February 11, 2010

EDL + BNP Bradford Riot Preview

No disrespect to normal, decent football supporters, but in 2001 an openly Nazi BNP stewards group called Combat 18 organised racist football hooligans (mainly Oldham, Stoke and Manchester hooligans) to riot in Oldham, where BNP chairman Nick Griffin was running for election as Oldham West and Royton candidate. Nick Griffin LOST, but the rioting spread to Bradford.

In 2009 BNP official Lee Barnes called for "white riots" across the UK. In 2010, shortly after a big EDL protest in Stoke, the EDL are organising right-wing hooligans to mob-up in Bradford, to coincide with the BNP general election campaign. The EDL Bradford rally isn't a protest, it's a pre-planned riot, and the EDL have no more right to commit this crime than car thieves have a "right" to steal cars.

Much as I appreciate the desire to slap Nazi traitors, Anti-Fascists and Asian lads please STAY CALM and don't give the BNP and EDL a PR victory.

All decent people in the EDL - you are being used by Nazis. Please STAY AWAY from the EDL Bradford protest - if you don't, then you CHOOSE to stand side-by-side with the ideology that bombed Britain during WW2.



UK Fightback / BNP info said...

Thanks for embedding :)

Anonymous said...

"In 2009 BNP official Lee Barnes called for "white riots" across the UK."

Isn't that incitement and a crime?

benny said...

It is incitement and a crime but Looney Lee Barnes doesn't give a shit!

Anonymous said...

"Isn't that incitement and a crime?"

Yes, but Lee 'Special Branch' Barnes seems immune from prosecution.