October 16, 2009

Racism will remain at root of BNP

The somewhat bizarre decision by the British National Party to change its whites-only membership rules to comply with equality law strikes us as being driven purely by financial necessity.

The BNP is not, if readers will pardon the pun, changing its colours. It simply cannot afford to fight the court proceedings being brought against it by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The BNP’s leader Nick Griffin has now pledged to revise its constitution so its rules on membership no longer discriminate on the grounds of race and religion. We have no doubt the change will happen. Mr Griffin and his cohorts have no choice. But it is mere window dressing. The BNP is a far-right party with policies that drip with the venom of racism and discrimination. It will remain so no matter what its constitution might say.

Mr Griffin, now an elected MEP, continues to attempt to coat his party with the veneer of respectability. Thankfully the majority of British voters continue to see through the disguise and recognise the fascism that lurks beneath it. This is a party, let us not forget, that believes people like the England footballer Ashley Cole, born and bred in this country, are not British because of the colour of their skin.

There is a simple way to test the BNP’s apparent new commitment to equality. A great many black Britons should apply to join the party. Racism may no longer be written into the BNP’s membership rules but it will remain at the root of every one of its actions and policies.

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LOL said...

Hanworth ward by-election (Bracknell) Thursday 15th October

Cons - 640
Lab - 377
LibDem - 206
UKIP - 139 (9.2% - God, I hate this party)
Green - 77
BNP - 70 (4.6%)

Oh dear me.......

Brummie said...

How about the BNP coming fourth in Heath Hayes/Wimblebury, West Midlands region and, in one of their strongest areas in the whole UK, SECOND with almost ONE THOUSAND votes behind Labour in Barnsley!

I gather the Unbritish National Party (Praty I nearly typed!!!) aren't too chuffed this morning!!

Anonymous said...


Protesters greet Dutch far-right MP
Oct 16 .Tension was high as angry protests greeted a visit to the UK by a Dutch far-right MP.

Around 40 demonstrators gathered near the Houses of Parliament as Geert Wilders arrived in central London.
Abu Muaz, from Islam For UK, said: "If I were to say some of the things he has said I would be arrested under the Terrorism Act. But because there is a war on Muslims he gets an easy ride."

Addressing journalists alongside UKIP peer Lord Pearson, Mr Wilders said his visit was "a victory".

Anonymous said...

Another unhappy bnper letting off steam prehaps? ?