October 25, 2009

Nasty Nick's paedo pal

BNP leader Griffin shares platform with neo-Nazi paedophile
BNP chief Nick Griffin shows his true colours - holding aloft the hand of a neo-Nazi paedophile.

Griffin tries to pretend his whites-only party is NOT racist. But our exclusive picture nails that lie, showing him cosying up to a leader of a group which described Hitler as "the greatest man of our era".

Griffin shared the platform with Kevin Alfred Strom while in America to drum up BNP support in 2005. Also on stage were former Ku Klux Klan chiefs Stephen "Don" Black and David Duke. Vile Strom was a lead member of America's neo-Nazi National Alliance, which says whites are superior and wants whites-only schools and workplaces. The group claims the "sickness of multiculturalism" is destroying America and Britain. Last year Strom also pleaded guilty to possessing ten child porn images and got a 23-month jail term.

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Anonymous said...

Strom isn't the only paedo pal he's got is he. Allegedly.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin has a peado pal - are we surprised?

Anonymous said...

More proof, if any more were needed, that the BNP is the
Party !

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

The Peedo Boy from Leicestershire is his other Paedo friend.