON VIOLENCE, and any damages to shops in the Centre of Manchester will lead to a large law suit heading in his direction.


Denny said...

The National Front used to march around singing the "national anthem", which is one the reasons that ordinary people baulk against the narrow confines of national indentity.

There can never be a "cool Britannia" when our anthems are continually hijacked by British neo-nazis.

Shanice said...

Once these pricks get drunk, the police MUST start making arrests for being drunk and disorderly. At least we don't meet in pubs abd get bladdered hours before a protest.

sirshaneygrief said...

What's going to happen if ordinary shoppers including families with kids fancy a pint at Wetherspoons, not knowing what's going on?

It was most definately the EDL's intention to get shoppers and rugby fans caught up in the melee which is why they put the time back to 5pm.

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