October 27, 2009

BNP Bosses Uncovered

Office chief James Dowson sent this pic of
himself with a shotgun to ex-employee after a dispute

This is gun-toting BNP fundraiser Rev James Dowson calmly walking down the street with his toddler son and wife – and a shotgun!

The crazed anti-abortion nutter, who has a list of convictions including possessing a weapon, sent the phone photo to a former employee after they fell out over a computer which holds the entire BNP membership database. The Scottish ‘businessman’, who has loyalist links and lives in Ballygowan, runs the right wing BNP’s national nerve centre in east Belfast under the cover name Adlorries.

But the entire operation was thrown into chaos recently after his right-hand woman quit her job of running the office and took a computer which contained the BNP membership list. Today the former employee lifts the lid on life working for 44-year-old Jim Dowson and the BNP in Belfast. She reveals how:
  • Dowson sent her the photo of himself with a shotgun and threatened other members of her family with the UVF.
  • The rabid nutter flew into a rage after a Belfast recruitment sent two Asian men and two gay people to work in the Dundonald office.
  • Dowson runs a string of charities from the Belfast base and collects donations for doing nothing.
  • BNP members have been conned into buying a lifetime membership which comes with a £100 watch – which is actually only worth £19.99.
It comes in the week when a fresh leaked list of alleged BNP members appeared on the internet and convicted race-hate leader Nick Griffin’s controversial appearance on the BBC’s Question Time.

Following a dispute with Dowson the former employee, who can’t be identified, says she kept a computer belonging to the BNP because he refused to pay her substantial wages she claims she was owed. Dowson then sent her this picture of himself, armed with a shotgun. “I took that as a threat – why else would he send someone he was in dispute with such a photo?” says the former BNP officer manager.

“I worked for them at their office in Dundonald for the last eight months because it was a job and I needed the work, plus it paid well. At the start it was just like organising any other office but recently he wanted me to get more involved in the political side of things and I ended up working more for the BNP directly. But it got too difficult because I hate what the BNP stand for, plus I live with my partner in a republican area. I’m not scared of Dowson though – he’s a wannabe hardman and I think he’s full of shit.”

Dowson, who once told the Sunday World he would never “get into bed” with the BNP, has a string of convictions including breach of the peace in 1986, possession of a weapon and breach of the peace in 1991 and criminal damage in 1992. He also has close links with loyalist groups here and has produced flute band tapes which glorify UFF mass killer Michael Stone.

Following our expose of his secret BNP office back in June, Dowson told UTV that he hated the BNP and only ran their call centre on pure business grounds. However we can reveal that Dowson is a fully paid up ‘life’ member.

The former employee says Dowson once flew off the handle after a Belfast recruitment agency sent gays and Asians to work in the BNP office.

“He went mental when these two Asian fellas arrived to work for us. I asked them did they realise who they would be working for and they said they didn’t care, so long as they got paid. Then they sent us a man and a woman who were quite obviously gay and he had them chucked out before they even got an interview. I left in the middle of September and he told me to keep the computer in exchange for the wages he owed. But things turned nasty when my sister, who also worked there, left but before she did she changed all the passwords on the computers. My sister only did it because they treated her like a dogsbody.

“Jim then demanded the computer back and started to get nasty. We argued for about two days over the phone about it and then on Saturday I got the picture of him with his wife and son and a shotgun. He then called the cops to my house and had me arrested for theft. The cops are raging because he told them a load of nonsense about there being cops’ and top judges’ personal details being on the computer just to get them to arrest me.”

She says Jim idolises leader Nick Griffin and loves the BNP.

“Jim went nuts after the Sunday World story in June and pulled us all in to a meeting. He banned mobile phones in the office and he installed cameras everywhere. But so many people have left he only had one call centre salesperson left. Jim is terrified that the place is going to fold because the business has dried up. During my time we brought in 4,000 new members but he can’t get past 13,000 members.

Nutter Nick’s girl is working undiecover in his Belfast office

Jenny Matthys, daughter of race hate nutter Nick GriffinTHIS the daughter of race hate nutter Nick Griffin – and she’s set up home in Ulster. Posing in her underwear she looks like a decent fun-loving girl – but behind the veneer she’s as bitter as her dad.

Jenny Matthys is a dyed-in-the wool BNP fanatic and has been sent by MEP dad Nick to Belfast to run the party’s membership office. Jenny, who’s 23 years old, is living in a tiny flat in Comber with her new Welsh husband who also works for the BNP in Belfast.

Her dad made a controversial appearance on the BBC’s Question Time programme on Thursday night and it’s believed Jenny was in London to bask in her father’s ‘glory’. The Sunday World can reveal that Jenny moved over here in July after a string of visits to Northern Ireland. Now she’s living here permanently and has become a fan of loyalist band culture.

“Jenny loves the whole loyalist thing,” says the former office manager of the Belfast BNP office. “She’s a big fan of the Goldsprings Flute Band who are a blood and thunder band from Comber. Jenny even joined them recently and goes to band practice every week. She doesn’t play anything – instead they let her carry the flag. She went up to Derry recently with Jim Dowson and his family to see the band parade.”

Jenny is also filled with contempt for ethnic minorities.

“Jenny is just like her dad. She loves the BNP and wants to follow in her dads footsteps. In fact she’s even worse than her dad because she says stuff that he even realises is too stupid to say. And she’s like him in other ways too – she’s extremely arrogant – in fact she’s a complete bitch.

As a 17-year-old Jenny planned to run for council as a BNP representative but the plan never got off the ground. But she has spent most of her life since she was a teenager working to promote the vile views of the BNP. Her husband Angus works in the mailroom of the Belfast office and came over from Wales to live here with Jenny.

Racist gets invite to Ulster

Hardline loyalists are to invite BNP leader Nick Griffin to address supporters in Ulster.

A fascist group based in Mid-Ulster have been in contact with the BNP’s head office in London. It followed his appearance on the BBC1 Question Time show on Thursday which was watched by a record 8 million viewers. The hardline loyalists want the MEP and one of his right wing councillors to come to the province in the New Year to host a question and answer session.

Said a source: “Loyalists are fed up that their local unionist politicians who don’t speak up for them. We want Ulster to remain British. We don’t foreigners coming and taking our jobs and our homes. We want a councillor to stand in next year’s elections as mid Ulster has a large foreign national population. We will give him a warn welcome because we believe he speaks up for the loyalist people of Ulster.’’

Nick Griffin is no stranger to Ulster and has a long association with hardline loyalist groups over his opposition to Sinn Fein and the IRA. Five years ago, the Sunday World revealed how Griffin held a series of meetings with neo Nazis groups at a Belfast hotel. He also met a number of senior UVF figures who were Ulster cheerleaders for the BNP.

Sunday World


Anonymous said...

A friend of a friend of mine slept with Nick Griffin's daughter. Funnily enough he's Asian!

Jamie The Antifascist said...

I just don't understand the connection between loyalists and facists/racists/neo-nazi's, why has England always been tainted with racism from these dickheads?

"poo-sticks" said...

The EDL have according to a Birmingham MP signed a deal to link up with the UDA in Belfast to provide weapons training and help with evading the police and the secret services.

Anonymous said...

anti-Catholic Flute Bands, extreme Loyalism, UVF.....Let's make sure potential Roman Catholic BNP voters in England hear about this at the General Election next year!

Barbara said...

It's those who feel hard-done-by, the ones with great chips on their shoulders, perceived grievances, those from the losing sides in ideological struggles in Northern Ireland and South Africa and Britain who seem attracted to the BNP.

Jamie The Antifascist said...

"The EDL have according to a Birmingham MP signed a deal to link up with the UDA in Belfast to provide weapons training"

I thought the UDA had decomissioned all of their guns?

RJB said...

The BNP have held weapons training in the past using hunting guns if I rememember right.

I'm sure that I did read somewhere that the UDA didn't decommision all of their weapons as required under the peace deal, but maybe they have done now.

If so, it will be clay pigeon rifles.

The UDA are said to run criminal extortion gangs in NI, which raise money for the UDA infrastructure. This is what is most attractive to both the BNP and the EDL, the knowledge of how to use criminal money in operating organised racism. That way, if a government freezes official funds, neo-nazi organisations can continue to operate with illegal money.

The EDL were filmed on newsnight admitting as such, some week ago, that they were in talks with the UDA.

Funny how both the BNP and EDL are attracted by anti-Catholic bigots in Northern Ireland. It's as if Nick Gri££in has totally forgotten his days in "Third Way, lol!"

portman said...

According to the BBC news report on the 9th of September, the UDA must decommission its guns by February 2010.


That gives their sectarian murderers (i.e. field unit commanders) half a year to make some money from their ammo and expertise by loaning out their terrorist services to like-minded groups, even those as seemingly as childish as the English Defence League.

EDL Exposed! said...

Here's a picture of the EDL's founder Paul Ray with a German neo-Nazi helping set up a modern incarnation if the Thule Society, the pan-European "Templar Knights", with the following article.


It seems European neo-nazis are linking up to form a white supremacy network to rival Nick Griffin's "loveable KKK".

Anonymous said...

The EDL should be arrested under anti-terror leglislation.

DerryD said...

I wouldn't put it past the neo-nazi EDL to commemorate Guy Fawkes Night with the KKK-style burning of racist effigies, mixing a sectarian loyalist loathing of Catholicism (Guy Fawkes was the Al Quaida of his time) with their racist hatred of Islam.

Most British neo-Nazis still loathe the Irish as much as Muslim people, thus in Birmingham and Manchester the incessant chants about the IRA (even though they have decommisioned and now support peace).

When the EDL talk about loyalty to Queen and Country, they regard Roman Catholics to be race-traitors as much as black and Asian people, for seeking Irish and Scottish independence.

Rangers hooligans are pro-British, which is why the EDL (SDL, or whatever) are arranging for fascist hooligan Rangers thugs to march around Glasgow in a few weeks time.

Anonymous said...

Irish Catholics stopped Mosley in his tracks, and they will do the same against BNP/EDL neo-nazis.

...... said...

Celtic fans are both anti-racist and anti-English Imperialist, so when the Rangers lot of the SDL and EDL start chanting Rule Britannia, Celtic fans should remember that the EDL are expressing a love of the same English imperialism that resulted in the Irish Potato Famine, when English soldiers allowed Irish Catholics to die.

Stopping the EDL /SDL will be a statement of Celtic intent against these violent English nationalists.

Anonymous said...

Expect Irish tricolors in Leeds and Glasgow in the coming weeks as Irishmen and descendents realise the threat they face from the EDL's violent English Nationalism.

It was loyalist extremists who gave the EDL the "smart idea" of holding up Israeli flags while making salutes to Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

English fascists see unionism as a readymade KKK.

Anonymous said...

The EDl and BNP cannot have both proud Catholics and loyalist bigots in the same organisation, as both sets of people hate each others guts. It seems that they have both plumped for the latter, as they know there is money, guns and criminal expertise on offer to the highest bidder in Belfast.

Anonymous said...

English bigots used the effigy of Guy Fawkes to persecute Catholics just like today's racist bigots use Osama Bin Laden to persecute Asian Muslims.

It's very much a parallel, don't we agree?

Anonymous said...

Somone mentioned Bonfire Night and Guy Fawks, earlier in the thread.

I hope the police in Leeds will be searching the football hooligans for fireworks, as if the neo-nutzi edl let them off in Leeds, there will be mayhem!!!

charles Tee said...

There's this most vile uncensored "free speech" blog called the Guido Forkes Blog where BNPers and EDLers have called to sterilise poor non-white people to stop them from having kids.


Racial sterilisation took place both in Nazi Germany and Australia, in the latter case to destroy the Australian Aboriginal population.

If national socialists ever got in power in the UK, there would be most definately an underground French Resistence-style movement to overthrow them supported by 99% of the British public.

Most people, thank goodness, are not in racist in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Funky new banner!!!!

CCTV Viewer said...

I like the new title image thing at the top of the page but for some reason it looks a bit grubby around the letters. Also shouldn't it say "anti-fascist blog" or "pissing off the far-right" or something similar?

Anonymous said...

Mark Collett's gun is not half as big as Dowsons.

Anonymous said...

Irish Catholics stopped Mosley in his tracks, and they will do the same against BNP/EDL neo-nazis.

Not quite so cut-and-dried. Outside of the East End, it was the Irish Catholics in Manchester who formed the largest block of members for Mosley's BUF. It was Irish Catholics who volunteered to fight in Spain for Franco - more of them than the entire International Brigade of anti-Fascist fighters. And during WWII the Irish Government interned large numbers of the IRA because of their active support for Hitler, to the point where a fifth column and cilil war was feared.
And don't forget those well-known Catholics - Hitler, Mussollini and Franco!
OK, Hitler was pretty much a token Catholic, but to equate Irish Catholic=anti-nazi is a massive generalisation, even today.

Anonymous said...

'anti-Catholic Flute Bands, extreme Loyalism, UVF.....Let's make sure potential Roman Catholic BNP voters in England hear about this at the General Election next year!'

Better still let's make sure the voters in the upcoming Glasgow By-election hear about it this year. That'll kill Charlie Baillies vote stone dead.

yorkboy said...

In York a traditionally Catholic city where Guy Fawkes came from (despite the protestant cathedral York Minister), Catholics do not celebrate Guy Fawkes night as they describe the celebration as vehemently anti-Catholic.

Loinah said...

Support grows for Leeds unity statement against the racist English Defence League
Protest in Leeds: Sat 31 October, 12 midday, outside the Art Gallery on the Headrow
Anti-racists, politicians, faith leaders, trade unions and community leaders and have signed the statement opposing the EDL marching in Leeds and calling for unity to celebrate and defend multicultural Leeds.

The statement reads:

"We the undersigned strongly oppose plans by the 'English Defence League' - a group linked to the fascist BNP - to demonstrate in Leeds city centre. The EDL is a racist group dedicated to attacking Asian people and Muslims. Islamophobia - bigotry against Muslims - is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. Its aim is to divide us by making scapegoats of one community, just as the Nazis did with the Jews in the 1930s.

Today they threaten the mosque, tomorrow it could be a synagogue, temple or church. Today they threaten Muslims, tomorrow it could be Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, black people, lesbians & gay men, travellers or Eastern Europeans. There is no place for Nazis, racists or the BNP in Leeds multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious community.

We call on the Home Secretary and the police to ban the EDL action.

We also urge people to attend the peaceful ‘Celebrate and defend multicultural Leeds’ rally to be held outside the Art Gallery on Saturday 31st October at midday."

Signatories so far include: Individuals: Fabian Hamilton MP, Councillor Richard Brett (Leader of Leeds City Council), Sue Dorsey (President of the Leeds Jewish Representative Council), Reverend John Packer (Bishop of Ripon and Leeds), Paul Clays (Regional secretary of the CWU), Tim Roache (Regional Secretary of the GMB), Councillor Arif Hussain, Councillor Josephine Jarosz, Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, Councillor Adam Ogilvie, Asghar Khan (Prospective councillor), Zubeda Arshad (Armley Mosque), Revd Ashley Hardingham (Minister Chapel Allerton Baptist Church), Gill Goodswen (Vice President, NUT), Tony Stanley (Leeds REC), Mick Hooson (NAPO - West Yorkshire Branch Chair), Keith Allen (Actor), Tony Walsh (PCS Negotiations officer), Patrick Murphy (Leeds NUT secretary), Prof Malcolm Povey (President Leeds Uni UCU) Andy Brammer (Wakefield TUC secretary), Brian Mulvey (Leeds City Council UNISON Branch secretary), Bill Chard (GMB Regional Organiser), Sally Kincaid (NUT - Wakefield and District Divisional Secretary), Ken Cridland Lancashire Secretary (National Union of Teachers), Ian Murch (National Treasurer of the NUT and Bradford divisional secretary), Alex Kenny (NUT National Executive member) and many others.


Yorkshire and Humberside TUC, Yorkshire and Humberside UCU, Leeds TUC, Yorkshire and Humberside UAF.

For more information, or to add your name to the unity statement send an email to info@leedsuaf.org.uk

Loinah said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't the new image a couple of pixels short?

GeeGees said...





Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The EDL demo in Leeds at the weekend is advertised as meeting in City Square this Sat at 1pm.

Anonymous said...

The spooks will be out for Halloween in Leeds. The EDL are funded by mi6 not the bnp.

jim said...

Radovan Karadžić must be a hero to the BNP/EDL, mass murdering Muslim people like the fuckin' Nazis.

Anonymous said...

i can just see nick griffin wincing at that picture of his daughter. we should publicise it everywhere and show the fat fuck! dinnertime conversation would be funny then in the griffin household.

Anonymous said...

I've finally worked you lot out,it's anything English you hate isn't it.Do you realise thats racist.

Kirklees Unity said...

Why are we having a debate about the EDL on this thread?

This is about Jim Dowson and his call centre.

belfast child said...

Why are we having a debate about the EDL on this thread?
This is about Jim Dowson and his call centre.

Nail on the head Kirklees.Im neither here there,left,right or centre of politics but i find yours ketlans and denise's write ups very good.We will never welcome the likes of Dowson and Griffin in Belfast and Dowson knows that.We are all getting over our problems from the past and building communities back together and would rather it stay that way.

Brummie said...

I've finally worked you lot out,it's anything English you hate isn't it.Do you realise thats racist.

We're not anti-English, we are anti right wing arseholes like you hijacking our national flag/culture/football with your racial hatred and fascism thinly disguised as patriotism.

ps Up the Bhoys!

Brummie said...

AAh yes, and Aston Villa fans Against Racism and Fascism!!!

wedger said...

"I've finally worked you lot out,it's anything English you hate isn't it.Do you realise thats racist".

What an absolute prick, and someone who was probably making "patriotic" Hitler salutes in Manchester City Centre a fortnight ago. Nobody who makes Nazi salutes should ever be called British or English, if you had wished the Germans had won the war.

Anonymous said...

''I've finally worked you lot out,it's anything English you hate isn't it.Do you realise thats racist''.

wots English? I certainly like England - I live here for fucks sake! I'd be a deeply sad individual if i didn't....

I imagine, however, that your England is formed from some vague Romantic notion of an authetic existence deep in the past. An existence, that if it did ever exist, would be based on homogeneity and social exclusion in the extreme - a sense of 'belonging' that can only justify itself by projecting a sense of utter inconstancy on the other person (Muslim anyone?).

You probably couch it in ridiculous antiquated language, which, unbeknownest to yourself, gives it a plastic quality that mades you look a little daft in front of anyone with half a brain cell and that doesn't spend every waking minute rubbing the swollen head of their tiny penis on sepia-tinted pictures of a Britain that you imagined existed one day, but have no proof of; and even if you did, that is utterly unverifiable. Subject, like everything, to the contingency that has definitely existed for the last two hundred years at least.

Let's tackle that claim of 'racism' as well shall we? What you miss in your defintion, love, is the power relation inherent in race hate. That power relation, and this will NEVER change, is heavily in your favour and always has been. Where is your ethics man? How can you get out of bed in the morning twisting history like you do?, playing the victim like you bnpers do so well and that appalls and shocks me to my very british core?

Oh, but i doubt you'll even read this will you?

Go boil you fucking head.....

Denise said...

"Isn't the new image a couple of pixels short?"

It's a quirk of the CSS - the same thing happens on our super-secret test bed site.

Kirklees is correct. EDL threads already exist and that's where EDL comments belong.

Brummie said...

Indeed, one of the things that make me PROUD to be BRITISH is that we are made up of so many different races and cultures, Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, European Jew, Carribean Irish and Indian sub-continent have all helped to shape our great nation in 2009, all together, all British and all human.

Course, the BNP/EDL live in the Britain that was, not the one that is!

blogger said...

Let's show how hard these BNP/EDL/BPP/NF/Combat18 types are, making Hitler salutes on camera while marching under the effect of alcohol.

If you racist neo-nazi scumbags actually think Hitler losing the war was a bad thing, (like cowardly white supremacist Chris Beverley from Morley who attends NPD SS veterans events in Germany, for instance), walk up to a British War Veterans commemoration this poppy day and start making your oh-so-fucking brave Hitler salutes, and watch ninety year olds taking you on, lashing out with every ounce of energy, as those are the real war heroes not the fucking unpatriotic far right.

One of the members of the Question Time panel or audience could have killed off Griffin by mentioning Beverley attending SS Veterans events, for the mere mention of the SS brings neverending revulsion amongst the British people.

The Royal British Legion are right - Nick Griffin should not be wearing that poppy.

Take it off Griffin, for you and your party wish Hitler had won World War II, you fuckin' cowardly pantie waste!!!

Shame there was also no mention of Griffin's poppy the other day on Question Time!

Anonymous said...

Searchlight now believe the BNP and the EDL are the same organisation, I read in the paper the other day.

One branch fights elections, the other fights on streets with fists.

Brummie said...

blogger, let's not forget the Wanker of West Heath Mike Bell, who goes to the White Power rock concerts in Germany!

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Brummie said...

Indeed, one of the things that make me PROUD to be BRITISH is that we are made up of so many different races and cultures, Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, European Jew, Carribean Irish and Indian sub-continent have all helped to shape our great nation in 2009, all together, all British and all human.

Course, the BNP/EDL live in the Britain that was, not the one that is!

ah, come on Brummie... britain was shaped by loads of that long before your average EDL members descendends had even stepped off the boat!

Now that the beeb seem to want to throw (our) money at fascist publicity stunts they should run a new series of 'who do you think you are' soley for EDL/BNP members and see just how 'ethnically pure' they are actually!.... most of them would probably run a mile, apart from the one too stupid to realise we are by default a 'mongrel' race, always have been and always will be... its what we thrive and succeed on.

Jace said...

The more I see it, the more I like that new title thing at the top of the page. It makes the whole page look cleaner. There should be a tag line though, maybe something like "your daily anti-fascist resource" or "your daily anti-fascist news" or keeping you up to date with the fight against the fash". Something like that anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

whats the AlphaGraphics photo got to do with the article. cant see where thats mentioned?

Is that colet and grifins print shop?

Mr Green said...

It's a shame that as well as the KKK, Nazi veterans events were not mentioned on telly as Griffin couldn't have lied about BNP people attending such sickening events.

All Griffin could have said would have been something like "our BNP members were heading for Berlin and got lost on the Autobahn, and ended up by complete and total accident in the middle of nowhere, amongst a crowd of medal-wearing orginal nazis. The next thing they knew, there were these deadly wasps threatening to sting our brave BNP members so they reached up with what looked like straight arm salutes to swat the wasps away"!


Can anybody come up with a better bullshit excuse for the likes of Beverley and Bell to attend proper nazi gatherings, if Griffin is ever confronted about it?

This ought to be a competition - the best Griffin-style bullshit to worm one's way out of the truth.

pal said...

Looking at the picture makes me think the following thoughts: -

"Man of God" Dowson toting his gun, is ready to break the most sacred of the commandments if a non-white man crosses his path.

Anonymous said...

Wander if Dowson has a license to use his gun, or did it come from loyalist paramilitaries?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Tory. They are always blowing the heads off of something or other.

Anonymous said...

Must be reassuring for the "Master Race" to see that their "Leaders" keep themselves in such good shape.

LULZ (Just for you Bev, I know you're watching!).

Anonymous said...

shotgun? smallist one i have ever seen, looks like the toddlers. very scary???

Anonymous said...

Dowson is no loyalist ffs he is a con man. he would sell ira stuff is he could make a few quid.

Anonymous said...

These racist neo-nazis think they are so hard when carring guns, but without weapons, or strength in numbers, they are cowards.

Anonymous said...

"shotgun? smallist one i have ever seen, looks like the toddlers. very scary???"

Could be "sawn off" which is illegal - even in the States.

Workingman said...

Griffin might say; i sent some bnp members out for pies when they were confronted by some labour party thugs and uaf racists who chased them all the way to germany. Desperate and hungry they spotted an outdoor event. The good and kind people of this event invited them in and gave them food and a horn of mead (fanta was also available). When they were invited onto the stage, they thanked the crowd for rescuing them and spotted a UFO in the sky. They were pointing it out to the nazis when a lab/lib/con/leftie reporter being paid by the mindbending zog lizardmen took a photo. This same UFO was also spotted above the RWB festival, the home of Lee Barnes and reports of sightings have been recieved from luton, birmingham and manchester. BNP scientists have tracked the movements of this UFO and are predicting the next sightings will be in yorkshire, in the leeds area.