October 09, 2009

Police Warning Over Far-Right Street Demo

Senior police officers are warning they will not tolerate any violence as a far-right group prepares to rally in Manchester

The English Defence League, which campaigns against radical Islam, is staging the latest in a series of protests in the city on Saturday. On the same day, and in the same city square, Unite Against Facism will lead a counter-demonstration. Greater Manchester Police believe at least 500 people will gather in Piccadilly Gardens, close to the city centre.

Chief Superintendent Gerry Donnellan said: "While we respect people's right to protest peacefully, the safety of the community is paramount and anyone who behaves in a way which might create disorder or disrupt people going lawfully about their business will be dealt with. Anyone who would want to exploit this demonstration by behaving in a criminal, racist or anti-social way will be dealt with appropriately."

The EDL denies accusations made by anti-facist groups that it is affiliated to the BNP or National Front.

Previous demonstrations involving the EDL and UAF have descended into violence. The most recent in Birmingham was billed as a peaceful protest - but it quickly turned nasty and both sides blamed each other for the fighting. After the disturbances West Midlands Police questioned whether an organised peaceful protest was really the objective of those attending.

Greater Manchester Police say they have monitored previous demonstrations and have been talking to organisers from both sides for some weeks to ensure Saturday's protests pass off as peacefully as possible.

Sky News


Joe Chapman said...

"The English Defence League, which campaigns against radical Islam" - Sky News

No it doesn't. The disclaimer is that it is only against radical Islam but other words and actions show this to be rubbish and that the EDL at very least is against all Muslims even to the point of asking people to boycott all Muslims, Muslim businesses. They also call for the banning of certain types of clothing because they assert that people are made to wear the clothing.

The EDL are an apartheid organisation.

Jamie The Antifascist said...

The only extremism that I have seen recently has come white middle aged-men running around shopping center's screaming and shouting sieg hail whilst verbally abusing innocent bystanders walking by...

-heck there should be a league set up to go against the extremism of the EDL!

Anonymous said...

Watch out when the sieg hail is flying -- it can dent cars.

Honest Plods Speak Up said...

If there is a Greater Manchester Plod reading this, please reply on here, and to the whole world why you are not just allowing, but laying on a courtesy booze party in Wetherspoons, for a bunch of violent football hooligans who cannot handle their drink.

It's the unstably illogical equivalent of providing kiddy fiddlers with free child porn magazines, before unleashing them into a school playground.