February 24, 2010

'BNP' graffiti on Mansfield mosque

Community leaders have united to condemn the racist vandals who carved a swastika and the letters 'BNP' into the door of a Mansfield mosque

Police are investigating after Mansfield Jamee Masjid, on Goodacre Street, was targeted and have helped install a new CCTV system following a number of similar incidents. But the nature of the most recent graffiti attack has been met with widespread outrage from politicians, police and religious leaders.

Runu Ahad, secretary of Mansfield and Ashfield Bangladeshi Association (MABA), which runs the mosque, said: "'BNP' has been scratched on the door three times – the latest one appeared as soon as we painted over the letters from the previous incident. We've had ongoing problems, we've had windows broken and we've had break-ins. It's a place of worship and these people have no regard for a place of worship. It's a constant issue of us having to repair it, then it gets done again."



Anonymous said...

Minister: BNP wants election violence but we will stop them


Anonymous said...

The EDL do similar things in BNP voting hotspots, which proves they are linked. Build up the race tension and capitalise at the ballot box.


Anonymous said...

If I were the BNP I wouldn't want the party associated with the swastika. This will prove to be bad publicity for them and is probably the work of BNP supporters who aren't doing their heroes any favours.

Anonymous said...

I thought you may be interested in this posting I have placed on Nothing british about the bnp
After spending a while looking through this website i have come to the conclusion that this is very clever propoganda. Each posting is negative to the BNP, the comments then by a very large majority are very pro BNP. I have been studying the BNP propoganda machine and know full well that they are masters of it. In fact its a toss up who is the biggest culprit using this propoganda the BNP or Labour. Mind you they are both [very cleverly disguised even to the members]fascist partys who both appear to be have read 'mine kampf' One far right the other far left [using the horseshoe anology they are very close]. Alistair Campbell was the master of this for Bliar, Griffin appears to have Arthur Kemp . Basically they all lie and all have hidden agendas.
And as in pre war europe the fascists and the commies need each other to galvanise there supporters and be a focal point for there members to direct there blame and anger at,,whilst the leaders of the parties keep there own cards close to there chests. Hitler and Stalin-- Griffin and Blair/Brown
Makes you think dont it

Anonymous said...

There nothing British about the BNP
previous comment has a line missing. supposed to read
not saying you are pro BNP but you are leaving yourself wide open to there propoganda machine

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