February 25, 2010

BNP say right to use force

Two Havering BNP candidates have backed the forced ejection of a national newspaper's reporter from a meeting in Elm Park.

General Election candidate, Michael Barnbrook, who is standing for Dagenham and Rainham, and Robert Bailey, a Romford candidate in the local elections, have both condoned the treatment of The Times' reporter Dominic Kennedy at the hands of their security guards at a pub on February 14.

Mr Barnbrook said: "The whole thing was stage managed by the reporter because he was asked to leave the premises and refused. The law states that you can remove a trespasser from the premises using as much force as necessary."

Mr Kennedy was invited to the meeting, but was forced out when the party's London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook, became angry over an article in The Times. Security guards shoved Mr Kennedy out of the pub, with one even grabbing his nose.

Michael Barnbrook, a retired police inspector, said: "He was struggling violently and that is why he had a number of security officers around him. He was not assaulted, he was legally removed from the premises. He had the option to walk out unaided but chose not to."

Mr Bailey said: "A lot of people that work for The Times are very ugly and nasty. They have a distinct agenda and he was told to leave and we should have the right to evict anyone if it is a private meeting."

The extraordinary general meeting was held following the BNP's vote to allow black and Asian people into the party. The party was forced to change its rules after it was threatened with an injunction by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

But Gooshays ward BNP Cllr Mark Logan, who was not allowed into the meeting because his membership had expired, condemned the violence. He said: "The reporter should not have been man handled but should have been ushered out in a dignified manner and I was upset about what had happened because I do not believe in violence."

Barking, Dagenham and Havering Together has been set up in the wake of the meeting to fight the BNP. It is concerned about the party's rise in Barking and Dagenham and its encroachment into Havering. For further information, call 07973 421463.

Romford and Havering Post


Anonymous said...

I think the whole ejection of Times reporter Dominic Kennedy was a staged event and a set-up.

The BNP are under pressure from the National Front, who are certainly recruiting BNP members after the dropping of the colour bar, and the EDL, who are drawing off street activists. To prove they still have muscle and are true 'Nationalists' I reckon the leadership instructed their doorstaff to ambush Kennedy and make sure they were photographed rouging him up.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the BNP councillor whose membership has expired is about to jump ship?

C. Ctv said...

"....I do not believe in violence."

That makes him fairly unique in the BNP then.

rex said...

Well done Lancaster Unity.

The EDL Fascist Fight Night has been cancelled: --

(see this councillor's twitter)

Cancelled on Community Safety Grounds.


Ben Trunch said...

The BNP are kvetching about their racist candidate in the Totnes constituency being barred from a private "meet-the-candidates" meeting.

What, just as they forcibly barred that Times reporter from their private meeting?

Good on the gentle Volk of Totnes! Keep the Nazi scum out of the English Riviera!

Oy vey!

Denise said...

Tonight's by-election news:

Primrose (S. Tyneside MBC) Feb 25

Lab 854 (42.05%)
BNP 566 (27.87%) -5.06%
Ind 213 (10.49%)
Ind 174 (8.57%)
Con 124 (6.11%)
LibD 100 (4.92%)

32% turnout

2008 result

Lab 1005 (48.60%)
BNP 681 (32.93%)
Con 382 (18.47%)

16 share falls out of 17 recontested since June.

And the BNP failed to nominate in Broxtowe BC Eastwood South - 2 candidates in 2007.

ex-fascist said...

Mmm...more votes for the BNP in Primrose than I'd have liked but it's heading in the right direction.

Once again it would seem to have been the intervention of independent candidates that has damaged the BNP's chances. No help from Labour.

Will anti-fascists draw any conclusions from this do you reckon?

Anonymous said...

An excellent piece about organised racism in the armed services in Southport.


Please include on your blog, Antifascist

Mersey Anti-Fash

Anonymous said...

going by the primrose result all the parties had a drop in votes so you cant read to much into it ,

John P said...

Anonymous said...

going by the primrose result all the parties had a drop in votes so you cant read to much into it ,

9:29 AM, February 26, 2010

Maybe not as a one off result but it is still a 5% drop in their vote in an area where they have thrown everything at. Brons and Griffin have both visited in the last couple of weeks, the Lie Lorry was out and about and they say they had activists from all over the north up there to canvass and leaflet.
As Denise has pointed out that's 16 places all over the country where their percentage of the vote has fallen along with several places where they have chosen not to stand.