February 19, 2010

BNP humiliated in Fazakerley

The racist BNP have been HUMILIATED in the Fazakerley by-election. Their vote was almost HALF what they got in the 2008 contest, due not least to the determined campaign run by Liverpool Anti-Fascists. Over 5,000 anti-BNP leaflets were delivered in the ward and the message hit home. Voters in a working-class area of Liverpool totally rejected the BNP’s message and the thuggish, intimidatory tactics that this fascist party tried in the election.

Despite having a candidate who lived in the ward, and who had stood there before, the BNP came a miserable third out of four contenders. This was regardless of the fact that the Conservatives and UKIP did not even stand candidates. In 2008 the BNP received 440 votes in the ward - this time they only got 234. Their percentage of the vote in 2008 was 14% - now, with less candidates standing, they have dropped to 8. 8% - complete humiliation.

On polling day, already knowing that the voters had rejected them, Liverpool BNP arrived outside the home of a Labour councillor, Steve Rotherham, and used loudspeakers and intimidation in a vicious last stand. The police were called and the BNP were forced to move on. THIS is the real face of the BNP — they pretend to be a normal, democratic political party, but when the voters turn against them, the old fascist tactics of fear and thuggery come to the fore.

Let the Fazakerley campaign be a lesson to anti-fascists everywhere. The way to combat the BNP’s appeal to working-class voters, and to counter their bogus slogan of ’British Jobs for British Workers’, is to clearly make the case that fascism and racism offer nothing but division and defeat to working people. There is no alternative in the struggle against the BNP but to get out onto the doorsteps, as they do, and put a class analysis against fascism. The BNP are nasty racists, but they are more than that. They are a fascist party, and fascism is a weapon, waiting to be picked up by the ruling class. The way to counter fascism is by promoting working-class solidarity.

The voters of Fazakerley have shown that they will not be divided by the BNP. Liverpool Anti-Fascists have shown that the BNP can be stopped by a vigorous and determined campaign, as they were in the Halewood by-election recently — another mainly white, working-class district in Liverpool that rejected a local BNP candidate and the BNP’s message of hate and division after a strong anti-fascist campaign. We are going to break the BNP in Liverpool. This is just the start.

Liverpool Anti-Fascists


Anonymous said...

So with everything going in favour of the BNP and Griffin getting what he wanted over allowing non-whites in, the party lost 50% of its vote. If this happens too often, we might start to believe its members are racist and don't want to vote for a party that isn't whites only.

JJ said...

Votes halving? Thats not what Griffo is telling the troops!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Liverpool Antifascists.

Liverpool fascists have always been nasty and particularly violent, going way back to the BUF in the 30's. Salutations go out to you guys!

Anonymous said...

Doesnt look good for the BNPs Genral Election chances.

And with the party parachuting in party top knobs in their best areas, even those look dodgy for them.

No wander fewer people have chosen not to renew membership this time

UK Fightback said...

Well done Liverpool Anti-Fascists... flippin' great!

One specifically anti-working class policy the BNP advocate is the abolition of income tax. Whatever the BNP seek to replace it with (presumably much higher VAT), this policy would formally end all redistribution of wealth and massively shift the burden of paying for services like the NHS away from the rich onto the poor. Pointing this out to working class voters can be a very powerful weapon against the BNP.

In my opinion the reason the BNP advocate this is because Griffin wants to win back the wealthy backers who financed the Fascist movement before WW2 (but who dropped Fascism like a ton of hot bricks after minor embarrassments like losing the war). The BNP may want "British Jobs for British Workers" but they still want British workers to be kept dirt poor!

Another flaw that highlights the mis-perception of the BNP as a pro-working class party is to point out just how many British workers would lose employment overseas if nationalist employment policies provoke tit-for-tat reactions by foreign governments. So far as I remember about 4 million British people work overseas.

Anonymous said...

With "popular" ex-BNP councillor Alby Walker AND the NF both standing against the BNP in Stoke, it looks like the BNP campaign in Stoke is frankly f****d.

I'm not saying we should be complacent however, any opportunity to beat the BNP is also an opportunity to HUMILIATE the BNP, and they should be hammered as hard as possible wherever they stand.

As for the BNP's other key target in Barking / Dagenham - things are still looking pretty frightening there.

As for Liverpool - also keep on reminding voters about the self-styled "Nazi Assassin" Joe Owens!

Anonymous said...

At this rate it's WIPE OUT for them on May 16th!

Anonymous said...

The NF are back making trouble.

'National Front' attack on home


Anonymous said...

Looks like its only on in Yorkshire? Did not watch the clip but is that former BNPee'er Tom Lindon? Is he NF now?


joe's brain cell said...

Maybe that deluded moron Joe Owens helped with this fantastic result eh?
What with all those government moles, spies, secret agents and KGB operators crawling around everywhere he looks I’m surprised he found the time to help.....
but hang on a minute I just remembered he didn’t, he thought the BNP candidate was a triple-agent working for Mossad and ZOG so refused to help out. Sorry Joe, you freak. lol

Anonymous said...

Great result and the BNP's antics will make it worse for them. But the author should note that the electorate didn't "totally" reject the BNP - they got 234 votes. Never be complacent when assessing these scumbags.

Benny said...

On the BBC Look North programme, in Yorkshire, Look North announced on a news programme that most of the BNP members in Yorkshire were joining the equally as hardcore white supremacist National Front over the change in constitution, and interviewed Nazi SS Veterans event attender Chris Beverley to get his opinion.

They showed footage of a 1970s era National Front riot in Bradford, which is kind of onimous for Bradford on the 30th of May, when yon consider that the National Front were involved in the race riots of 2001, and national front members along with BNP and BPP members have been spotted at EDL scuffles in recent weeks.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the start of the end for the BNP nationwide, well done to the Liverpool Antifascists, 2010 should see the end of the BNP in Liverpool, with so many retards in their ranks, the Liverpool BNP have had their day now.

NewsHound said...




NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

How come Clive Jefferson the BNP NW organiser is still in the BNP with is dodgy background. He claims invalidity benifit, but leaflets on a regular, why do the benifits agency let this happen its easy to film the bent

common sense said...

''The BNP may want "British Jobs for British Workers" but they still want British workers to be kept dirt poor!

great post!!

Anonymous said...

Beginning of the end as someone else has said.

Their election results since Golding's fluke win have been down,down, down.

Thats probabaly why they have stopped reporting them.

Did very badly last week too in osme ward where a mosque was getting built. London Colney maybe?

Anonymous said...

Albi Walker will wipe the floor over that creep Darby.

Anonymous said...

The bnp are finished multiculturalism is the future.