October 28, 2009

BNP squaddie in Nazi salute

A British soldier heaps shame on the Army by showing off his BNP credentials with a defiant Hitler-style Nazi salute

Squaddie shames the Army with nazi salute
The disgraceful photo of Private Craig Orwin, who serves with the Light Dragoons, emerged days after former Army generals declared war on the extremist party. Orwin boasts of being a BNP member and reveals his vile views in the entry on his Facebook page.

The 19-year-old Hull City supporter, seen running on to the pitch in a photo on the social networking site, says his religious leaning is to "kill Leeds fans". He says he belongs to groups including "Salute our war heroes or piss off back to where you came from", "Racist Blacks" and "I hate white teenagers who feel the need to act like blacks". The yob also says he supports the "Harry Roberts he's our friend" group. It calls for the release of Sixties killer Harry Roberts serving life for the murder of three policemen.

Orwin lists "drinkin" as one of his hobbies. His BNP links have emerged less than a week after former Army top brass warned that far right groups were trying to hijack the Army for propaganda purposes. A letter signed by ex-Army chiefs General Sir Mike Jackson and General Sir Richard Dannatt warned groups like the BNP were "fundamentally at odds" with the values of the British military.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has already sparked outrage by claiming wartime PM Winston Churchill would have been a member of his party. Griffin said: "Winston Churchill, certainly by modern standards, would be regarded as a racist."

Protesters voiced their anger outside the BBC's West London base last Thursday when Griffin made an appearance on BBC1's Question Time.

Supporter Orwin now faces a grilling from Army chiefs. His antics have brought shame on his unit which is based in Swanton Morley, Norfolk. It has twice served in Iraq and also completed a six-month tour of Afghanistan. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We are investigating an incident and if rules have been broken, disciplinary action will be taken. Members of the Armed Forces are free to join any political party but any racist behaviour or breach of the Army's Values and Standards will be dealt with."



Jamie The Antifascist said...

Hope he gets immediate discharge and a 5-10 year suspension ban from joining the military, what a tit! no not a tit, a twat!!

@ said...

so he'll be the brains of the outfit then!

Anonymous said...

Wander is he's been on any EDL marches recently with his Hitler salute?

He should be thrown out of the army.

Also, membership of far right groups including the BNP and EDL should be proscribed for both full-time soldiers and territorial army soldiers.

Ben Trunch said...

He is a disgrace to the Colours...

Anonymous said...

After reading all the comments on this story, this very silly 19 year old appears to be a victim of the moment. There was nothing racist about what he said, just a very stupid picture done when drunk im guessing!! Im sure this will have taught him a very valuable lesson

Anonymous said...

He is probably just a stupid little boy