October 21, 2009

An apologist for Nazism

Yesterday a number of British Army Generals attacked the BNP for using military symbols and images. Today, we show the BNP's real views on World War Two.

'An Apologist for Nazism: How Nick Griffin and the BNP backed Hitler's Nazis' is a new section on our website which demonstrates how Griffin has repeatedly defended and promoted wartime fascists. We quote Griffin, show how he and others have attacked and demonised British wartime leaders and tried to rewrite history by denying that the Holocaust happened...

You can read it all here.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it, BNP Advisory Council member Richard Edmonds goes off to Spain at the weekend to talk about the Nuremberg war crimes trials as a bad thing and an injustice to the Nazi defendants, to the openly racist Holocaust denial Libreria Europa organisation and Griffin here in the UK states that British generals should be tried and hung as war criminals, what a mixed up party?